Lowell, Massachusetts, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

1790 House (House)
Abbot House (House)
Abbot Tavern (Building)
Ace Art Company (Industrial building)
Allen House (House)
Amherst, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Andover Town Hall (City hall)
Andover, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Arden (House)
Athens Building (Commercial building)
Atkinson, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Barnard Block (Commercial building)
Bedford Town Hall (City hall)
Birchwood Inn (Building)
Blue Moon Diner (Commercial building)
Bowers, Jerathmell, House (Military facility)
Bowser Gazebo (Structure)
Brackett House (Building)
Brande House (House)
Butler School (School)
Carpenter and Bean Block (Residential building)
Carter Mansion (Mansion)
Center Depot (Railroad depot)
Center School (School)
Citizens' Hall (Meeting hall)
Club Diner (Diner)
Cluett Peabody & Company (Industrial building)
Common District (District)
Danville Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Danville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Derry, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Dewey Place (House)
District A (District)
District B (District)
District C (District)
District D (District)
District E (District)
Dracut, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Duck Mill (Mill)
Dunlap Building (Commercial building)
Dunstable, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Durgin House (House)
Dustin House (House)
Elm Farm (Farm)
Emerson--Franklin Poole House (Residential building)
Engine House No. 6 (Fire station)
Essex Company Machine Shop (Industrial building)
Essex Company Offices and Yard (Industrial building)
Estey Tavern (Meeting hall)
Fay Club (House)
Fiske House (House)
Flanley's Block (Commercial building)
Flint Farm (Farm)
Fox, Warren, Building (Residential building)
Francestown Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Francestown, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Fruitlands (House)
Garbose Building (Commercial building)
Gardner News Building (Commercial building)
Gleason Building (Commercial building)
Green House (House)
Greenville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Groton Inn (Meeting hall)
Hampstead Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Hampstead, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hancock, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Harding, Sarah H., House (Residential building)
Harrington--Smith Block (Commercial building)
Hart House (House)
Haverhill Board of Trade Building (Industrial building)
Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex (Industrial building)
Hills House (School)
Hollis, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Holt Farm (Farm)
House at 113 Salem Street (Commercial building)
House at 19--21 Salem Street (Residential building)
House at 79-81 Salem Street (Residential building)
Howe Building (Residential building)
Howe School (School)
Item Building (Commercial building)
Jack's Diner (Commercial building)
John Proctor House (Residential building)
Kemp Barn (Barn)
Kemp Place (House)
Kingston, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Lewis House (House)
Lowell Cemetery (Cemetery)
Lowell Post Office (Courthouse)
Lynnfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
MacDowell Colony (District)
Masonic Block (Commercial building)
Merrimac, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Milford, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Monarch Diner (Commercial building)
Musgrove Block (Commercial building)
Newton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
North Canal (Canal)
North Woburn, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Old Hose House (Fire station)
Old Post Office Block (Post office)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Orlando (House)
Osgood Hill (House)
Palmer School (School)
Park Lodge (House)
Parker House (House)
Parker House (House)
Pepperell, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Peterborough, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Pierce House (House)
Pinehurst, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Plaistow Carhouse (Railroad facility)
Plaistow, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Pratt House (House)
Reading Standpipe (Water tower)
Reading, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Russian Cemetery (Cemetery)
Sandown Old Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Shirley Shaker Village (Residential building)
Smith and Dow Block (Residential building)
Smith Shoe Shop (Commercial building)
Smith, F.W., Silver Company (Industrial building)
South Reading Academy (Commercial building)
Temple Town Hall (Place of worship)
Tewksbury, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Third Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Townsend, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Valley Cemetery (Cemetery)
Varney School (School)
Varnum Building (Residential building)
Varnum School (School)
Wachusett Shirt Company (Industrial building)
Wakefield Rattan Co. (Industrial building)
Wakefield Upper Depot (Railroad depot)
West School (School)
Westminster, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Weston, Jabez, House (Residential building)
Wilmington, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Wright Cemetery (Cemetery)