Cleveland North, Ohio, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Beardsley, Ohio (Placename)
Body Block (Residential building)
Calm, Ohio (Placename)
Center Road, Ohio (Placename)
Central YMCA (Building)
Chesterland, Ohio (Populated place)
Clarks, Ohio (Placename)
Cleveland Discount Building (Commercial building)
Cleveland Packard Building (Commercial building)
Clydes Diner (Commercial building)
Connecticut Land Company Office (Commercial building)
Cook Building (Commercial building)
Corlett Building (Commercial building)
Crawford-Tilden Apartments (Residential building)
Diner on 55th (Commercial building)
Dixon Hall Apartments (Residential building)
Doan School (School)
Dunham Tavern (Commercial building)
East Claridon, Ohio (Populated place)
East Ohio Gas Company Building (Commercial building)
Euclid Homes, Ohio (Placename)
Ezella Theatre (Theater)
Fenway Hall (School)
Garfield Memorial (Burial site)
Geauga Cinema (Theater)
Grossman Paper Box Company (Industrial building)
Gwinn Estate (Estate)
H. Black and Company Building (Industrial building)
Halle Building (Commercial building)
Hangar, The (Building)
Heights Rockfeller Building (Residential building)
Heights Theatre (Theater)
Heisley, Ohio (Placename)
Huntsburg, Ohio (Populated place)
Indian Point Fort (Archaeological site)
Kirtland Temple (Place of worship)
Lake Theatre (Theater)
LaSalle Theatre (Theater)
League Park (Building)
Lindner Building (Commercial building)
Lutz's Tavern (Building)
Madison Dock, Ohio (Placename)
Mayfield Road Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Montana Apartments (Residential building)
Montville, Ohio (Populated place)
Neff Apartments (Residential building)
Nela Park (Park)
Newel K. Whitney Store (Commercial building)
Noble, Ohio (Populated place)
Pease Mill, Ohio (Placename)
Phillis Wheatley Association (Residential building)
Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Quad Hall (Meeting hall)
Root and McBride-Bradley Building (Industrial building)
Rush Road, Ohio (Placename)
Ruthie & Moe's Diner (Commercial building)
Sessions House (Building)
Smead House (House)
South Leroy Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Stockbridge Apartment Building (Residential building)
Tavern Club (Building)
Temple on the Heights (Place of worship)
Temple, The (Place of worship)
The Commodore Hotel (Residential building)
Thompson, Ohio (Populated place)
Union Club (Building)
Unionville, Ohio (Populated place)
United Motor Service Building (Commercial building)
Venice Building (Residential building)
Wheeler, Ohio (Placename)