Frederick, Maryland, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allstadt House and Ordinary (Military cemetery)
Altona (House)
Annington (House)
Apollo Theatre (Theater)
Arcadia (House)
Ashton, Maryland (Populated place)
Aspen Hall (House)
Aspen Hill (House)
Baker Farm (Farm)
Barleywood (House)
Beall-Air (House)
Belmont (House)
Belvedere (House)
Benton (House)
Bethesda Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Beverley (House)
Blakeley (House)
Bloomfield (House)
Bloomsbury (House)
Boydville (House)
Braddock Heights, Maryland (Populated place)
Brinklow, Maryland (Populated place)
Canavest, Maryland (Placename)
Carlheim (House)
Cedar Lawn (House)
Clermont (Farm)
Clover Hill (House)
Cold Spring (House)
Comus, Maryland (Populated place)
Cool Spring Battlefield (Military facility)
Cover, Maryland (Placename)
Damascus, Maryland (Populated place)
Dawsonville, Maryland (Populated place)
Deanwood, Virginia (Populated place)
Dennis, Maryland (Placename)
Doub Farm (Farm)
Dranesville Tavern (Commercial building)
Duffields Depot (Railroad depot)
Edgewood (House)
Edgewood, Maryland (Populated place)
Ellwood (House)
Elmwood (House)
Exeter (House)
Fairfield (House)
Fairfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Fat Oxen (House)
Flint Hill, Virginia (Populated place)
Fort Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Fruit Hill (House)
Gaylord, Virginia (Populated place)
Germantown, Maryland (Populated place)
Glenburnie (House)
Goresville, Virginia (Populated place)
Guilford (House)
Halltown, West Virginia (Populated place)
Harewood (House)
Harmony, Maryland (Populated place)
Hazelfield (House)
Hessian Barracks (Building)
Hillside (House)
Hopewell (House)
Huntland (Estate)
J. A. Belt Building (Commercial building)
James Farm (Farm)
Janelia (House)
Janney House (House)
John Brown's Headquarters (Military facility)
Lander, Maryland (Populated place)
Layton House (House)
Lincoln, Virginia (Populated place)
Linden Grove (House)
Log Town, Maryland (Placename)
Longview, Virginia (Populated place)
Manahan, Maryland (Placename)
Media Farm (Farm)
Milimar (House)
Millville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Monocacy, Maryland (Placename)
Morgan's Grove (District)
Morven Park (House)
Mount Airy (House)
Mt. Nebo (House)
New Opera House (Theater)
Norwood (House)
Oakland (House)
Oaks II (House)
Oatlands (House)
Olney, Maryland (Populated place)
Opera House (Theater)
Paeonian Springs, Virginia (Populated place)
Philomont, Virginia (Populated place)
Piper House (House)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Prato Rio (House)
Prospect Hall (Meeting hall)
Rauch House (House)
Ridge, The (House)
Rion Hall (House)
Ripon Lodge (House)
Rippon, West Virginia (Populated place)
Roberts Inn (House)
Rock Spring (House)
Rockland (House)
Rockland (House)
Rokeby (House)
Rose Hill Manor (Mansion)
Rosemont, West Virginia (Populated place)
Rumsey Hall (Hotel)
Saleaudo (House)
Sandy Spring, Maryland (Populated place)
Scotland, Maryland (Populated place)
Spring Grove (House)
Sterling, Virginia (Populated place)
Sugarland, Maryland (Populated place)
Summit Point, West Virginia (Populated place)
Swan Pond (House)
The Bower (House)
The Rocks (District)
Thomas and Company Cannery (Industrial building)
Union Chapel (Church)
Valhalla (House)
Waring, Maryland (Placename)
Waterford, Virginia (Populated place)
Waverly (House)
Welbourne (House)
Westwood, Maryland (Populated place)
Windham, Maryland (Placename)
Woodbine, Maryland (Populated place)
Woodburn (House)
Woodbury (House)
Woodend (House)
Woodgrove (House)
Woodlawn (House)
York Hill (House)