Guernsey County, Ohio

Barnett-Criss House (House)   [Map]
SW of Cambridge off U.S. 22, Cambridge, Ohio
Berwick Hotel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
600-615 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, Ohio
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
W of Pleasant City on OH 146, Pleasant City, Ohio
Birmingham, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Booth Homestead (House)   [Map]
N of Guernsey at 8433 Wheeling Twnshp. Rd, Guernsey, Ohio
Also known as: Booth Home Place
Broom Building (School)   [Map · Street View]
701 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, Ohio
Broom-Braden Stone House (House)   [Map]
N of Cambridge at 66715 Reed Rd., Cambridge, Ohio
Buffalo, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Claysville School (School)   [Map · Street View]
N of Claysville on SR 15, Claysville, Ohio
Clio, Ohio (Placename)   [Map]

Colonel Joseph Taylor House (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
633 Upland Rd., Cambridge, Ohio
Also known as: Colonel Taylor Inn Bed & Breakfast
Derwent, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Ebenezer Finley House (House)   [Map]
E of Buffalo on OH 313, Buffalo, Ohio
Gibson, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map]

Greenwood, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Guernsey County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map · Street View]
Courthouse Sq., Cambridge, Ohio
Kennedy Stone House (House)   [Map]
SE of North Salem off OH 271, North Salem, Ohio
Kipling, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Londonderry, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-04 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
OH 83, New Concord, Ohio
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-10 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
Bottle Lane, Cambridge, Ohio
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-11 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
County Hwy. 35, Kimbolton, Ohio
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-12 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
US 22 & Rock Hill Rd, Center, OH
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-15 (Barn)   [Map]
Oxford Rd, Fairview, Ohio
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 35-30-16 (Barn)   [Map]
1934 Creston Rd, Cambridge, Ohio
Mail Pouch sign - MPS 35-30-02 (Building)   [Map]
Narrow Rd, Kipling, OH
McCracken-McFarland House (House)   [Map]
216 N. 8th St., Cambridge, Ohio
McCracken-Scott House (House)   [Map]
819 Steubenville Ave., Cambridge, Ohio
McCreary-Burnworth House (House)   [Map]
220 Highland Ave., Cambridge, Ohio
National Road (Road)   [Map · Street View]
The National Road, built in the 1st part of the 1800s, runs between Cumberland MD and Vandalia IL
Also known as: Peacock Road, Center Township Road 650
Old Washington Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Both sides of Main St., Old Washington, Ohio
Also known as: Beymerstown
Peter B. Sarchet House (House)   [Map]
N of Cambridge on SR 365, Cambridge, Ohio
Robins, Ohio (Populated place)   [Map]

S Bridge, National Road (Bridge)   [Map]
Caries the old National Road over Salt Fork Creek
Samuel Harper Stone House (House)   [Map]
N of New Concord on SR 416, New Concord, Ohio
Sarchet-Burgess House (House)   [Map]
145 W. Eighth St., Cambridge, Ohio
State Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
935 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, OH
Also known as: Scottish Rite Auditorium
Strand Theatre (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
642 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, OH
Also known as: Cambridge Performing Arts Centre
Toledoville, Ohio (Placename)   [Map]

Wheeling Avenue Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by Steubenville, Tenth, Wheeling, and Fourth Aves., Cambridge, Ohio