Hollywood, California, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Adams Theater (Theater)
Aloha Theater (Theater)
Andalusia (Residential building)
Angels Flight Railway (Railroad line)
Angelus Temple (Place of worship)
Arcade Theater (Theater)
Arlin Theater (Theater)
Avenel Cooperative Housing Project (Residential building)
Belasco Theater (Theater)
Beverly Theater (Theater)
Bullock's Wilshire Building (Commercial building)
Cahuenga Branch (Building)
Cameo Theater (Theater)
Casa de Rosas (School)
Cinema Theater (Theater)
Clinton Theater (Theater)
Colonial House (Residential building)
Congregation B'nai B'rith (Place of worship)
Crossroads of the World (Commercial building)
Delmar Theater (Theater)
El Cabrillo (Residential building)
El Greco Apartment (Residential building)
El Rey Theater (Theater)
Engine Co. No. 27 (Fire station)
Engine Company No. 28 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 18 (Fire station)
Ennis House (House)
Esquire Theater (Theater)
Fairfax Theater (Theater)
Fonda Theatre (Theater)
Formosa Cafe (Commercial building)
Fox Theatre (Theater)
General Petroleum Building (Commercial building)
Gerry Building (Industrial building)
Globe Theater (Theater)
Gordon Theater (Theater)
Granada Shoppes and Studios (Residential building)
Hacienda Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Halifax Apartments (Residential building)
Hollywood Studio Club (Commercial building)
Ivar Theater (Theater)
Jardinette Apartments (Residential building)
Jefferson Branch (Building)
La Belle Tour (Residential building)
Leimert Theater (Theater)
Lincoln Theater (Theater)
Los Altos Apartments (Residential building)
Lovell House (House)
Mayan Theater (Theater)
Melrose Theater (Theater)
Memorial Branch (Building)
Moneta Branch (Building)
Monica Theater (Theater)
Montecito Apartments (Residential building)
Neutra Office Building (Residential building)
Olive Motel (Hotel)
Olympic Theater (Theater)
Orpheum Theater (Theater)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Patio del Moro (Residential building)
R. M. Schindler House (Residential building)
Ramona Theater (Theater)
Rampart Theater (Theater)
Rialto Theater (Theater)
Ritz Theatre (Theater)
Ronda (Residential building)
Roxie Theater (Theater)
Saban Theatre (Theater)
San Fernando Building, The (Commercial building)
St. Andrews Bungalow Court (Residential building)
State Theater (Theater)
Storer House (Commercial building)
Subway Terminal Building (Railroad depot)
Sunset Towers (Residential building)
Textile Center Building (Industrial building)
Tower Theater (Theater)
Union Theater (Theater)
Variety Theater (Theater)
Villa Bonita (Residential building)
Vine Theatre (Theater)
Vista Theater (Theater)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
Whitley Court (Residential building)
Wilshire Branch (Building)
Wiltern Theater (Theater)
Young's Market Company Building (Commercial building)