Virginia City, Montana, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Buford Block (Commercial building)
Contents's Corner (Commercial building)
Creighton Stone Block (Commercial building)
Dance and Stuart Store (Commercial building)
E.L. Smith Store (Commercial building)
Elling House (House)
F.R. Merk Block (Commercial building)
Finney House (House)
G. Goldberg Store (Commercial building)
Henry Elling Clothing Store (Commercial building)
J.B. Labeau, Jeweler (Commercial building)
J.F. Stoer Saloon (Commercial building)
Kramer Building (Commercial building)
Masonic Hall (Building)
McClurg & Ptorney Mercantile (Commercial building)
Metropolitan Meat Market (Commercial building)
Pfouts and Russel (Commercial building)
S.R. Buford & Company (Commercial building)
Sauerbier Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Strasburger's Colorado Store (Commercial building)
W.P. Armstrong Store (Commercial building)