Vancouver, Washington, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Neighboring quadrangles


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Albers Brothers Milling Company (Industrial building)
Ambassador Apartments (Residential building)
American Apartment Building (Residential building)
American Can Company Complex (Industrial building)
Ariel, Washington (Populated place)
Auto Rest Garage (Service station)
Avery House (House)
Bagdad Theatre (Theater)
Balfour--Gutherie Building (Commercial building)
Ballou & Wright Company Building (Commercial building)
Barber Block (Residential building)
Barnegat, Oregon (Placename)
Baxter House (House)
Bay E, West Ankeny Car Barns (Railroad facility)
Bayocean, Oregon (Placename)
Bedell Building (Commercial building)
Bee Gee Theater (Theater)
Bell Station Store (Commercial building)
Belle Court Apartments (Residential building)
Benson Hotel (Hotel)
Bertha, Oregon (Placename)
Biltmore Apartments (Residential building)
Bishop's House (Commercial building)
Bonita, Oregon (Populated place)
Bretnor Apartments (Residential building)
Bridal Veil, Oregon (Populated place)
Brightwood, Oregon (Populated place)
Broadway Building (Commercial building)
Brown Apartments (Residential building)
Buck Apartment Building (Residential building)
Burrell Heights Apartments (Residential building)
Buyers Building (Commercial building)
Cain House (House)
Carl Fischer Meats (Commercial building)
Charles E. Johnson Building (Residential building)
Charles F. Berg Building (Commercial building)
Charles O. Sigglin Flats (Residential building)
Charles Piper Building (Commercial building)
Christie, Oregon (Placename)
Clovelly Garden Apartments (Residential building)
Clyde Hotel (Hotel)
Concord Building (Commercial building)
Corkish Apartments (Residential building)
Cotillion Hall (Meeting hall)
Courthouse Square (Courthouse)
Cumberland Apartments (Residential building)
Davis Block (Meeting hall)
Day Building (Residential building)
Dayton Apartment Building (Residential building)
Deep Creek, Oregon (Placename)
Dekum, The (Commercial building)
Del Rey Apartments (Residential building)
Denver, Oregon (Placename)
Dewey, Oregon (Placename)
Dixie, Oregon (Placename)
Dominic, Oregon (Placename)
Douglas Building (Residential building)
Dundee Lodge (House)
Electric Building (Power plant)
Elks Building (Commercial building)
Elks Temple (Theater)
Elm Street Apartments (Residential building)
Emerson Apartments (Residential building)
Envoy Apartment Building (Residential building)
Eugene Apartments (Residential building)
Eugenia Apartments (Residential building)
F. E. Bowman Apartments (Residential building)
F. M. Knight Building (Commercial building)
Fairdale, Oregon (Placename)
Fairview City Jail (Correctional facility)
Farrell Building (Residential building)
Flatiron Building (Commercial building)
Foley, Oregon (Placename)
Foster Oil Company (Commercial building)
Francis Marion Stokes Fourplex (Residential building)
Frederick Torgler Building (Residential building)
Frederick Turner Fourplex (Residential building)
Frigidaire Building (Commercial building)
Fulton, Oregon (Placename)
Garfield, Oregon (Placename)
Genoa Building (Commercial building)
George Lincoln Storey House (Commercial building)
Grand Central Public Market (Commercial building)
H. and Company Liebes Building (Commercial building)
Hancock Street Fourplex (Residential building)
Harlow Block (Commercial building)
Harris Building (Commercial building)
Harrison Court Apartments (Residential building)
Henry C. Leutgert Building (Residential building)
Henry E. Dosch Investment Property (Residential building)
Henry Kuehle Investment Property (Residential building)
Hiberian Hall (Meeting hall)
Hill Hotel (Hotel)
Hole House (House)
Hotel Alder (Hotel)
Howard's Gristmill (Industrial building)
Imperial Garage (Service station)
Ira F. Powers Building (Commercial building)
Irving Street Bowman Apartments (Residential building)
Irvington Bowman Apartments (Residential building)
J.H. Peterson Machine Shop (Industrial building)
Jefferson Substation (Power plant)
Jewish Shelter Home (Commercial building)
