Iowa City, Iowa, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Amana Villages (District)
Ausadie Building (Residential building)
Beach School (School)
Bowery Street Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Brown Apartments (Building)
Brucemore (Mansion)
C.S.P.S. Hall (Meeting hall)
Clark House (House)
Close House (House)
College Block Building (Commercial building)
Conroy, Iowa (Populated place)
Curtis, Iowa (Placename)
Downey School (School)
Economy Advertising Company (Commercial building)
Ely Town Bell (Historic marker)
Englert Theatre (Theater)
Floral Hall (Meeting hall)
Franklin Printing House (Commercial building)
Graham, Iowa (Placename)
Green Castle, Iowa (Placename)
Gruwell and Crew General Store (Commercial building)
Hamilton Brothers Building (Commercial building)
Hotel Tipton (Hotel)
Iowa Building (Commercial building)
Kinnick Stadium (Stadium)
Lattner Auditorium Building (Commercial building)
Lesinger Block (Commercial building)
Linsay House (House)
Midway, Iowa (Placename)
Miller Round Barn (Round barn)
Moslem Temple (Place of worship)
Old Capitol (Capitol building)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Parkhurst, Iowa (Placename)
Paul--Helen Building (Meeting hall)
Peace Post (Object)
Pentacrest (School)
Plum Grove (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Sokol Gymnasium (Building)
Stanwood Water Tower (Water tower)
State Quarry, Old (Natural feature)
Stone Academy (School)
Summit Apartment Building (Residential building)
Union Bakery (Building)
Union Brewery (Commercial building)
Vogt House (House)
West Amana, Iowa (Populated place)
Wilton Candy Kitchen (Meeting hall)
Witwer Grocery Company Building (Industrial building)