Silver Bow County, Montana

Allendale, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Anselmo Mine (Mine)   [Map]
Underground lead-zinc mine operated between 1887 and 1959
B'nai Israel Cemetery (Cemetery)
Cemetery established in 1881
Bell - Diamond Mine (Mine)
Underground copper, gold & silver mine operated 1882 - 1958
Also known as: Diamond Mine
Belmont Mine (Mine)
Underground copper mine operated circa 1890 - 1957
Berkeley Pit (Mine)
Open pit copper mine opened in 1955
Bertoglio Building (Building)
Three story brick warehouse built in 1900
Big Hole Pumpstation (Power plant)   [Map]
MT 43, Divide, Montana
Burlington, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Burton K. Wheeler House (House)   [Map]
1232 E. 2nd St., Butte, Montana
Butchertown, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Butte Anaconda & Pacific Railway Engine #47 (Railroad vehicle)
Electric Box Cab railway engine built in 1914
Butte Miner/Butte Floral Company Building (Building)
Two story Moorish Revival building built before 1884 and remodeled in 1906
Butte Water Company (Building)
Three story Beaux-Arts building built in 1907
Carpenters Union Hall (Building)
Renaissance Revival style union hall built in 1906
Casey Building (Commercial building)
Three story brick commercial building built in 1890
Charles W. Clark Mansion (Mansion)   [Map]
108 N. Washington St., Butte, Montana
Also known as: The Fez Club
Charlie's New Deal Bar (Diner)
Two story brick building built circa 1890
City Hall (City hall)
Richardsonian Romanesque city hall built in 1890
Curtis Music Hall (Building)
15 W. Park Street, Butte, MT
Dumas Hotel (Hotel)
Two story Victorian brothel built in 1890
Finlen Hotel (Hotel)
Nine story French Second Empire style hotel built in 1924
First Baptist Church (Church)
Romanesque church built in 1908
Good Templars Hall (Building)
Three story brick lodge hall built in 1891
Also known as: I.O.G.T. Building
Granite Mountain Mine (Mine)
Underground copper mine operated circa 1909 - 1944
Haller Bakery (Building)
Two story brick building built in 1896
Hamilton Block (Building)
3 story cast iron and brick building built in 1892
Hawthorne Grade School (School)   [Map]
3500 White Way, Butte, Montana
Also known as: Hawthorne Hall
Hennessy Building (Building)
Six story Richardsonian Romanesque Department Store built in 1896
Highland City, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Hirbour Building (Building)
Eight story steel frame "skyscraper" built in 1901
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church (Church)
Serbian Orthodox church built in 1905
I.O.O.F. Fidelity Lodge No. 8 (Building)
Two story lodge hall with cast iron facade built in 1884
Italianate Victorian House at 609 West Park Street (House)
Italianate two story brick duplex built in 1898
Leggat Hotel (Hotel)
Six story Modernist style hotel built in 1914
Lexington Mine (Mine)
Underground silver, copper & zinc mine operated 1865 - 1957
Lincoln Hotel (Hotel)
Three story Neo-classical hotel building built in 1915
Also known as: Lincoln Transient Hotel
Longfellow Grade School (School)   [Map]
1629 Roosevelt Ave., Butte, Montana
M&M Cigarstore (Building)
Madison Grade School (School)   [Map]
45 E. Greenwood, Butte, Montana
Also known as: Worship Center Christian School
Mai Wah and Wah Chong Tai Buildings (Building)
Chinese general store and noodle parlor built in 1899
Main Hall, Montana School of Mines (School)
Renaissance Revival college hall built in 1897
Also known as: Main Hall, Montana Tech
Mantle/Henderson & Bielenberg Building (Commercial building)
Three story Richardsonian Romanesque commercial block built in 1891
Marcus Daly Statue (Statue)
Bronze sculpture by Augustus St. Gaudens completed in 1907
Matt's Place Drive-In (Commercial building)   [Map]
2339 Placer St., Butte, Montana
Metals Bank & Trust Company Building (Bank)
8 story Neo-classic bank building
Milwaukee Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Brick railroad depot built in 1916
Miners Union Bar (Commercial building)
Two story brick commercial block built in 1917
Also known as: Greek Cafe , Tia Juana Chili
Mount Moriah Cemetery (Cemetery)
Cemetery established in 1877
Mountain Consolidated Mine (Mine)
Underground copper mine operated from 1886 to 1973
Also known as: Mountain Con Mine
Mountain View Cemetery (Cemetery)
Cemetery established in 1910
Mountain View Methodist Church (Church)
Gothic Revival brick church built in 1900
New Tait Hotel (Hotel)
Four story brick hotel built in 1915
Old Lexington Gardens (Garden)
Gardens built around an 1867 ore stamping mill in 1999
Original Mine (Mine)
Underground copper mine operated from 1878 to 1976
Orphan Girl Mine (Mine)
Underground silver, lead-zinc mine operated between 1879 and 1956
Parrot Mine Shops Complex (District)   [Map]
244 Anaconda Rd., Butte, Montana
Also known as: The Parrott Mine, Parrot Mine, Kelly Shops
Pekin Noodle Parlor (Diner)
117 S Main Street, Butte, MT
Quartz Street Fire Station (Fire station)
Four bay brick fire station built in 1900
Also known as: Butte Silver Bow Archives
Ramsay Historic District (District)   [Map]
6.5 mi. W of Butte on I 90, Butte, Montana
Also known as: Ramsay Townsite
Red Mountain, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Royston, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Scandia Hall (Building)
Three story brick fraternal meeting hall built in 1898
Serbian Orthodox Hall (Building)
Two story brick fraternal hall built circa 1900
Shingle Houses at 625 - 627 North Main Street (House)
Arts and Crafts style shingle houses built in 1907
Silver Bow Brewery Malt House (Industrial building)   [Map]
W of Butte off US 91, Butte, Montana
Silver Bow County Courthouse (Courthouse)
Beaux-Arts county courthouse
Silver Bow County Jail (Police station)
Beaux-Arts style three story jailhouse built in 1909
Silver Bow County Poor Farm Hospital (Building)   [Map]
3040 Continental Dr., Butte, Montana
Also known as: National Center for Appropriate Technology
Silver Dollar Saloon (Diner)
Two story brick building built circa 1890
Also known as: Grady & Gay Saddlery , Gus's Lunch
Socialist Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
1957 Harrison Ave., Butte, Montana
Also known as: Fran Johnson's Sport Shop
St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church (Church)
1306 N Main Street, Butte, MT
St. Mark German Lutheran Church (Church)
Gothic Revival church built in 1908
St. Patrick's Catholic Church (Church)
Gothic Revival church built in 1884
St. Patrick's Cemetery (Cemetery)
Cemetery established in 1885
Stephens Block (Hotel)
Three story brick hotel built in 1891
Also known as: Stephens Hotel
Stringtown, Montana (Placename)   [Map]

Temple B'nai Israel (Church)
Romanesque/Late Victorian synagogue with onion dome steeple
Also known as: B'nai Israel Synagogue
Thornton Building (Building)
Five story hotel built in 1901
U. S. Post Office (Courthouse)   [Map]
400 N. Main St, Butte, Montana
W. A. Clark Mansion (Mansion)   [Map]
219 W. Granite, Butte, Montana
Wold Barn (Power plant)
SW corner of jct. of Hecla and 3rd Sts., Melrose, Montana
Also known as: Cue Livery Barn