West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Aillet House (House)   [Map]
845 N. Jefferson Ave., Port Allen, Louisiana
Allendale Plantation Historic District (District)   [Map]
Jct. of N. River Rd. and Allendale Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
Antonia (House)
4626 S. River Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
Bank of Addis (Bank)   [Map]
7843 Ray Rivet St., Addis, Louisiana
Also known as: Old Post Office Building, Hebert Building
Barroza, Louisiana (Placename)   [Map]

Belmont, Louisiana (Populated place)   [Map]

Brusly High School Gymnasium, Old (School)
601 N. Kirkland Dr., Brusly, Louisiana
Cinclare Sugar Mill Historic District (District)   [Map]
Jct. LA 1 and Terrell Dr., Brusly, Louisiana
Also known as: Cinclare Central Factory
Cinclare, Louisiana (Populated place)   [Map]

Cohn High School (School)   [Map]
805 N 14th St., Port Allen, Louisiana
Frisco, Louisiana (Placename)   [Map]

Hebert House (House)   [Map]
919 E. Main St., Brusly, Louisiana
Homestead Plantation (Estate)   [Map · Street View]
1323 N. River Rd., Port Allen vicinity, Louisiana
Mark, Louisiana (Placename)   [Map]

Monte Vista Plantation House (House)   [Map]
N of Port Allen, Port Allen, Louisiana
Morley, Louisiana (Populated place)   [Map]

Poplar Grove Plantation House (House)   [Map]
3142 N. River Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
Port Allen High School (School)   [Map]
610 Rosedale St., Port Allen, Louisiana
Also known as: Port Allen Middle School
Rose Hill, Louisiana (Placename)   [Map]

Sandbar Plantation House (House)   [Map]
4234 S. River Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
Smithfield Plantation House (House)   [Map]
12445 N. River Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
St. Mark's Baptist Church and Ashland Cemetery (Cemetery)   [Map]
6025 Section Rd., Port Allen, Louisiana
Wilbert, Louisiana (Placename)   [Map]