Nye County, Nevada

Allred, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Amargosa, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Antelope Springs, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Antelope, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Arthur Raycraft House (House)
Booker St., Tonopah, Nevada
Ashmeadow, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Atwood, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Barcelona, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Barrett, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Bass Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
119 St. Patrick, Tonopah, Nevada
Bellehelen, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Belmont (District)   [Map · Street View]
46 mi. NE of Tonopah off NV 82, Tonopah, Nevada
Berlin Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Off NV 23, Berlin, Nevada
Board and Batten Cottage (House)
Prospect St., Tonopah, Nevada
Board and Batten Miners Cabin (House)
Oddie Ave., Tonopah, Nevada
Bowlerville, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Brann Boardinghouse (Hotel)
Bryan St., Tonopah, Nevada
Brokers Exchange (Bank)
209--251 Brougher, Tonopah, Nevada
Bullfrog, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Cada C. Boak House (House)
Ellis St., Tonopah, Nevada
Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex (House)   [Map]
129 Central, Tonopah, Nevada
Cal Shaw Stone Row House (House)
Central St., Tonopah, Nevada
Campbell and Kelly Building (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
Corona and Main Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Carrara, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Carrs Camp, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Central, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Charles Clinton Stone Row House (Building)   [Map · Street View]
151 Central, Tonopah, Nevada
Clarkdale, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Cloverdale, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Combellack Adobe Row House (House)
Central St., Tonopah, Nevada
Danville, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Downeyville, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Dr. J. R. Masterson House (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
Ohio Ave. and 2nd St., Tonopah, Nevada
Duluth, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

E. E. Burdick House (House)   [Map]
248 Prospect St., Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: St. Marks P.E. Church Parsonage
E. R. Shields House (House)   [Map]
351 St. Patrick, Tonopah, Nevada
East Belmont, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Eden, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Ellendale, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Ellsworth, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Fluorine, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Frame Cottage (House)   [Map]
183 Prospect St., Tonopah, Nevada
Frank Golden Block (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
Brougher and Main Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Frazier Wells, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Gatecliff Rockshelter (Site)   [Map]
SE of Austin, Austin, Nevada
Also known as: Gatecliff Rockshelter (26NY301)
George A. Bartlett House (House)
McQuillan and Booker Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: Knights of Columbus Hall
Glen Hamilton, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Gold Bar, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Gold Point, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Golden, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Grant City, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

H. A. McKim Building (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
Main and Oddie Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Hannapah, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Helena, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Hugh H. Brown House (House)   [Map]
129 Ellis St., Tonopah, Nevada
Idlewild, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Indian Springs, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Irving McDonald House (House)   [Map]
191 Booker, Tonopah, Nevada
James Wild Horse Trap (Structure)   [Map]
About 5 mi. E of Fish Springs, Fish Springs, Nevada
Jamestown, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Jefferson, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Jett, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Jett, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Jim Butler Mining Company Stone Row Houses (House)   [Map · Street View]
314 Everett Ave., Tonopah, Nevada
John Gregovich House (Hotel)   [Map]
101 Summit, Tonopah, Nevada
Judge W. A. Sawle House (House)   [Map]
155 Central St., Tonopah, Nevada
Junction, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Keystone, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Knickerbocker, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Lauville, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Learville, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Leeland, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Liberty, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Longstreet, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Lower Town, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Maggie Blues, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Manhattan School (School)   [Map]
Gold St. bet. Mineral St. and Sexter Ave., Manhattan, Nevada
Also known as: Manhattan Public Library
Manhattan, Nevada (Populated place)   [Map]

Midas, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Mizpah Hotel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
100 Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Monarch, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Nevada-California Power Company Substation and Auxiliary Power Building (Power plant)   [Map · Street View]
Corner of Knapp and Cutting Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: Sierra Pacific Power Building
New Reveille, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Northumberland, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Nye County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map · Street View]
McCulloch St., Tonopah, Nevada
Nye County Mercantile Company Building (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
147 Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: NYCO Building
Oak Springs, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Old Reveille, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Ophir, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Original, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Orizaba, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Park Canyon, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Peavine, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Penelas, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Phonolite, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Pine Creek, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Pioneer, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Potomic, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Potts, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Pueblo, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Quartz Mountain, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Quartz Mountain, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Reveille, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Rhyolite (Ghost town)   [Map · Street View]
Appx 4 miles SW of Beatty NV off of Nevada 374
Roses Well, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Round Mountain, Nevada (Populated place)   [Map]

Royston, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Saint Elmo, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Samuel C. Dunham House (House)
Belmont Ave., Tonopah, Nevada
San Antonio, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

San Juan, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Sedan Crater (Power plant)   [Map]
Area 10, Nevada Test Site, Mercury, Nevada
Also known as: Project Sudan
Shamrock, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

St. Marks P. E. Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
210 University Ave., Tonopah, Nevada
Stargo, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

State Bank and Trust Company (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
102 Brougher, Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: Belvada Apartments
Stirling, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Stone House, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Stone Jail Building and Row House (Correctional facility)   [Map]
Water St., Tonopah, Nevada
Tolicha, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Tonapah Liquor Company Building (Commercial building)
Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Tonapah Mining Company Cottage (Hotel)
Queen St., Tonopah, Nevada
Tonapah Mining Company House (House)
Queen St., Tonopah, Nevada
Tonapah Public Library (Library)   [Map · Street View]
171 Central, Tonopah, Nevada
Tonapah Volunteer Firehouse and Gymnasium (Fire station)   [Map · Street View]
Brougher and Burro Sts., Tonopah, Nevada
Tonapah-Extension Mining Company Power Building (Industrial building)
Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Tonogold, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Tonopah, Nevada (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Troy, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Tybo Charcoal Kilns (Furnace)   [Map]
About 55 mi. NE of Tonopah off U.S. 6, Tonopah, Nevada
Union, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Upper Town, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Uri B. Curtis House (House)   [Map]
169 Booker St., Tonopah, Nevada
Uri B. Curtis House/Tasker L. Oddie House (House)
Ellis St., Tonopah, Nevada
US Post Office--Tonopah Main (Post office)   [Map]
201 Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Also known as: Tonopah Main Post Office
Van Ness, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Verdi Lumber Company Building (Industrial building)
Main St., Tonopah, Nevada
Volcano, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Wahmonie, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Water Company of Tonapah Building (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
Burro and Brougher Aves., Tonopah, Nevada
White Caps, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

White River, Nevada (Placename)   [Map · Street View]

Wieland Brewery Building (Building)   [Map · Street View]
Mineral St., Tonopah, Nevada
William H. Berg House (House)   [Map]
Mariposa and Davis Sts., Round Mountain, Nevada
Wilson, Nevada (Placename)   [Map]

Zeb Kendall House (House)   [Map]
159 University Ave., Tonopah, Nevada