Chicago, Illinois, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

35 East Wacker (Skyscraper)
A. M. Rothschild & Company Store (Commercial building)
Admiral Theater (Theater)
Albert Soffel House (Residential building)
Alvin Theater (Theater)
Aquitania, The (Residential building)
Arcade Building (Building)
Aron Theatre (Theater)
AVR 661 (Military facility)
Belmonte Flats (Residential building)
Beverly, Illinois (Populated place)
Boyce Building (Commercial building)
Buckingham Building (Commercial building)
Building at 14--16 Pearson Street (Residential building)
Building at 257 East Delaware (Residential building)
Building at 5510 North Sheridan (Residential building)
Building at 900 West Lake Street (Industrial building)
Burlingham Building (Residential building)
Butler School (School)
Calumet City, Illinois (Populated place)
Castle Car Wash (Building)
Chalet Motel (Hotel)
Chapin and Gore Building (Commercial building)
Charles Hitchcock Hall (Meeting hall)
Chelten Theater (Theater)
Chicago Bee Building (Commercial building)
Chicago Board of Trade Building (Commercial building)
Chicago Club (Commercial building)
Chicago Theater (Theater)
Chicago Varnish Company Building (Commercial building)
Chopin Theater (Theater)
Cine Theater (Theater)
City Theater (Theater)
Clifton Theater (Theater)
Cloud Gate (Work of art)
Coca Cola Company Building (Industrial building)
Colony Theater (Theater)
Conway Building (Commercial building)
Crane Company Building (Commercial building)
Crane Theater (Theater)
Curt Teich and Company Building (Commercial building)
Davis Theater (Theater)
Dawson Brothers Plant (Industrial building)
Dearborn Station (Railroad depot)
Delaware Building (Commercial building)
Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket (Commercial building)
Diner Grill (Commercial building)
Drake Hotel (Hotel)
East Park Towers (Residential building)
Edgewater Beach Apartments (Residential building)
Edna Theater (Theater)
Famous Theater (Theater)
Fisher Building (Commercial building)
Flamingo-On-The-Lake Apartments (Residential building)
Flat Iron Building (Commercial building)
Four Nineteen Building (Commercial building)
Gaelic Theater (Theater)
Gary Union Station (Railroad depot)
Gateway Theater (Theater)
Gem Theater (Theater)
Germania Club (Building)
Getty Tomb (Burial site)
Goldblatt Bros. Department Store (Commercial building)
Grant Park (Park)
Graue Mill (Mill)
Grossdale Station (Railroad depot)
Grove Theater (Theater)
Guyon Hotel (Hotel)
Harmony Theater (Theater)
Harper Theater (Theater)
Hauptgebaude (School)
Henry's Drive In (Commercial building)
Hermitage Apartments (Residential building)
Hines, Illinois (Populated place)
Hofmann Tower (Monument)
Hull House (House)
Humboldt Park (Work of art)
Ideal Theater (Theater)
Inland Steel Building (Commercial building)
Iris Theater (Theater)
Irondale, Illinois (Placename)
J. P. Smith Shoe Company Plant (Industrial building)
Jeff Theater (Theater)
Jewelers' Building (Commercial building)
Karl Vogt Building (Residential building)
Karvan Motel (Hotel)
Kimbark Theater (Theater)
Krause Music Store (Commercial building)
Lake-Side Terrace Apartments (Residential building)
Leiter II Building (Commercial building)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Lincoln Theater (Theater)
Logan Theater (Theater)
Lou Mitchell's Restaurant (Commercial building)
Ludington Building (Commercial building)
Malden Towers (Residential building)
Manhattan Building (Commercial building)
Manor House (Mansion)
Marina City (Building)
Marquette Building (Commercial building)
Marshall Field and Company Store (Commercial building)
Marshall Field Company Store (Commercial building)
Marshall Field Garden Apartments (Residential building)
Mather Tower (Skyscraper)
Mayfair Apartments (Residential building)
McClurg Building (Commercial building)
Merchandise Mart (Building)
Mercury Oil gas station (Commercial building)
Miller Town Hall (City hall)
Monadnock Block (Commercial building)
Monroe Building (Skyscraper)
Montgomery Ward Company Complex (Commercial building)
Mount Pleasant, Illinois (Populated place)
Navy Pier (Military facility)
Nike Missile Site C47 (Military facility)
Ogden Top and Trim (Commercial building)
Old Colony Buildings (Commercial building)
Old Main Building (Commercial building)
Oliver Building (Commercial building)
One LaSalle Street Building (Commercial building)
Orchestra Hall (Meeting hall)
Oscar Stanton De Priest House (Residential building)
Page Brothers Building (Commercial building)
Palmer House (Hotel)
Palmolive Building (Commercial building)
Pattington Apartments (Residential building)
Peoples Gas Building (Commercial building)
Poinsetta Apartments (Residential building)
Pontiac Building (Commercial building)
Porter Town Hall (City hall)
Promontory Apartments (Residential building)
Promontory Point (District)
Pui Tak Center (Building)
Railway Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Reebie Moving and Storage Company (Commercial building)
Reid House (House)
Reliance Building (Commercial building)
Robin Hood Mufflers (Commercial building)
Robinwood (House)
Rookery Building (Commercial building)
Rosenwald Apartment Building (Residential building)
Schulze Baking Company Plant (Commercial building)
Silversmith Building (Commercial building)
Singer Building (Residential building)
Snuffy's Grill (Commercial building)
Soldier Field (Building)
South Shore Beach Apartments (Residential building)
South Water Market (Commercial building)
Spiegel Office Building (Commercial building)
Steuben Club, The (Commercial building)
Stone Manor (Mansion)
Studebaker Building (Commercial building)
Swift House (House)
Tedens, Illinois (Placename)
The Forum (Meeting hall)
The Narragansett (Residential building)
Town Theater (Theater)
Tree Studio Building and Annexes (Residential building)
Tribune Tower (Skyscraper)
Twin Tower Sanctuary (Meeting hall)
U-505 (IX C U-Boat) (Military facility)
Unity Hall (Meeting hall)
Unity Temple (Place of worship)
University Apartments (Residential building)
Uptown Broadway Building (Commercial building)
Willis Tower (Skyscraper)
Wishing Well Motel (Miscellaneous)
Wrigley Building (Skyscraper)
Wrigley Field (Stadium)
Yale, The (Residential building)
YMCA Hotel (Hotel)
Yondorf Block and Hall (Meeting hall)