Lexington, Kentucky, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

1862 in Lawrenceburg (Historic marker)
A Founder of D.A.R. (Historic marker)
Adeline, Kentucky (Placename)
African American Physicians (Historic marker)
Airy Castle (Castle)
Airy Mount (House)
Allenhurst (House)
Amos Kendall (Historic marker)
Anna Mac Clarke (1919-44) (Historic marker)
Arrowhead (House)
Ashland (House)
Audubon (House)
Ayres House (House)
Bacon Theater (Theater)
Barefoot, Kentucky (Populated place)
Barterville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bayless Quarters (Building)
Beck House (Historic marker)
Beeches (House)
Bell Place (House)
Botherum (House)
Bourbon County, 1786 (Historic marker)
Bourbon Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Buck Pond (School)
Buenna Hill (House)
Byrns Landing (District)
Capt. John Strode (Historic marker)
Cardome (House)
Carter House (House)
Cave Place (House)
Clark Hardware Company Building (Commercial building)
Cloud House (House)
Colletts, Kentucky (Placename)
Cooper House (House)
Corinthia (House)
County Named, 1793 (Historic marker)
County Named, 1827 (Historic marker)
County Namesake (Historic marker)
Duncan Tavern (Building)
Eades Tavern (School)
Edgewood (House)
Edgewood (House)
Elkwood (House)
Elkwood (House)
Ellerslie (Historic marker)
Elley Villa (House)
Ellisville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Elmwood (House)
Escondida (House)
F.W. Woolworth Building (Commercial building)
Fairlawn (House)
Fairlawn, ca. 1845 (Historic marker)
Famous Inventor, 1877-1963 (Historic marker)
First Baptist Church (Historic marker)
First Christian Church (Historic marker)
First County Seat (Historic marker)
First Inauguration (Historic marker)
First Race Course (Historic marker)
Floral Hall (Meeting hall)
Fox Gap, Kentucky (Placename)
Garth School (School)
Glen Oak (Cemetery)
Glen Willis (House)
Glore, Kentucky (Placename)
Gooch House (House)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Grange, The (House)
Graves Tavern (Commercial building)
Gregory, Kentucky (Placename)
Halley Place (House)
Handy Farm (Farm)
Harp, Kentucky (Placename)
Heartland (Farm)
Helm Place (House)
Henry Clay Law Office (Commercial building)
Hesler, Kentucky (Populated place)
Historic Land (Historic marker)
Hodge, Kentucky (Placename)
Hogan Quarters (Building)
Hooktown, Kentucky (Populated place)
Hopemont (House)
Hurricane Hall (Meeting hall)
Innes House (House)
Jacob Spears Distillery (Industrial building)
John J. Crittenden House (Historic marker)
Kentucky State Arsenal (Military facility)
Kentucky State Capitol (Capitol building)
Kinkead House (Residential building)
Knights, Kentucky (Placename)
Lee's Tavern (Commercial building)
Lemon Hill (House)
Lewis Manor (Mansion)
Lexington National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Liberty Hall (Meeting hall)
Longview (House)
Loudoun Hall (Meeting hall)
Lyric Theatre (Theater)
Mansfield (House)
Margaret Hall (School)
Marquis Calmes Tomb (Burial site)
Miller Brothers Building (Commercial building)
Monticello (House)
Moss Side (House)
Motor Inn (Hotel)
Mound Hill Archeological Site (Archaeological site)
Mount Zion, Kentucky (Populated place)
Odd Fellows Temple (Commercial building)
Offut-Cole Tavern (Miscellaneous)
Old Concord Church (Historic marker)
Old Log Court House (Historic marker)
Old Statehouse (Capitol building)
Old Stone Tavern (Commercial building)
Old Taylor Distillery (Commercial building)
Osburn House (House)
Paris Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Point Breeze (School)
Pope Villa (House)
Poplar Grove (House)
Poplar Hill (Battle site)
Ridgely House (School)
Roberts, Kentucky (Placename)
Rohs Theater (Theater)
Rose Hill (House)
Sacred Home (Cemetery)
Scotland (House)
Shady Side (House)
Sky Vue Twin Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Smith House (Building)
Snow Hill (House)
Sodom, Kentucky (Placename)
Springhill (House)
Spur Gasoline Station (Commercial building)
Starway Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Stipp House (House)
Stony Point (House)
Sugar Grove (House)
The Old Cemetery (Historic marker)
Thomsons Mill Warehouse (Industrial building)
Trotter's Warehouse (Commercial building)
Vinewood (House)
Ward Hall (Meeting hall)
Weehawken (House)
Welcome Hall (Meeting hall)
Will Morton Tavern Stand (Commercial building)
Woodlawn (House)