Southern California Sheet No. 1, California, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Academy Theater (Theater)
Ace-Hi Motel (Hotel)
Adams Theater (Theater)
Adobe Flores (House)
Aero Theater (Theater)
Ailsa, California (Placename)
Aloha Theater (Theater)
Alpha Theatre (Theater)
Alpine, California (Placename)
Alta-Dena Dairy (Commercial building)
Andalusia (Residential building)
Anderton Court Shops (Commercial building)
Andy's Motel (Hotel)
Angels Flight Railway (Railroad line)
Angelus Temple (Place of worship)
Arcade Theater (Theater)
Ard Eevin (House)
Arlin Theater (Theater)
Arlington, California (Populated place)
Armory Hall (School)
Arroyo Theater (Theater)
Art Theater (Theater)
Artz Building (Building)
Astro Motel (Hotel)
Astro Motel (Hotel)
Auditorium (School)
Auld, California (Placename)
Avenel Cooperative Housing Project (Residential building)
Avenue Theater (Theater)
Aztec Hotel (Hotel)
Azteca Theater (Theater)
Azusa Civic Center (City hall)
Azusa Foothill Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Balboa Inn (Commercial building)
Balboa Pavilion (Building)
Balboa Theater (Theater)
Balboa Theater (Theater)
Barton Villa (House)
Bay Theater (Theater)
Belasco Theater (Theater)
Beverly Theater (Theater)
Bijou Theatre (Theater)
Bolton Hall (Meeting hall)
Bonita Theater (Theater)
Bonnie Court (Residential building)
Bono's Restaurant and Deli (Commercial building)
Bowen Court (House)
Bradbury Building (Commercial building)
Browns, California (Placename)
Bruin Theater (Theater)
Bryan Court (House)
Buffalo Inn (Commercial building)
Builders Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Bullock's Wilshire Building (Commercial building)
Cahuenga Branch (Building)
Cameo Theater (Theater)
Cameo Theater (Theater)
Canyon Theater (Theater)
Carey House (House)
Casa de Rosas (School)
Castle Theater (Theater)
Center Theater (Theater)
Central Theater (Theater)
Chapman Building (Commercial building)
Chateau Colline (Residential building)
Cheryo Motel (Hotel)
Chicken Boy (Statue)
Chimney Rock (Natural feature)
Chinatown (Meeting hall)
Chino Theatre (Theater)
Cinema Theater (Theater)
Circle Theater (Theater)
Clarke Estate (Estate)
Clinton Theater (Theater)
Colonial House (Residential building)
Colonial Inn (Hotel)
Congregation B'nai B'rith (Place of worship)
Cooper Arms (Residential building)
Corky's Place (Commercial building)
Corona Theater (Theater)
Court (House)
Court (House)
Court (House)
Court at 275 North Chester Avenue (Residential building)
Crank House (House)
Crest Park, California (Populated place)
Crossroads of the World (Commercial building)
Cucamonga Service Station (Service station)
Culver Hotel (Hotel)
Culver Theater (Theater)
Daum, California (Placename)
Dawn Motel (Hotel)
De Anza Theater (Theater)
Del Mar Theater (Theater)
Dells, California (Placename)
Delmar Theater (Theater)
Denny's Windmill Restaurant (Commercial building)
Derby Motel (Hotel)
Desert Inn (Hotel)
Dewella Apartments (Residential building)
Diamond Apartments (Residential building)
Dragon Motel (Hotel)
Drum Barracks (Military facility)
Eagle Theater (Theater)
Edris House (House)
El Cabrillo (Residential building)
El Greco Apartment (Residential building)
El Molino Viejo (Commercial building)
El Nido, California (Populated place)
El Rey Motel (Hotel)
El Rey Theater (Theater)
El Toro, California (Populated place)
Elephant Packing House (Commercial building)
Elysian Theater (Theater)
Engine Co. No. 27 (Fire station)
Engine Company No. 28 (Fire station)
Engine House No. 18 (Fire station)
Ennis House (House)
Esquire Theater (Theater)
Etiwa, California (Placename)
Euclid Court (House)
Evanston Inn (Building)
Fair Oaks Pharmacy (Commercial building)
Fairfax Theater (Theater)
Federal Post Office (Post office)
Fenyes Estate (Estate)
Fiesta Motel (Hotel)
Fire Station No. 1 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 23 (Fire station)
Flying A Service Station (Service station)
Fonda Theatre (Theater)
Fontana Theater (Theater)
Formosa Cafe (Commercial building)
