Seattle South, Washington, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

1411 Fourth Avenue Building (Commercial building)
A.L. Palmer Building (Industrial building)
Agen Warehouse (Commercial building)
Arctic Building (Building)
Assay Office (Commercial building)
Barnes Building (Building)
Bell Apartments (Building)
Bon Marche Department Store (Commercial building)
Cambridge Apartments (Residential building)
Camlin Hotel (Hotel)
Cobb Building (Commercial building)
Colman Building (Commercial building)
Ellsworth Storey Residences (Commercial building)
Fire Station No. 23 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 25 (Fire station)
Guiry and Schillestad Building (Commercial building)
Holyoke Building (Commercial building)
Hull Building (Commercial building)
J. S. Graham Store (Commercial building)
King Street Station (Railroad depot)
Lyon Building (Commercial building)
M. V. VASHON (Vessel)
Martin Cinerama (Theater)
Medical Dental Building (Commercial building)
National Building (Commercial building)
Nippon Kan (Building)
Northern Life Tower (Commercial building)
Old Public Safety Building (Correctional facility)
Panama Hotel (Hotel)
Phillips House (Residential building)
Rainier Club (Building)
Rector Hotel (Hotel)
Shafer Building (Commercial building)
Skinner Building (Building)
Summit School (School)
Temple de Hirsch (Place of worship)
Times Building (Building)
U.S. Courthouse (Courthouse)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
United Shopping Tower (Commercial building)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
USCGC FIR (Vessel)
Victorian Apartments (Residential building)
Ward House (Hotel)
William Volker Building (Commercial building)
Windham Apartments (Residential building)