Richmond, Virginia, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Agecroft (House)
Almshouse, The (Building)
Ashland Theater (Theater)
Atlantic Motor Company (127-6163) (Commercial building)
Aylett, Virginia (Populated place)
Baker School (School)
Balty, Virginia (Populated place)
Barret House (House)
Beale, Virginia (Placename)
Beaumont (House)
Beaverdam Depot (Railroad depot)
Beaverdam, Virginia (Populated place)
Belgian Building (Building)
Bell Tower (Building)
Belle Isle (Military facility)
Bellona Arsenal (District)
Belmead (House)
Belnemus (House)
Ben Dover (House)
Beth Elon (House)
Bewdley (House)
Bloomington (House)
Blues Armory (Armory)
Bolling Hall (Meeting hall)
Branch Building (Commercial building)
Branch House (House)
Brightly (Cemetery)
Broad Street Station (Railroad depot)
Byrd Theatre (Theater)
Cant, Virginia (Placename)
Cary Street Park and Shop Center (Commercial building)
Chericoke (House)
Cherrydale, Virginia (Populated place)
Chickahominy, Virginia (Populated place)
City Hall (City hall)
Clover Lea (House)
Cold Harbor National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Columbia (House)
Criss Cross (House)
Crozet House (House)
Crump's Mill and Millpond (Industrial building)
Cuckoo (Cemetery)
Dabbs House (House)
Dewberry (House)
Dispatch, Virginia (Placename)
Donnan-Asher Iron-Front Building (Commercial building)
Elmington (House)
Elsing Green (House)
Farmington (House)
Farrington, Virginia (Populated place)
Fork Church (Church)
Gays, Virginia (Placename)
Gayton, Virginia (Placename)
Glen Allen, Virginia (Populated place)
Grace Hospital (Building)
Green Falls (House)
Hampstead (House)
Hampstead, Virginia (Populated place)
Hanover, Virginia (Populated place)
Henrico Theatre (Theater)
Hickory Hill (House)
Holly Hill (House)
Holly Lawn (House)
Horn Quarter (House)
Jackson Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
James Monroe Tomb (Burial site)
Jerman House (House)
Keswick (House)
Laurel Meadow (School)
Linden Row (House)
Locust Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Loews Theatre (Theater)
Maidens, Virginia (Populated place)
Main Street Station (Railroad depot)
Mankin Mansion (Mansion)
Marl Hill (House)
Mason's Hall (Meeting hall)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Maymont (House)
Milburne (House)
Monroe Ward (District)
Montpelier, Virginia (Populated place)
Moore's Auto Body and Paint Shop (Commercial building)
Morson's Row (House)
Mount Gideon (House)
New Pump-House (Building)
Northbank (Cemetery)
Norwood (House)
Oak Forest (House)
Oakland (House)
Oakley Hill (House)
Pamunkey, Virginia (Placename)
Pine Slash (House)
Plain View, Virginia (Populated place)
Powell's Tavern (Building)
Provost (House)
Quinton, Virginia (Populated place)
Redesdale (House)
Reveille (House)
Rice House (House)
Richmond National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Rock Castle (Castle)
Rockville, Virginia (Populated place)
Rural Plains (House)
Sandy Hook, Virginia (Populated place)
Scotchtown (House)
Selwyn (House)
Seven Pines National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Seven Springs (Spring)
Slash Church (Church)
Snelson, Virginia (Placename)
Southern Stove Works (Industrial building)
Spring Green (House)
Springdale (House)
Springfield (House)
St. Alban's Hall (Meeting hall)
St. Luke Building (Commercial building)
Stearns Iron-Front Building (Commercial building)
Sycamore Tavern (Building)
The Grove (House)
The Virginia (House)
Totomoi (House)
Tuckahoe (House)
Tuckahoe Apartments (Residential building)
Tuckahoe, Virginia (Populated place)
Virginia State Capitol (Capitol building)
Walkerton (Building)
Westbourne (House)
Westwood, Virginia (Populated place)
Whites, Virginia (Placename)
Wicker Apartments (Residential building)
Wilton (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Woodlawn, Virginia (Populated place)
Woodside (House)
Wyoming (House)