Chickamauga, Georgia, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Bellefonte, Alabama (Populated place)
Bolivar, Alabama (Populated place)
Broomtown, Georgia (Placename)
Bryant, Alabama (Populated place)
Callaway Place - 1814 (Historic marker)
Cavender's Store (Commercial building)
Chickamauga Standpipe (Water tower)
Cole City, Georgia (Populated place)
Cordell, Alabama (Placename)
Dillon, Georgia (Placename)
Drag City (Miscellaneous)
Fabius, Alabama (Populated place)
Ferncliff, Alabama (Placename)
Freetown, Georgia (Placename)
Frick Gap, Georgia (Placename)
Furnace, Georgia (Placename)
General Lafayette (Historic marker)
Gerber, Georgia (Placename)
Gray, Alabama (Placename)
Greenbush, Georgia (Placename)
Guild, Georgia (Placename)
Hannah, Alabama (Placename)
Henrys, Georgia (Placename)
Holiman Yard (Railroad facility)
Hymer, Alabama (Placename)
Index, Alabama (Placename)
Kendrick, Georgia (Placename)
Lane House (House)
Lytle, Georgia (Populated place)
Mahan, Alabama (Placename)
Mahan, Georgia (Placename)
Mays Gulf, Alabama (Placename)
McCutchen, Georgia (Placename)
Musgrove, Alabama (Placename)
Opeleika, Georgia (Placename)
Penn Place (House)
Riegel Hospital (Hospital)
Ringgold Depot (Railroad depot)
Rock Spring, Georgia (Populated place)
Rorex, Alabama (Placename)
Salem, Georgia (Placename)
Stone Church (Church)
Talley, Alabama (Placename)
Tatum, Georgia (Placename)
The Anchorman (Work of art)
The Army of Tennessee (Historic marker)
The Battle of Lafayette (Historic marker)
The Flooded Gap (Historic marker)
Villanow (Historic marker)
Walker County (Historic marker)
Warrens, Georgia (Placename)
Whiteside, Tennessee (Populated place)
Yucca, Alabama (Populated place)
Yucca, Alabama (Placename)