Louisville, Kentucky, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abell House (House)
Abraham Ditto House (Commercial building)
Adath Israel Temple (Place of worship)
Aetna Gas Station (Commercial building)
Ashbourne (House)
B&O Railroad Switch House (Railroad facility)
Bayne House (House)
Beech Lawn (House)
Beechland (House)
Beechland (House)
Belleview (House)
Berry Hill (House)
Bethel Church (Church)
Bethlehem, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bird's Nest (House)
Bland Farm (Farm)
Bonnycot (House)
Bosler Fireproof Garage (Service station)
Brashear's Station (Historic marker)
Bray Place (House)
Breslin Building (Building)
Bryan House (House)
Buhrlage Greve and Company (Industrial building)
Buhrlage Greve and Company (Industrial building)
Building at 301 La Grange Road (Commercial building)
Burton House (House)
Caboose (Railroad vehicle)
Camp Whitcomb (Historic marker)
Caperton Block (Commercial building)
Capitol Theatre (Theater)
Carriss's Feed Store (Commercial building)
Carriss's Store (Commercial building)
Cave Hill National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Charlestown Train Station (Railroad depot)
Churchill Downs (Structure)
Civil War Actions (Historic marker)
Clark Grant West Line (Historic marker)
Clarksville Indiana (Populated place)
Clifton (House)
Clover Hill (House)
Coca-Cola Plant (Industrial building)
Colgate Clock (Building)
Commodore Apartment Building (Residential building)
County Named, 1798 (Historic marker)
Courthouse Burned (Historic marker)
Cumberland, The (Residential building)
D. H. Ewing & Sons Creamery (Commercial building)
Davis Tavern (House)
District #1 (District)
District #2 (District)
Dixie Theatre (Theater)
Dogwood Hill (House)
Drennon Springs - 9 miles (Historic marker)
Dutch Colony Here (Historic marker)
Edgewood (House)
Eight-Mile House (Commercial building)
Electric Building (Commercial building)
Eminence Depot (Railroad depot)
Fairdale, Kentucky (Populated place)
Fairmount, Kentucky (Populated place)
Farmington (House)
Fern Creek, Kentucky (Populated place)
Fincastle (House)
Finchville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Firehouse No. 13 (Fire station)
Fisher House (House)
Floyds Knobs, Indiana (Populated place)
Ford Motor Plant (Industrial building)
Garr House (House)
Georgetown Drive In (Drive-in theater)
Globe Theater (Theater)
Graham House (House)
Grasslands (House)
Gray House (House)
Graysville, Indiana (Populated place)
Greenville Station (Commercial building)
Hannah House (House)
Hatton, Kentucky (Populated place)
Hayfield (House)
Head House (House)
Hedden House (House)
Helmwood Hall (Meeting hall)
Henry Vogt Machine Company Shop (Industrial building)
Heyburn Building (Building)
Highlands (House)
Hillcrest (House)
Hilltop Theater (Theater)
Hoosier no 3 (Fire station)
Horner House (House)
House of Weller (Commercial building)
Howard Home (House)
Ideal Theatre (Theater)
Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (Military facility)
Indiana State Prison (Correctional facility)
J. Dolfinger and Company Building (Commercial building)
J. V. Reed and Company (Industrial building)
J.T.S. Brown and Son's Complex (Commercial building)
Jefferson County Jail (Correctional facility)
Jewish Hospital Complex (Residential building)
Jones Estate (Estate)
Jones House (House)
Keneseth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Kentucky Wagon Works (Industrial building)
Kenwood Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Klotz Confectionery Company (Industrial building)
Kosmosdale Depot (Railroad depot)
Kosmosdale, Kentucky (Populated place)
Kurfees Paint Company (Miscellaneous)
Ladless Hill (House)
Lakeview Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Le Rose Theater (Theater)
LeCompte Saloon (Commercial building)
Levy Brothers Building (Commercial building)
Lincliff (House)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Little Chef's Diner (Commercial building)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust, The (House)
Logan House (House)
Lynnford-Lyndon Hall (Meeting hall)
Madrid Building (Building)
Marmaduke Building (Commercial building)
Martin House (House)
Masonic Hall (Meeting hall)
Mengel Box Company (Industrial building)
Midlands (House)
Money Farm (Farm)
Monon Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Mount Eden, Kentucky (Populated place)
Muir House (House)
National Tobacco Works (Industrial building)
New Albany National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
New Albany Tornado (Historic marker)
New Enterprise Tobacco Warehouse (Commercial building)
Newton House (House)
Nock House (House)
Oakdale District (District)
Old Stone Inn (Building)
Oxmoor (House)
Payne House (House)
Pendennis Club (Building)
Pike Inn, Old (Commercial building)
Pioneer Station (Historic marker)
Pirtle House (House)
Portland Proper (Residential building)
Pugh House (House)
Puritan Apartment Hotel (Residential building)
Railway Depot (Railroad depot)
Ramsey House (House)
Redmon House (House)
Reel Station Number 4 (Fire station)
Reel Station Number 5 (Fire station)
Repton (House)
Rice House (House)
Ridgeway (House)
Roberts, Kentucky (Placename)
Rockdale (House)
Rockledge (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rossmore Apartment House (Residential building)
Schuster Building (Commercial building)
Sears, Roebuck and Company Store (Commercial building)
Selema Hall (Meeting hall)
Shady Rest (Building)
Shafer's Hall (Meeting hall)
Shallcross (House)
Shelby County Hemp (Historic marker)
Shelby Theatre (Theater)
Sherley Mansion (Mansion)
Shwab House (House)
Sixmile, Kentucky (Placename)
Snapp House (House)
Snead Manufacturing Building (Industrial building)
Snook House (House)
Soldiers Retreat (Building)
Speed Building (Building)
Spring Hill (House)
Starks Building (Building)
Struss House (House)
Stuart Building (Residential building)
Stucky House (House)
Sunnyside (House)
Tanglewood (House)
Taylorsville (Historic marker)
The Armstrong Hotel (Historic marker)
The Filson Club (Meeting hall)
Thierman Apartments (Residential building)
Thomas House (House)
Tobacco Realty Company (Industrial building)
Tomkins-Swartz Mill (Commercial building)
Tuliphurst (House)
Tway House (House)
Tyler Block (Building)
Tyler Hotel (Hotel)
Undulata (House)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Universal Car Company (Commercial building)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Ursuline Academy and Convent (Place of worship)
Valley Station, Kentucky (Populated place)
Valley Theater (Theater)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
W.K. Stewart Bookstore (Commercial building)
Watson House (House)
Weissinger-Gaulbert Apartments (Residential building)
Westport (Historic marker)
White House (House)
White Mills Distillery Company (Industrial building)
Whiteside Bakery (Industrial building)
Wickland (House)
Winkworth (House)
Wise House (House)
Woodbine (House)
Woodland (House)
Wrampelmeier Furniture Company (Industrial building)
Wright and Taylor Building (Commercial building)
Wright House (House)
Yager House (House)
Yager House (House)