Madison, Indiana, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Bates House (House)
Benjamin Craig (Historic marker)
Bethlehem, Indiana (Populated place)
Carrollton (Historic marker)
Col. Percival Pierce Butler (Historic marker)
Farmers Club (Meeting hall)
First County Seat (Historic marker)
First Explored (Historic marker)
Ghent (Historic marker)
Gilgal, Kentucky (Placename)
Ginn's Furniture Store (Commercial building)
Grass Hills (House)
Henryville, Indiana (Populated place)
Hibernia, Indiana (Populated place)
House Tm-B-7 (House)
James Tandy Ellis (Historic marker)
Lanier Mansion (Mansion)
Marshfield, Indiana (Populated place)
Marysville, Indiana (Populated place)
Midway, Indiana (Populated place)
Morgans Raid Marker 12 (Historic marker)
Neal House (House)
New Washington, Indiana (Populated place)
Ohio Theatre (Theater)
Olean, Indiana (Populated place)
Page House (House)
Peak House (House)
Rowlett's Grocery (Commercial building)
Scott's Blockhouse (Historic marker)
Scottsburg Depot (Railroad depot)
Site of Western Eagle (Historic marker)
The Masterson House (Historic marker)
Tomtown, Kentucky (Placename)
Trimble County Jail (Correctional facility)
Trout House (House)
Turpin House (House)
Yeager General Store (Commercial building)