Lancaster, Ohio, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Adena Court Apartments (Residential building)
Alameda Apartments (Residential building)
Asbury, Ohio (Placename)
Ashville Depot (Railroad depot)
Barr House (House)
Bells, Ohio (Placename)
Berry Brothers Bolt Works (Industrial building)
Big Walnut, Ohio (Placename)
Black-Elliott Block (Commercial building)
Blackburn, Ohio (Placename)
Bradford Shoe Company Building (Industrial building)
Bright, Ohio (Placename)
Broad Street Apartments (Residential building)
Budd Dairy Company (Commercial building)
Cambridge Arms (Residential building)
Carbon Hill, Ohio (Populated place)
Central Assurance Company (Commercial building)
Circle Cinema (Theater)
Claybank, Ohio (Placename)
Clossman Hardware Store (Commercial building)
Concord Hall (Meeting hall)
Consol, Ohio (Placename)
Coon Hunters Mound (Archaeological site)
Cromley, Ohio (Placename)
Dicksonton, Ohio (Placename)
Dilger Store (Commercial building)
Doneys, Ohio (Placename)
Dorney, Ohio (Placename)
Drexel Theatre (Theater)
East Fultonham, Ohio (Populated place)
Elliot House (House)
Engine House No. 16 (Fire station)
Esquire Theatre (Theater)
Factory Site (Factory)
Felton School (School)
Fort Hayes (Military facility)
Fortner Mounds I, II (Archaeological site)
Garfield-Broad Apartments (Residential building)
Glenford Bank (Meeting hall)
Glenford Fort (Archaeological site)
Grant School (School)
Gray, Ohio (Placename)
Griffith, Ohio (Placename)
H. A. Higgins Building (Residential building)
Hagerty, Ohio (Placename)
Hamburg, Ohio (Placename)
Hanna House (House)
Harper-Cosgrave Block (Industrial building)
Hayden Building (Building)
Hoboken, Ohio (Placename)
Hooven, Ohio (Placename)
Horne, Ohio (Placename)
Jacksontown, Ohio (Populated place)
Joe, Ohio (Placename)
Kachelmacher, Ohio (Placename)
Kahiki, The (Building)
Kerr Indian Mound (Archaeological site)
Krumm House (House)
Lafayette Lodge No. 79 (Commercial building)
Lewis, Ohio (Placename)
Lilienthal Building (Residential building)
Lincoln Theatre (Meeting hall)
Logan City Hall (City hall)
Logan Theater (Theater)
Lost Run, Ohio (Placename)
Lyonsdale, Ohio (Placename)
Mail Pouch Barn (Miscellaneous)
Main Theatre (Theater)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Max, Ohio (Placename)
McCarthy-Blosser-Dillon Building (Industrial building)
Mead House (House)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Miller, Ohio (Placename)
Millers, Ohio (Placename)
Monticello, Ohio (Placename)
Morris House (House)
Mount Oval (House)
Moxahala, Ohio (Populated place)
Muskingum, Ohio (Placename)
Nebraska, Ohio (Placename)
Oak Theater (Theater)
Oconorville, Ohio (Placename)
Ohio Power Company (Commercial building)
Ohio Statehouse (Capitol building)
Ohio Theatre (Theater)
Old Maid's Orchard Mound (Archaeological site)
Opera, Ohio (Placename)
Outville Depot (Railroad depot)
Pataskala Jail (Building)
Perry Wiles Grocery Company (Commercial building)
Pickerington Depot (Railroad depot)
Pine Grove, Ohio (Placename)
Plaza Hotel (Hotel)
Redlands (House)
Rhoads, Ohio (Placename)
Roberts, Ohio (Placename)
Rock Mill (Mill)
Rockbridge, Ohio (Populated place)
Russell Theater (Theater)
Sandstone, Ohio (Placename)
Seneca Hotel (Hotel)
Sharp, Ohio (Placename)
Sheldon, Ohio (Placename)
Skyview Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
South Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Spunkeytown, Ohio (Placename)
Squawtown, Ohio (Placename)
Stoddart Block (Commercial building)
Summit Station, Ohio (Populated place)
Tarhe Town, Ohio (Placename)
Tarlton Cross Mound (Archaeological site)
Tavener-Sears Tavern (Commercial building)
The Edna (Building)
Theresa Building (Commercial building)
Voorheis, Ohio (Placename)
Wellan, Ohio (Placename)
Welsbach Building (Industrial building)
West School (School)
West View (House)
Winegardner Village (Archaeological site)
Winona, Ohio (Placename)
Wyandotte, Ohio (Placename)
Y Bridge (Bridge)
Yuster Building (Commercial building)
Zanesville YMCA (Building)
Zanesville YWCA (Building)
Zettler Grocery and Hardware (Commercial building)