Patapsco, Maryland, 1:125,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abraham Hall (School)
Admiral, Maryland (Placename)
Alberton, Maryland (Placename)
Asberry, Maryland (Placename)
Asylum, Maryland (Placename)
Auburn House (House)
Avalon, Maryland (Populated place)
Bagby Furniture Company Building (Industrial building)
Battle Monument (Monument)
Belvoir (House)
Benson Building (Commercial building)
Bosley, Maryland (Placename)
Bowie Railroad Buildings (Railroad facility)
Branton Manor (Mansion)
Brewers Exchange (Commercial building)
Brick Hill (Residential building)
Brooklandville House (Commercial building)
Brooklandville, Maryland (Populated place)
Brown's Arcade (Commercial building)
Building at 239 North Gay Street (Industrial building)
Bunker Hill (House)
Burleigh (House)
Canton House (Commercial building)
Carroll Mansion (Mansion)
Catonsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Cecil Apartments (Residential building)
Cedar Grove (House)
Chamber of Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Chizuk Amuno Synagogue (Place of worship)
Choate House (House)
Clifton (House)
Columbia, Maryland (Populated place)
Crofton, Maryland (Populated place)
Cromwell, Maryland (Placename)
Cylburn, Maryland (Placename)
Davis, Maryland (Placename)
Dayton, Maryland (Populated place)
Dorsey Hall (Meeting hall)
Eagle's Nest (House)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Elkridge, Maryland (Populated place)
Ellicott City Station (Railroad depot)
Elmonte (House)
Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower (Commercial building)
Engine House No. 6 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 8 (Fire station)
Enniscorthy (Building)
Equitable Gas Works (Industrial building)
Erlanger Buildings (Industrial building)
Faust Brothers Building (Industrial building)
Flag House (House)
Fulton, Maryland (Populated place)
Fulton, Maryland (Populated place)
Gambrills, Maryland (Populated place)
Gandy Belting Company Building (Industrial building)
Garrison, Maryland (Populated place)
George Knipp & Brother Building (Industrial building)
Glen Burnie, Maryland (Populated place)
Glenelg Manor (Mansion)
Glyndon, Maryland (Populated place)
Gorsuch, Maryland (Placename)
Grassland (House)
Gunrich, Maryland (Placename)
Hampton Mansion (Mansion)
Hanover, Maryland (Populated place)
Highland, Maryland (Populated place)
Hilton (House)
Hilton, Maryland (Placename)
Hollins, Maryland (Placename)
Homewood (House)
Hotel Kernan (Hotel)
Hutzler Brothers Palace Building (Commercial building)
Iglehart (House)
Industrial Building (Industrial building)
Johnston Building (Industrial building)
Krug Iron Works (Industrial building)
L. Frank & Son Building (Industrial building)
Lake Drive Apartments (Residential building)
Laurel Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Lawn, The (House)
Linnwood (House)
Lion Brothers Company Building (Industrial building)
Lloyd Street Synagogue (Place of worship)
Long Green, Maryland (Populated place)
Loudon Park National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Lyric Theatre (Theater)
MacAlpine (House)
Magnolia, Maryland (Placename)
Marriottsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Maryland White Lead Works (Industrial building)
Meadows, The (House)
Monteith, Maryland (Placename)
Montpelier (House)
Montrose (School)
Mount Clare (House)
Mount Royal Station (Railroad depot)
Mount Vernon Mill No. 1 (Industrial building)
National Brewing Company (Commercial building)
Null House (House)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Pine Street Station (Correctional facility)
Omar, Maryland (Placename)
Owings Mills, Maryland (Populated place)
Paca Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Pasadena, Maryland (Populated place)
Pascault Row (House)
Pennsylvania Station (Railroad depot)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Poppleton Fire Station (Fire station)
President Street Station (Railroad depot)
Randallstown, Maryland (Populated place)
Ravenshurst (House)
Reisterstown, Maryland (Populated place)
Rieman Block (House)
Rockland (House)
Rogers, Maryland (Placename)
Rombro Building (Industrial building)
Rover, Maryland (Placename)
Samester Parkway Apartments (Residential building)
Sanitary Laundry Company Building (Industrial building)
Sellers Mansion (Mansion)
Senator Theatre (Theater)
Shaarei Tfiloh Synagogue (Place of worship)
Sheppard, Maryland (Placename)
Sherwood, Maryland (Populated place)
Shot Tower (Tower)
Snow Hill (House)
Sonneborn Building (Industrial building)
Standard Oil Building (Commercial building)
Stewart's Department Store (Commercial building)
Summit (House)
Sunnyfields (House)
Swiss Steam Laundry Building (Industrial building)
Tall Timbers, Maryland (Populated place)
Temora (House)
Terminal Warehouse (Commercial building)
Tivoli (House)
Towson Academy (Military facility)
Troy (House)
Turkey Hill (House)
Turner--White Casket Co. Building (Industrial building)
Twin Oaks (House)
Tyrconnell (House)
U.S. Custom House (Commercial building)
U.S.S. CONSTELLATION (Military facility)
Upton (House)
USCGC TANEY (WHEC-37) (Military facility)
Villa Anneslie (Building)
Waverley (House)
Wester Ogle (House)
White Hall (Meeting hall)
Wilkens-Robins Building (Commercial building)
William H. Welch House (Residential building)
Winans, Maryland (Placename)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodwardville (Cemetery)