John M. Wallace Fourplex (Residential building)
Jones Cash Store (Commercial building)
Joseph Goodman House (Residential building)
Journal Building (Commercial building)
Kenton Hotel (Hotel)
Kress Building (Commercial building)
Krietz House (House)
Ladd Carriage House (Commercial building)
Lake Grove, Oregon (Placename)
Lauer Apartment Building (Residential building)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Lindquist Apartment House (Residential building)
Linnea Hall (Meeting hall)
Lombard Automobile Buildings (Commercial building)
Luepke Florist (Building)
Marquam Manor (Mansion)
Martin Parelius Fourplex (Residential building)
McAvinney Fourplex (Residential building)
McNamar Building (Commercial building)
McNish House (House)
Medical Arts Building (Commercial building)
Meier & Frank Warehouse (Commercial building)
Meier and Frank Building (Commercial building)
Meier and Frank Delivery Depot (Commercial building)
Minthorn Hall (School)
Mohawk Building (Commercial building)
Montgomery Ward & Company (Commercial building)
Morgan Building (Commercial building)
Morse House (House)
Morse House (House)
Nathaniel West Buildings (Commercial building)
Necanicum, Oregon (Placename)
Nenamusa, Oregon (Placename)
Nettie Krouse Fourplex (Residential building)
New Logus Block (Meeting hall)
Noble, Oregon (Placename)
Northwest Fence and Wire Works (Industrial building)
Octagon Building (Building)
Olsen and Weygandt Building (Commercial building)
Olympic Apartment Building (Residential building)
Oregon Cracker Company Building (Industrial building)
Oregon Portland Cement Building (Commercial building)
Orient, Oregon (Populated place)
Oriental Apartments (Residential building)
Ormonde Apartment Building (Residential building)
Osborn Hotel (Hotel)
Otis Elevator Company Building (Commercial building)
Pacific Building (Commercial building)
Packard Service Building (Commercial building)
Page and Son Apartments (Residential building)
Palestine Lodge (Meeting hall)
Palmer House (House)
Parkview Apartments (Commercial building)
Pioneer Courthouse (Courthouse)
Pittock Block (Power plant)
Pittock Mansion (Mansion)
Plainview, Oregon (Placename)
Portland City Hall (City hall)
Portland Cordage Company Building (Industrial building)
Portland Police Block (Police station)
Portland Van and Storage Building (Commercial building)
Postal Building (Commercial building)
Regent Apartments (Residential building)
Richard and Helen Rice House (Commercial building)
Rippey House (House)
Riverview, Oregon (Placename)
Salerno Apartments (Residential building)
Saltair, Oregon (Placename)
San Farlando Apartments (Residential building)
Santa Barbara Apartments (Residential building)
Sara Store (Commercial building)
Selling Building (Commercial building)
Senate Court Apartments (Residential building)
Seward Hotel (Hotel)
Sherlock Building (Industrial building)
Sigler House (House)
Simon Abraham Duplex (Residential building)
Slocum House (House)
Smithson and McKay Brothers Blocks (Residential building)
Stevens Building (Commercial building)
Stringtown, Oregon (Placename)
Temple Beth Israel (Place of worship)
Terminal Sales Building (Commercial building)
Thompson Court Apartments (Residential building)
Town Club, The (Building)
Travelers Home (Commercial building)
Trinity Place Apartments (Residential building)
Troy Laundry Building (Commercial building)
Tucker, Oregon (Placename)
Tudor Arms Apartments (Residential building)
U.S. Courthouse (Courthouse)
U.S. Customhouse (Commercial building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
University Club (Building)
US Post Office (Post office)
View Point Inn (Building)
Villa St. Clara Apartments (Residential building)
Vista House (Building)
Washington County Jail (Correctional facility)
Weinhard Brewery Complex (Industrial building)
Weist Apartments (Residential building)
West Hall (School)
West's Block (House)
Wheeldon Annex (Building)
Wheeldon Apartment Building (Residential building)
Wickersham Apartments (Residential building)
Wilcox Building (Commercial building)
Woods and Caples General Store (Commercial building)
Yale Bridge (Bridge)
Yeon Building (Commercial building)