Indianapolis, Indiana, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alameda (Residential building)
Alexandra (Residential building)
Allison Mansion (Mansion)
Ashby (House)
Aston Inn (House)
Avalon Theatre (Theater)
Baker (Residential building)
Balmoral Court (Residential building)
Benton House (House)
Blacherne (Residential building)
Bush Stadium (Stadium)
Camby, Indiana (Populated place)
Cassell Theatre (Theater)
Centerbrook Drive In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Chadwick (Residential building)
Circle Theater (Theater)
City Market (Commercial building)
Clermont Deluxe Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Cole Motor Car Company (Industrial building)
Colonial (Residential building)
Columbia Club (Building)
Coronet Theatre (Theater)
Coulter Flats (Residential building)
Crown Hill National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Dartmouth (Residential building)
Delaware Court (Residential building)
Delaware Flats (Residential building)
Delight Theatre (Theater)
Devonshire (Residential building)
Dream Theatre (Theater)
Emerson Theatre (Theater)
Esplanade Apartments (Residential building)
Fame Laundry (Commercial building)
Foster Hall (Meeting hall)
H.P. Wasson & Company Building (Commercial building)
Hall School (School)
Harriett (Residential building)
Indiana Oxygen Company (Industrial building)
Indiana State Capitol (Capitol building)
Indiana Theatre (Theater)
Indianapolis News Building (Commercial building)
Irving Theatre (Theater)
Irvington, Indiana (Placename)
L.S. Ayres Annex Warehouse (Commercial building)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Linwood Colonial Apartments (Residential building)
Lockefield Garden Apartments (Residential building)
Madame C. J. Walker Building (Commercial building)
Majestic Building (Commercial building)
Manchester Apartments (Residential building)
Marcy Village Apartments (Residential building)
Marott Hotel (Hotel)
Marott's Shoes Building (Commercial building)
Mars Theatre (Theater)
Massachusetts (Residential building)
Mayleeno (Residential building)
Myrtle Fern (Residential building)
Normal Hall (School)
Northwood, Indiana (Placename)
Oldfields (House)
Oldfields (House)
Oriental Lodge No. 500 (Meeting hall)
Oxford (Residential building)
Parker Theatre (Theater)
Pearson Terrace (Residential building)
Putnamville, Indiana (Populated place)
Rink (Residential building)
Rink's Womens Apparel Store (Commercial building)
Ritz Theatre (Theater)
Rivoli Theater (Theater)
Rivoli Theatre (Theater)
Robinson, Indiana (Placename)
Royal Theater (Theater)
Saint James Court (Residential building)
Sanders Theatre (Theater)
Savoy (Residential building)
Seville, The (Residential building)
Sheffield Inn (Building)
Shelton (Residential building)
Sid-Mar (Residential building)
Spink (Residential building)
Star Theatre (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Stratford, Indiana (Placename)
Tacoma Theater (Theater)
Taylor Carpet Company Building (Commercial building)
Test Building (Commercial building)
The Ambassador (Residential building)
The Buckingham (Residential building)
The Burton (Residential building)
The Cathcart (Residential building)
The Emelie (Residential building)
The Glencoe (Residential building)
The Grover (Residential building)
The Lodge (Residential building)
The Martens (Residential building)
The McKay (Residential building)
The Pennsylvania (Residential building)
The Plaza (Residential building)
The Sylvania (Residential building)
The Wyndham (Residential building)
Tibbs Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Twin Bridges (Bridge)
V-1 War Memorial (Miscellaneous)
Vera and the Olga (Residential building)
Vienna (Residential building)
Vogue Theatre (Theater)
Wil-Fra-Mar (Residential building)
Wilbur School (School)
William Buschmann Block (Residential building)
Wilson (Residential building)