Fort Benson (Monument)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Fox Theatre (Theater)
Fox Theatre (Theater)
Fox Theatre (Theater)
Frankish Building (Residential building)
Galleano Winery (Residential building)
Gamble House (Building)
Gardena Cinema (Theater)
Gartz Court (House)
Gaspur, California (Placename)
General Petroleum Building (Commercial building)
Gerry Building (Industrial building)
Gilman Ranch (District)
Globe Theater (Theater)
Golden Spur Restaurant (Commercial building)
Gordon Theater (Theater)
Granada Shoppes and Studios (Residential building)
Granada Theater (Theater)
Granada Theater (Theater)
Guasti, California (Populated place)
Gus's Bar-B-Q (Commercial building)
Gypsum, California (Placename)
Hacienda Arms Apartments (Residential building)
Hale House (House)
Halifax Apartments (Residential building)
Hangar One (Building)
Harada House (House)
Harding Court (Residential building)
Harnetiaux Court (Residential building)
Harper Theater (Theater)
Helme--Worthy Store and Residence (Commercial building)
Hemet Theater (Theater)
Hermitage (House)
Highgrove, California (Populated place)
Hillcrest Park (Meeting hall)
Hofer Ranch (House)
Holcomb Valley (Monument)
Holiday Theatre (Theater)
Holly Street Livery Stable (Industrial building)
Hollywood Studio Club (Commercial building)
Holton, California (Placename)
Home Laundry (Commercial building)
Hoover Hotel (Hotel)
Hotel Green (Hotel)
Howard Motor Company Building (Commercial building)
Indian Springs, California (Populated place)
Irvine Blacksmith Shop (Industrial building)
Ivar Theater (Theater)
Jardinette Apartments (Residential building)
Jefferson Branch (Building)
Jewel Theater (Theater)
John Muir Branch (Building)
Kerckoff Building and Annex (Commercial building)
Kindel Building (Commercial building)
Kocher-Samson Building (Commercial building)
Kosy Knook Court (Residential building)
La Belle Tour (Residential building)
La Casa Inn (Hotel)
Laguna Cinemas (Theater)
Lake Norconian Club (Power plant)
Leimert Theater (Theater)
Liberty Hill (Historic marker)
Lighter-than-Air Ship Hangars (Military facility)
Lincoln Place Apartments (Residential building)
Lincoln Theater (Theater)
Loewy House (House)
Long Beach Professional Building (Commercial building)
Lopez Adobe (House)
Los Altos Apartments (Residential building)
Los Olivos, California (Populated place)
Lovell House (House)
Loyola Theater (Theater)
Lummis House (House)
Madrid Theater (Theater)
Magic Lamp Inn (Commercial building)
Main Building (School)
Malabar Branch (Building)
Mariner's Mile (Historic marker)
Mariona (Residential building)
Mary Louise Court (Residential building)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Mayan Theater (Theater)
Mayfair Theater (Theater)
McDonald's (Commercial building)
McDonald's Golden Arches (Commercial building)
McDonald's Golden Arches (Commercial building)
Mecca Theater (Theater)
Mel's Drive-In (Commercial building)
Melrose Theater (Theater)
Memorial Branch (Building)
Mentor Court (Residential building)
Meralta Theater (Theater)
Merced Theater (Theater)
Midway City, California (Populated place)
Mill Creek Zanja (District)
Mission Inn (Building)
Mission Tiki Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Mitla Cafe (Commercial building)
Moneta Branch (Building)
Monica Theater (Theater)
Monrovia, California (Populated place)
Montecito Apartments (Residential building)
Montrose, California (Populated place)
Motel 7 (Hotel)
Moyse Building (Building)
Municipal Warehouse No. 1 (Commercial building)
Neutra Office Building (Residential building)
Nuart Theater (Theater)
Oaks, The (House)
Oasis Motel (Hotel)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Oleo, California (Placename)
Olinda, California (Placename)
Olive Motel (Hotel)
Olympic Theater (Theater)
Orange Theater (Theater)
Orpheum Theater (Theater)
Pacoima, California (Populated place)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palms Motel (Hotel)
Park Theater (Theater)
Parker House (House)
