Tampa, Florida, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Amelia, Florida (Populated place)
Appleby Building (Industrial building)
Austin House (House)
Bacon and Tomlin, Inc. (Commercial building)
Bay Isle Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Boone House (House)
Bradenton Woman's Club (Meeting hall)
Brandon, Florida (Populated place)
Captiva, Florida (Populated place)
Casa Del Mar (House)
City Waterworks (Building)
Crisp Building (Commercial building)
Dennis Hotel (Hotel)
Dixie, Florida (Populated place)
Dover, Florida (Populated place)
Durant, Florida (Populated place)
Earle House (House)
Edwards Theatre (Theater)
Egmont Key (Military facility)
El Pasaje (Hotel)
El Patio Apartments (Residential building)
Enterprise, Florida (Populated place)
Eureka, Florida (Populated place)
Fairview, Florida (Populated place)
Field Estate (Estate)
Frances-Carlton Apartments (Residential building)
Glover School (School)
Green-Richman Arcade (Commercial building)
Grove City, Florida (Populated place)
H. W. Smith Building (Commercial building)
Hotel Venice (Hotel)
Ingleside (House)
Kreissle Forge (Industrial building)
Lamont, Florida (Populated place)
LeClaire Apartments (Residential building)
Leiman House (House)
Lemon Bay Woman's Club (Meeting hall)
Louis Johnson Building (Commercial building)
Lucky Dog Diner (Commercial building)
Mott Willis Store (Commercial building)
Oakhurst, Florida (Placename)
Oneco, Florida (Populated place)
Osprey School (School)
Palace of Florence Apartments (Residential building)
Pasadena, Florida (Populated place)
Pineland, Florida (Populated place)
Placida, Florida (Populated place)
Potter House (House)
Punta Gorda Ice Plant (Industrial building)
Rattlesnake, Florida (Populated place)
Rose, Florida (Populated place)
S.H. Kress and Co. Building (Commercial building)
S.H. Kress and Company Building (Commercial building)
S.H. Kress Building (Commercial building)
Saint James City, Florida (Populated place)
Sanitary Public Market (Commercial building)
Sarasota Herald Building (Commercial building)
Sarasota Times Building (Commercial building)
Seagate (House)
Snell Arcade (Commercial building)
Spanish Apartments (Residential building)
Studebaker Building (Commercial building)
Tallevast, Florida (Populated place)
Tampa City Hall (City hall)
Thoms House (House)
Triangle Inn (Commercial building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Venice Depot (Railroad depot)
Villa Bianca (House)
Villa Serena Apartments (Residential building)
Warm Mineral Springs (Burial site)
Whidden's Marina (Commercial building)
Wimauma, Florida (Populated place)