McKean County, Pennsylvania

Bradford Armory (Armory)   [Map]
28 Barbour St., Bradford, Pennsylvania
Bradford Downtown Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Central Alley, Barbour St., Bushnell St., Howard Place, Davis St., and Boylston St., Bradford, Pennsylvania
Bradford Old City Hall (City hall)   [Map]
Kennedy and Boylston Sts., Bradford, Pennsylvania
Bradford Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
123 Main St, Bradford, PA
Also known as: Bradford's Main Street Movie House, New Bradford Theater
Corbin's Temple Roller Skating Rink (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
Former movie theater now used as a roller skating rink
Also known as: Temple Theater
Crook Farm (Farm)   [Map]
NE of Bradford on Seaward Ave. Extended, Bradford, Pennsylvania
Cyclone, Pennsylvania (Populated place)   [Map]

Family Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)   [Map · Street View]
6627 Highway 6 E, Kane, PA
Also known as: Kane Drive-In, Ideal Drive-In
Family Theater (Theater)   [Map]
228 Chase Street, Kane, PA
Also known as: Kane Theater
Gifford, Pennsylvania (Populated place)   [Map]

Kane Armory (Armory)   [Map]
Army National Guard Armory
Kane Manor Inn (Hotel)   [Map]
230 Clay St., Kane, PA
Also known as: Anoatok
Lynn Hall (Meeting hall)
W side of US 6, 1.5 mi. W of Port Allegany, Liberty Township, Pennsylvania
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 38-42-01 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
US 6, Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania
Mail Pouch barn - MPB 38-42-07 (Barn)   [Map · Street View]
PA 155, Turtlepoint, Pennsylvania
Morrison, Pennsylvania (Placename)   [Map]

Mount Alton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)   [Map]

New Thomson House (Hotel)   [Map]
Former hotel
Olmstead Manor (House)   [Map]
Historic mansion converted to a retreat center
Ormsby, Pennsylvania (Populated place)   [Map]

Rufus Barrett Stone House (House)   [Map]
11 Boylston St., Bradford, Pennsylvania
Also known as: Flatiron Building
Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel (Church)   [Map]
30 Chestnut St., Kane, PA