Umatilla County, Oregon

Adams Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
190 Main St., Adams, Oregon
Also known as: Adams City Hall and Fire Station
Adams School (School)
Two story brick schoolhouse built in 1918
Albee, Oregon (Placename)   [Map]

Arlington Hotel (Hotel)   [Map]
131 W. Main St., Echo, Oregon
Also known as: Echo Tavern, Echo Hotel Restaurant and Lounge
Athena Livery Stable & Garage (Building)
Turn of the 20th century livery stable and automobile repair garage
Athena Odd Fellows Hall (Building)
Beaux-Arts 2 story brick fraternal hall
Also known as: I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 73 , I.O.O.F. Wildhorse Lodge No. 65 , Knights of Pythias Lodge
Bank of Echo Building (Bank)   [Map]
230 W. Main, Echo, Oregon
Bank of Freewater Building (Bank)
Neo-classical style brick bank built in 1906
Betz Building (Building)
Masonry building with metal facade built in 1901
Also known as: Gem Theater , Star Saloon
Bowman Hotel (Hotel)   [Map]
17 SW Frazer Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Brown Building (Building)
Chicago School style 4 story steel frame brick faced building built in 1919
Also known as: Elks Club Building
Bryan House (House)
Tudor Revival style house with faux half-timbering built in 1925
Byrd Schoolhouse (School)
Wood frame one room schoolhouse built in 1879
Carnegie Library (Library)
Mission Revival library building built in 1916
Cigar Club Saloon (Building)
Italianate one story cast iron front building built 1884/1889
Columbia College (School)   [Map]
722 S. Main St., Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Also known as: Milton City Hall, Milton-Freewater City Hall
Connelly House (House)
Queen Anne style Victorian house built in 1896
Also known as: Collins Law Offices
Cornilla Cole House (House)
Shingle style house built in 1901
Also known as: Gruelich House
Cresswell House (House)
216 NW Despain Avenue, Pendleton, OR
DeSpain Block (Building)
29 SE Court Avenue, Pendleton, OR
Echo City Hall (City hall)   [Map]
20 S. Bonanza St., Echo, Oregon
Echo Memorial Cemetery (Cemetery)
Pioneer cemetery established in 1867
Echo Methodist Church (Church)   [Map]
1 Bonanza St., Echo, Oregon
Also known as: Echo Methodist Episcopal Church
Edgar Sommerville House (House)   [Map]
104 SE 5th St., Pendleton, Oregon
Ellis--Hampton House (House)   [Map]
711 S.E. Byers Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Empire Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
21--37 SW Emigrant Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer (Church)
Norman Gothic stone and wood shingle church built in 1898
Farmers' Bank of Weston (Bank)
Italianate Victorian cast iron & brick bank building built 1891
Also known as: City Hall
First Christian Church (Church)
Gothic Revival church built 1909
First Christian Church (Church)
Neo-classical/Byzantine Revival church built in 1918
Spanish Eclectic style church in concrete and stucco built in 1926
First United Methodist Church (Church)
Romanesque Revival church built in 1907
Gildersleeve House (House)
Mission Revival style house built in 1926
Greasewood Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church (Church)   [Map]
Finn Rd. at Finland Cemetery Rd., Adams, Oregon
Griggs & Tryon Building (Commercial building)
Single story brick storefront built in 1896
Also known as: Rivoli Cigar Store & Fountain
Hal's Hamburgers (Commercial building)
Prefranchise, prefreeway, drive through diner built in 1952
Hamley and Company Leather Goods Store (Meeting hall)   [Map]
30 SE Court St., Pendleton, Oregon
Also known as: Renn, B.F., Building
Hendricks Building (K.O.T.M.) (Meeting hall)   [Map]
369 S. Main St., Pendleton, Oregon
Also known as: New York Store
Holdman (Placename)
Former unincorporated settlement abandoned circa 1910
Hotel St.George (Hotel)
Art Deco 6 story hotel completed in 1937
Isham Saling House (House)   [Map]
Off OR 204, Weston, Oregon
J.H. Koontz Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
141 N. Main St., Echo, Oregon
James Edwards Building (Building)   [Map]
320 Main St., Echo, Oregon
Also known as: Echo News Building
James H. and Cynthia Koontz House (House)   [Map]
210 N. Dupont St., Echo, Oregon
Jesse Hales House (House)
Tudor Revival style brick with half-timbering house built in 1926
Johnson--Ellis House (House)   [Map]
326 S.E. Second St., Pendleton, Oregon
Joseph Cunha Farmstead (Farm)   [Map]
33263 Oregon Trail Rd., Echo, Oregon
