Hartford, Connecticut, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Academy Hall (School)
Aero Diner (Diner)
Allen's Cider Mill (Meeting hall)
Ambassador Apartments (Residential building)
Anshei Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Apartment at 49-51 Spring Street (Residential building)
Armsmear (House)
Ashlawn (House)
Atwater Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Avon Combination Depot (Miscellaneous)
Bacon Academy (School)
Batterson Block (Commercial building)
Bell School (School)
Blakeslee Forging Company (Industrial building)
Bloomfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Brick School (School)
Brigham's Tavern (Building)
Broad Brook Garage (Service station)
Brown Tavern (Building)
Canton Center, Connecticut (Populated place)
Canton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Canty, Marietta, House (Residential building)
Capewell Horse Nail Company (Industrial building)
Carroll Building (Commercial building)
Center School (School)
Chaplin, Connecticut (Populated place)
Charter Oak Firehouse (Fire station)
Charter Oak Place (Residential building)
Cheney Building (Residential building)
Christ Church (Church)
Connecticut State Capitol (Capitol building)
Connecticut Statehouse (Capitol building)
Corning Fountain (Fountain)
Cromwell Freight House (Railroad depot)
Day House (House)
Dillon Building (Residential building)
East Hampton Depot (Railroad depot)
Eno Memorial Hall (City hall)
Eno, Amos, House (Building)
Footguard Hall (Meeting hall)
Forestville, Connecticut (Populated place)
Former Fire Station (Fire station)
Frog Hollow (House)
Goodwin Block (Residential building)
Granby Combination Depot (Railroad depot)
Hale Monument (Monument)
Hampton Freight House (Railroad depot)
Hampton, Connecticut (Populated place)
Hanover, Connecticut (Populated place)
Hartford City Hall (City hall)
Hartford Club (Building)
Hartford Times Building (Commercial building)
Hartford Union Station (Railroad depot)
Hathaways Store (Commercial building)
Hayden, Capt. Nathaniel, House (Residential building)
Hayward House (Meeting hall)
Hebron, Connecticut (Populated place)
Hunt, Dr. Chester, Office (Commercial building)
Hurwood Company (Industrial building)
Keney Tower (Monument)
Knesseth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Leffingwell Inn (Building)
Long Society Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Lyman House (House)
Lyman Viaduct (Bridge)
Main Street Diner (Commercial building)
Manchester, Connecticut (Populated place)
Masonic Temple (Place of worship)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Middletown Alms House (Industrial building)
Milldale, Connecticut (Populated place)
Miss Washington Diner (Commercial building)
Mixer Tavern (House)
Moodus, Connecticut (Populated place)
Myers and Gross Building (Residential building)
New Hartford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Newington, Connecticut (Populated place)
Norwich Inn (Hotel)
Norwich Town Hall (City hall)
Old Newgate Prison (Correctional facility)
Plumb House (House)
Polish National Home (Meeting hall)
Pultz & Walkley Company (Industrial building)
Quaker Diner (Commercial building)
Red Bridge (Bridge)
Rocky Hill Depot (Railroad depot)
Rocky Hill, Connecticut (Populated place)
Royal Typewriter Company Building (Industrial building)
Saint Anthony Hall (Meeting hall)
Scotland, Connecticut (Populated place)
Simsbury Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Simsbury Townhouse (City hall)
Simsbury, Connecticut (Populated place)
Smith, H. D., Company Building (Industrial building)
South Windsor, Connecticut (Populated place)
South Windsor, Connecticut (Populated place)
Southington, Connecticut (Populated place)
Stafford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Staffordville, Connecticut (Populated place)
Starr Mill (Mill)
Stone Bridge (Bridge)
Strong House (Monument)
Taftville (District)
Telephone Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Tephereth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Tina's Diner (Diner)
Town Bridge (Bridge)
Tunxis Hose Firehouse (Fire station)
Union, Connecticut (Populated place)
Unionville Depot (Railroad depot)
Versailles, Connecticut (Populated place)
Viets' Tavern (Building)
War Office (Military facility)
Webster Memorial Building (Residential building)
West Stafford, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wethersfield, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wheeler Block (City hall)
Widows' Home (Building)
Willimantic Elks Club (Meeting hall)
Willimantic, Connecticut (Populated place)
Windsor Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Windsor Locks, Connecticut (Populated place)
Windsor Passenger Station (Railroad depot)
Witter House (House)
Yantic, Connecticut (Populated place)