Omaha, Nebraska, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allas Apartments (Residential building)
Anheuser-Busch Beer Depot (Commercial building)
Anton Hospe Music Warehouse (Commercial building)
Aquila Court Building (Residential building)
Astro Theater (Theater)
Bemis Omaha Bag Company Building (Industrial building)
Bennett Building (Commercial building)
Biddick, Iowa (Placename)
Blacksmith Shop (Building)
Broomfield Rowhouse (Residential building)
Burlington Headquarters Building (Commercial building)
Burlington Station (Railroad depot)
Center School (School)
Chautauqua Park (Meeting hall)
Christian Specht Building (Industrial building)
Eggerss--O'Flyng Building (Commercial building)
Farnam Building (Commercial building)
Frankfort, Iowa (Placename)
G.C. Moses Block (Residential building)
Gallagher Building (Residential building)
Georgia Row House (Residential building)
Hanscom Apartments (Residential building)
Hentons, Iowa (Placename)
Hill Hotel (Hotel)
Indiantown, Iowa (Placename)
Iola, Iowa (Placename)
Jewell Building (Residential building)
Keeline Building (Commercial building)
Kemling, Iowa (Placename)
Kenefick Park (Railroad vehicle)
Kennedy Building (Building)
Livestock Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Logan, The (Bank)
M.F. Shafer and Co. Building (Commercial building)
Mason School (School)
Melrose, The (Residential building)
Mineola, Iowa (Populated place)
Montgomery County Jail (Correctional facility)
Nash Block (Industrial building)
Newtown, Iowa (Placename)
Normandie Apartments (Residential building)
Park School (School)
Pioneer Implement Company (Commercial building)
Poppleton Block (Commercial building)
Pottawattamie County Jail (Correctional facility)
Prague Hotel (Hotel)
Redick Tower (Commercial building)
Rose Realty-Securities Building (Commercial building)
Selby Apartments (Residential building)
Simon Brothers Company (Commercial building)
Steiner Rowhouse No. 1 (Residential building)
Steiner Rowhouse No. 2 (Residential building)
Swoboda Bakery (Residential building)
The Berkeley Apartments (Residential building)
The Omaha Star (Residential building)
The Sherman (Residential building)
Twin Towers (Building)
Union Passenger Terminal (Railroad depot)
Vinton School (School)
Weber Mill (Mill)