Hagerstown, Maryland, 1:125,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Angle Farm (Farm)
Antietam Hall (Meeting hall)
Ashton, Maryland (Populated place)
B & O Bridge (Bridge)
Bakersville, Maryland (Populated place)
Blue Mountain, Maryland (Populated place)
Bowman House (House)
Brightwood (House)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Cashtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cavetown, Maryland (Populated place)
Cedar Grove (House)
Chewsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Corker Hill (House)
Ditto Knolls (House)
Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Franklin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Fulton House (Commercial building)
Garden Hill (House)
Gass House (House)
Hager House (House)
Harmony Cemetery (Cemetery)
Highland, Maryland (Populated place)
Huckleberry Hall (Meeting hall)
Keedy House (House)
Lane House (House)
Lemasters, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Long Meadows (House)
Mannheim (House)
Mansfield (House)
Maples, The (House)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Myers House (House)
New Franklin, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Overlook (House)
Paradise Manor (Mansion)
Pen Mar, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Red Run Lodge (Commercial building)
Rockledge (House)
Rohrer House (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rouzerville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Shockeys, Maryland (Placename)
Star Theater (Theater)
Tammany (House)
Valentia (House)
White Bush (House)
White House Inn (Commercial building)
Williamson, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willows, The (House)
Wilson School (School)
Woburn Manor (Mansion)
Woodland (House)