Detroit, Michigan, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Architects Building (Commercial building)
Barlum Tower (Commercial building)
Breitmeyer-Tobin Building (Commercial building)
Cary Building (Commercial building)
Cass Motor Sales (Commercial building)
Chatsworth Apartments (Residential building)
Coronado Apartments (Residential building)
Detroit Club (Building)
Detroit News Complex (Miscellaneous)
Double House (House)
Edwin S. George Building (Industrial building)
El Tovar Apartments (Residential building)
Elwood Bar (Building)
Engine House No. 11 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 18 (Fire station)
Farwell Building (Building)
Fisher and New Center Buildings (Commercial building)
Fisher Building (Building)
Ford Piquette Avenue Plant (Industrial building)
Fort Wayne (Fort)
Frederick Stearns Building (Industrial building)
GAR Building (Commercial building)
Garden Bowl (Building)
Garden Court Apartments (Residential building)
General Motors Building (Commercial building)
Globe Tobacco Building (Industrial building)
Graybar Electric Company Building (Commercial building)
Great Lakes Manor (Residential building)
Griswold Building (Commercial building)
Helen Newberry Nurses Home (Residential building)
Hunter House (House)
Jefferson Hall (Meeting hall)
King, L. B. and Co. Building (Commercial building)
Kingston Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Lafayette Building (Skyscraper)
Lawyers Building (Commercial building)
League of Catholic Women Building (Residential building)
Manchester Apartments (Residential building)
Merchants Building (Commercial building)
Moross House (House)
Motown Records (Building)
Orchestra Hall (Meeting hall)
Palms, The (Residential building)
Pasadena Apartments (Residential building)
Penn Central Station (Railroad depot)
Players, The (Theater)
Ponchartrain Apartments (Residential building)
S. S. Kresge World Headquarters (Commercial building)
Scarab Club (Building)
Sibley House (House)
Somerset Apartments (Residential building)
St. Bonaventure Monastery (Place of worship)
Stuber--Stone Building (Commercial building)
Temple Beth-El (Place of worship)
Thompson Home (Residential building)
Tiger Stadium (Stadium)
Verona Apartments (Residential building)
Vinton Building (Commercial building)
Wardell, The (Commercial building)
Warren Motor Car Company Building (Industrial building)
West Side Dom Polski (Meeting hall)
William C. Boydell House (Residential building)
Wilson Theatre (Theater)