Evanston, Illinois, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Anderson--Carlson Building (Residential building)
Andridge Apartments (Residential building)
Baha'i Temple (Place of worship)
Building at 1101-1113 Maple Avenue (Residential building)
Building at 1209-1217 Maple Avenue (Residential building)
Building at 1316 Maple Avenue (Residential building)
Building at 1505-1509 Oak Avenue (Residential building)
Building at 2517 Central Street (Residential building)
Building at 2519 Central Street (Residential building)
Building at 2523 Central Street (Residential building)
Building at 417-419 Lee Street (Residential building)
Building at 813-815 Forest Avenue (Residential building)
Building at 999 Michigan, 200 Lee (Residential building)
Buildings at 1104--1110 Seward (Residential building)
Castle Tower Apartments (Residential building)
Colonnade Court (Residential building)
Community House (Building)
Evanston Towers (Residential building)
Fountain Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Greenwood, The (Residential building)
Hillcrest Apartment (Residential building)
Hinman Apartments (Residential building)
Indian Hill Station (Railroad depot)
Judson, The (Residential building)
Kenilworth Club (Building)
Lake Shore Apartments (Residential building)
Linden Avenue Terminal (Railroad depot)
Maple Court Apartments (Residential building)
Melwood Apartments (Residential building)
Michigan-Lee Apartments (Residential building)
Oak Ridge Apartments (Residential building)
Oakton Gables (Residential building)
Orth House (House)
Raymond Park Apartments (Residential building)
Ridge Boulevard Apartments (Residential building)
Ridge Grove (Residential building)
Ridge Manor (Mansion)
Ridgewood (Residential building)
Rookwood Apartments (Residential building)
Ryan Field (Stadium)
Sheridan Square Apartments (Residential building)
The Forest and Annex (Residential building)
Tudor Manor (Mansion)
Westminster (Residential building)