Butte E, Montana, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Algeria Shrine Temple (Meeting hall)
Allendale, Montana (Placename)
Alpine Apartments (Residential building)
Anaconda Company Payroll Office (Commercial building)
Barich Block (Commercial building)
Belmont, Montana (Placename)
Big Foot, Montana (Placename)
Blue Range Building (Commercial building)
Bowen Block (Commercial building)
Bradley, Montana (Placename)
Branscombe Automobile Machine Shop (Residential building)
Broughton's Store (Commercial building)
Bud's Tavern (Commercial building)
Butte Civic Center (Pavillion)
Butte Daily Post Building (Commercial building)
Butte Tin Shop (Commercial building)
Campana Building (Commercial building)
Caplice & McCune Store (Commercial building)
Casey Building (Commercial building)
Chambers Block (Commercial building)
Champion, Montana (Placename)
Charlie's New Deal Bar (Commercial building)
Chequamegon Cafe (Commercial building)
Chester Block (Commercial building)
City Hall (City hall)
City Hall (City hall)
Clerke's Clothing Store (Commercial building)
Club 13 (Commercial building)
Club Moderne (Building)
Coleman-Lansing Block (Commercial building)
Concord Apartments (Residential building)
Copper Block (Commercial building)
Craven Garage (Service station)
Cummings Cabin (Log cabin)
Curtis and Majors Real Estate (Commercial building)
Davidson Building (Commercial building)
DLBA Block (Commercial building)
Dumas Hotel (Hotel)
Electric Light Building (Commercial building)
Elks Lodge No.240 (Meeting hall)
Emery, Montana (Placename)
F&W Grand Building (Commercial building)
Ferris, Montana (Placename)
Finlen Hotel (Hotel)
Forbis Block (Commercial building)
Forestell Flats (Residential building)
Fuller Drug Company (Commercial building)
Glenbeg, Montana (Placename)
Glover Cabin (House)
Granite Apartments (Residential building)
Gulch Fire Tower (Fire tower)
Haller Bakery (Building)
Hamilton Block (Building)
Hauser Mansion (Mansion)
Helsinki Bar and Steam Bath (Commercial building)
Hirbour Building (Building)
Hoenck's Fur Shop (Commercial building)
Home of Peace (Cemetery)
Iona Cafe (Commercial building)
It Club (Commercial building)
J.L. Morris Building (Commercial building)
Jenks House (House)
Joseph Richards, Undertaker (Commercial building)
Kading Cabin (Log cabin)
Kelley Mansion (Mansion)
Kelly Block (Commercial building)
Kelly House (House)
Kenwood, Montana (Placename)
Kleinschmidt Block (Commercial building)
Kluge House (House)
Largey Flats (House)
Lawlor & Rowe Insurance Company (Commercial building)
Leggat Hotel (Hotel)
Len Waters Music (Commercial building)
Lincoln Community Hall (Meeting hall)
Lorraine Apartments (Residential building)
Louis S. Cohn Building (Commercial building)
M&M Cigarstore (Building)
Maley Block (Commercial building)
Mantle Block (Commercial building)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Mayer Building (Commercial building)
Milwaukee Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Mitchell Block (Commercial building)
Montana Club (Meeting hall)
Montana Leather Company (Commercial building)
Montana Territorial and State Prison (Correctional facility)
Moose Creek Cabin (Log cabin)
Morel Bridge (Bridge)
Morier Block (Commercial building)
Myra Building (Building)
Neeley House (House)
New Brunswick House, The (Residential building)
New York Block (Commercial building)
Olsen House (Residential building)
Olsen House (House)
Original City Hall (City hall)
Owsley Block (Commercial building)
Paul Clark Home (Residential building)
Paumie Block (Commercial building)
Pekin Noodle Parlor (Commercial building)
Petritz Building (Commercial building)
Phoenix Building (Commercial building)
Pincus Building (Commercial building)
Pioneer Cabin (Log cabin)
Placer Hotel (Hotel)
Porter Flats Apartments (Residential building)
Power Block & Power Block Wes (Commercial building)
Raleigh and Clarke Dry Goods (Commercial building)
Renick House (House)
Renick House (House)
Rialto Theater (Theater)
Richmond Apartments (Residential building)
Rodney Hotel (Hotel)
Rodney Street News (Commercial building)
Ryan Building (Residential building)
Safeway (Commercial building)
Sanders Home (House)
Sands Brothers Dry Goods (Commercial building)
Scandia Hall (Building)
Scoop Thirst Parlor (Commercial building)
Scott Block (Hotel)
Sears Building (Commercial building)
Seventh Avenue Gymnasium (Public building)
Silver Bow Brewery Malt House (Industrial building)
Silver Bow County Jail (Police station)
Sixth Avenue Apartments (Residential building)
Smith House (House)
St. Francis Apartments (Residential building)
St. John's Hospital Laundry (Industrial building)
St. Louis Block (Commercial building)
St. Paul's Convent (Residential building)
Stevens and Manley Hall (Commercial building)
Summit Lodge (House)
T. T. Fitzmaurice Building (Commercial building)
Temple Emanu-El (Place of worship)
Thomas Block (Commercial building)
Thompson Photo Shop (Commercial building)
Trask Hall (School)
Trinity, Montana (Placename)
Tripp & Dragstedt Apartments (Residential building)
Tuttle Building (Commercial building)
Valley, Montana (Placename)
Virginia Girard Apartments (Residential building)
Walkerville Mercantile Company (Commercial building)
Walkerville, Montana (Populated place)
Ward House (House)
Washoe Brewery (Industrial building)
Washoe Theater (Theater)
Weinstein Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Yee Wau Cabin (Log cabin)
YMCA Building (Building)