Parkhurst Building (Commercial building)
Pasada Motel (Hotel)
Patio del Moro (Residential building)
Penguin Coffee Shop (Commercial building)
Perris Depot (Railroad depot)
Perris Theater (Theater)
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse (Commercial building)
Pitzer House (House)
Plaza Substation (Railroad facility)
Plaza, The (Site)
Point Vicente Light (Lighthouse)
Pomona Court and Apartments (Residential building)
Port Theater (Theater)
Portuguese Bend (Natural feature)
R. M. Schindler House (Residential building)
Rainbow Theatre (Theater)
Ramona Theater (Theater)
Rampart Theater (Theater)
Rankin Building (Commercial building)
Raymond Theater (Theater)
Regent Theater (Theater)
Rex Motel (Hotel)
Rialto Theater (Theater)
Rialto Theatre (Theater)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Ritz Theatre (Theater)
Roadium Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Rod's Grill (Commercial building)
Ronda (Residential building)
Rose Bowl, The (Stadium)
Rose Court (House)
Rose Motel (Hotel)
Roxie Theater (Theater)
Royal Laundry Complex (Commercial building)
Royal Theater (Theater)
Royale Theater (Theater)
Rubidoux Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
S.S. CATALINA (Vessel)
Saban Theatre (Theater)
San Fernando Building, The (Commercial building)
Sands Motel (Hotel)
Santa Catalina Island (Historic marker)
Santa Fe Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Santora Building (Commercial building)
Scripps Hall (Meeting hall)
Shady Point (House)
Singer Building (Commercial building)
Smith Estate (Estate)
Southern Counties Gas Co. (Commercial building)
Southern Hotel (Meeting hall)
Southwest Museum (Building)
Spurgeon Block (Commercial building)
St. Andrews Bungalow Court (Residential building)
Stadium Theater (Theater)
Standard Oil Building (Commercial building)
Star Theater (Theater)
Starlite Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
State Theater (Theater)
Storer House (Commercial building)
Streetcar Depot (Railroad depot)
Studio Theater (Theater)
Subway Terminal Building (Railroad depot)
Sugar, California (Placename)
Summit Inn (Commercial building)
Sun Valley, California (Populated place)
Sunset Motel (Hotel)
Sunset Towers (Residential building)
Superba Theater (Theater)
Surfside, California (Populated place)
Sycamore Inn (Commercial building)
Taco King (Sign)
Tahquitz Canyon (Waterfall)
Teatro Fiesta (Theater)
Temple Mansion (Mansion)
Textile Center Building (Industrial building)
The Ellison (Residential building)
The Hat Pastrami (Commercial building)
The Salt Works (Industrial building)
Tower Theater (Theater)
Town Lodge (Hotel)
Tugboat Annie's (Commercial building)
Union 76 Service Station (Service station)
Union Theater (Theater)
Unique Theater (Theater)
USA Gas Station (Service station)
Vagabond Inn (Hotel)
Valley Motel (Hotel)
Van Nuys Branch (Building)
Van Nuys, California (Populated place)
Variety Theater (Theater)
Vasquez Rocks (Burial site)
Venice Branch (Building)
Venice, California (Populated place)
Verdugo City, California (Populated place)
Villa Bonita (Residential building)
Villa Riviera (Residential building)
Villa Verde (House)
Village Theater (Theater)
Village Theatre (Theater)
Vine Theatre (Theater)
Vineland Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Vista Theater (Theater)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
Wahoo, California (Placename)
Wanda, California (Placename)
Wardman Theater (Theater)
Warner Theater (Theater)
Washington Building (Commercial building)
Washington Court (Residential building)
Washington Survey Marker (Boundary marker)
Watts Station (Railroad depot)
Whitley Court (Residential building)
Wigwam Motel (Hotel)
Willmore, The (Residential building)
Wilshire Branch (Building)
Wilshire Service Station (Service station)
Wilson's Sandwich Shop (Commercial building)
Wiltern Theater (Theater)
Woodcrest, California (Populated place)
Wynyate (House)
York Theater (Theater)
Yost Theater (Theater)
Young's Market Company Building (Commercial building)