Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1:125,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Al's Diner (Diner)
Ames Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Babb's Beach (Building)
Baird House (House)
Bangs Block (Commercial building)
Baystate Corset Block (Industrial building)
Blandford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Bradstreet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Burbach Block (Commercial building)
Caledonia Building (Commercial building)
Carlton House Block (Industrial building)
Carreau Block (Residential building)
Center Cemetery (Cemetery)
Chapin School (School)
City Hall (City hall)
Clovis Robert Block (Residential building)
Colonial Block (Meeting hall)
Coolidge, Calvin, House (Residential building)
Cutler and Porter Block (Industrial building)
Driscoll's Block (Commercial building)
Elmwood, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Ethel Apartment House (Residential building)
Friedrich Block (Residential building)
Fuller Block (Commercial building)
Granby, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Granville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Guenther & Handel's Block (Commercial building)
Gunn and Hubbard Blocks (Commercial building)
H. M. Van Deusen Whip Company (Industrial building)
Hadley, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hatfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hiberian Block (Building)
Holyoke Canal System (Power plant)
Holyoke City Hall (City hall)
Kennedy-Worthington Blocks (Industrial building)
Kenwyn Apartments (Residential building)
Laurel Hall (Meeting hall)
Leverett, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Manse, The (House)
Masonic Temple (Building)
McIntosh Building (Industrial building)
McKinney Building (Meeting hall)
Mills--Hale--Owen Blocks (Residential building)
Milton-Bradley Company (Industrial building)
Morgan Block (Commercial building)
Mount Tom, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Mountain Rest (Building)
North Cemetery (Cemetery)
Northampton Gas Works (Industrial building)
Olmsted-Hixon-Albion Block (Industrial building)
Patton and Loomis Block (Commercial building)
Patton Building (Commercial building)
Polish National Home (Meeting hall)
Radding Building (Meeting hall)
Republican Block (Commercial building)
Ringville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Route 66 Diner (Commercial building)
Smith's Building (Commercial building)
Southwick, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Stacy Building (Industrial building)
State Armory (Armory)
Stearns Building (Commercial building)
Strong House (House)
Thomas D. Page House (Meeting hall)
Town Farm, The (Building)
Trinity Block (Commercial building)
United Electric Co. Building (Commercial building)
Wait Guidepost (Monument)
Walker Building (Commercial building)
Wells Block (Hotel)
Willy's Overland Block (Commercial building)
Worthy Hotel (Hotel)