Redwood County, Minnesota

Bank of Redwood Falls Building (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
2nd St., Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Berton Theater (Theater)   [Map]
121 Main Street S, Lamberton, MN
Birch Coulee School (School)   [Map]
Off Co. Hwy. 2, S of Morton, Morton, Minnesota
Also known as: Bishop Whipple School
Chicago and North Western Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map]
1st St., Lucan, Minnesota
City Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)   [Map]
Douglas St. and 2nd Ave., Lamberton, Minnesota
Also known as: Hanzlik Blacksmith Shop
Clements State Bank Building (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
1st and Pine Sts., Clements, Minnesota
Commercial Hotel (Hotel)   [Map]
Front and Main Sts., Wabasso, Minnesota
Also known as: Wabasso Hotel
Delhi Coronet Band Hall (City hall)   [Map]
3rd St., Delhi, Minnesota
Also known as: Delhi City Hall
District No. 8 School (School)   [Map]
CR 70, Clements, Minnesota
Also known as: Rowena School
Falls Twin Theater (Theater)   [Map]
230 E. Second Street, Redwood Falls, MN
Also known as: Falls Theater
Gilfillan (House)   [Map · Street View]
MN 67, Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Gimmestad Land and Loan Office (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
Main St., Belview, Minnesota
H. D. Chollar House (House)   [Map]
4th and Minnesota Sts., Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Honner-Hosken House (House)   [Map]
North and Main Sts., North Redwood, Minnesota
J. A. Anderson House (House)   [Map]
402 4th Ave., Lamberton, Minnesota
Milroy State Bank Building (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
Superior St. and Euclid Ave., Milroy, Minnesota
Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map · Street View]
Off Main St., Belview, Minnesota
Odeon Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
Main St., Belview, Minnesota
Ramsey Park Swayback Bridge (Bridge)   [Map]
Ramsey Park, Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Redwood Falls Carnegie Library (Library)   [Map]
334 S. Jefferson St., Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Redwood Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
220 South Mill Street, Redwood Falls, MN
Revere Fire Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
2nd St., Revere, Minnesota
Scenic City Cooperative Oil Company (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
2nd and Mill Sts., Redwood Falls, Minnesota
St. Cornelia's Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map]
Off Co. Hwy. 2, Morton, Minnesota
Walnut Grove Creamery Association (Building)   [Map]
521 Main St., Walnut Grove, Minnesota
Also known as: Walnut Grove Cooperative Creamery