Joseph Vey House (House)   [Map]
1304 S.E. Court Pl., Pendleton, Oregon
Knights of Pythias Hall (Meeting hall)
Two story brick fraternal meeting hall built in 1909
Also known as: First National Bank of Milton
LaDow Block (Meeting hall)   [Map]
201--239 SE. Court Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Also known as: Laatz Apartments
Queen Anne style Victorian house built in 1902
Also known as: Trisler House
Looff & Talbert's Opera House (Theater)
Two story brick & stone opera house built in 1909
M. L. Watts House (House)   [Map]
Fourth at Jefferson St., Athena, Oregon
Also known as: Watts--Adams House
Masonic Temple (Commercial building)   [Map]
18 SW Emigrant Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Matlock-Brownfield Building (Meeting hall)   [Map]
413--425 S. Main St., Pendleton, Oregon
McKay Creek Dam (Dam)
Earthfill, concrete reinforced dam built 1923 - '27
McLoughlin High School (School)
American Collegiate Gothic school building built in 1921
Also known as: Mac-Hi
McNary Dam (Dam)
Concrete, gravity-type spillway dam built 1947 - 1954
Meacham Hotel (Hotel)   [Map]
Main St., Meacham, Oregon
Also known as: Marlin Hotel, Melody Mountain Camp
Medernach Building (Building)
Italianate brick and cast iron 2 stoy commercial building built 1898
MF Drive In Theater (Theater)
Drive In movie theater opened 1954
Milarkey Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
203 S. Main St., Pendleton, Oregon
Also known as: Pendleton Drug Building
Old City Hall (City hall)
Neo-classical style brick city hall built in 1908
Olney Cemetery (Cemetery)
50 acre rural cemetery operated by the city of Pendleton built in 1891
Pendleton Flour Mills (Industrial building)
Large scale grain milling plant established in 1920
Pendleton Round-Up Grounds (Stadium)
17,000 rodeo arena built in 1940
Pendleton Woolen Mills (Industrial building)
Woolen mill built in 1909
Reese and Redman General Merchandise Store (Commercial building)   [Map]
130 S. Main St., Adams, Oregon
Also known as: Adams Grocery
Ripper General Store (Commercial building)
Wood false front general store built in 1904 now a cafe
Rogers House (House)
Georgian/Mission Revival style house built in 1917
Samuel R. Thompson House (House)
Colonial Revival house built in 1914
Sarah E. Ireland House (House)   [Map]
311 S. Main St., Milton--Freewater, Oregon
Sheriff Til Taylor Memorial (Statue)
Bronze equestrian statue of Sheriff Til Taylor dedicated in 1929
South Main Street Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Dorion Ave., S.E. First St., Union Pacific RR, and S.W. Second St., Pendleton, Oregon
St. Nichols Hotel (Hotel)
Two story false front wood frame hotel built in 1880
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church (Church)   [Map]
Jct. of Marble St. and Leezer Ave., Echo, Oregon
Stanfield Irrigation District Office Building (Building)
Sandstone block building built ca.1910
Still-Perkins House (House)   [Map]
112 SE. Sixth Ave., Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Also known as: Perkins,J.W.,House
Storefront at 908 South Main Street (Commercial building)
Single story brick commercial building built in 1909
Thomas C. Taylor House (House)
Shingle style house built in 1903
Also known as: Raley House
Umatilla County Library (Library)   [Map]
214 N. Main St., Pendleton, Oregon
Also known as: Pendleton Public Library
Umatilla Masonic Lodge Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
20 S. Dupont St., Echo, Oregon
Also known as: Umitilla Lodge No. 40 A.F. & A.M.
Union Pacific Railroad Snowplows (Railroad vehicle)
Leslie type railroad rotary snowplows built in 1909 & 1949
US Post Office and Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
104 SW Dorian Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Vincent School (School)
Brick 2 story comprehensive school built 1911
W.S. Bowman Studio (Miscellaneous)
Cast sandstone 2 story photography studio and residence built 1905
Walla Walla Valley Traction Company Passenger Station and Powerhouse (Power plant)   [Map]
403 Robbins St., Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Weston Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map]
E. Main St. between Water and Broad St., Weston, Oregon
William J. and Lodema Clarke House (Hotel)   [Map]
203 NW. Despain Ave., Pendleton, Oregon
Williams Frazier Farmstead (Farm)   [Map]
1403 Chestnut St., Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Also known as: Frazier Farmstead Museum