Saint Louis, Missouri, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

A & P Food Stores Building (Commercial building)
A. D. Brown Building (Commercial building)
AAA Building (Building)
Adolphus Busch Grave (Burial site)
Advertising Building (Industrial building)
Affton, Missouri (Populated place)
Allenton, Missouri (Populated place)
Altheim, Missouri (Populated place)
American Brake Company Building (Industrial building)
Annex Theater (Theater)
Annex Theater (Theater)
Anton Schmitt House (Residential building)
Arbor Terrace, Missouri (Populated place)
Arcade Building (Commercial building)
Armando Pacini Restaurant (Commercial building)
Ascalon, Missouri (Populated place)
Aubert Place (House)
B'Nai Amoona Synogogue (Place of worship)
B'nai El Temple (Place of worship)
Barretts, Missouri (Populated place)
Barton House (House)
Bauer's Ranch House (Commercial building)
Beaumont Medical Building (Commercial building)
Beckett, Missouri (Placename)
Bel Air Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Bell Telephone Building (Commercial building)
Bellecourt Apartments (Residential building)
Bellefontaine, Missouri (Populated place)
Ben J. and Sons Selkirk Building (Commercial building)
Benbush, Missouri (Populated place)
Berdell Hills, Missouri (Populated place)
Bethel Church (Church)
Beverly Theater (Theater)
Beverly Theater (Theater)
Big Chief Restaurant (Commercial building)
Black Walnut, Missouri (Populated place)
Blue Grass #1 (Spring)
Boles, Missouri (Populated place)
Bonfils, Missouri (Populated place)
Book House (House)
Bouas House (House)
Bremen Theater (Theater)
Brentwood, Missouri (Populated place)
Bridge Theater (Theater)
Bridgeton Terrace, Missouri (Populated place)
Buckingham's Restaurant (Commercial building)
Building at 1121-23 Locust St. (Commercial building)
Building at 3910-12 Laclede Ave. (Residential building)
Butler House (House)
C&A Godfrey Depot (Railroad depot)
C. Hager and Sons Hinge Co. (Industrial building)
Cahokia Mounds (Burial site)
Carr School (School)
Casa Alvarez (House)
Castlewood, Missouri (Populated place)
Cedar Bluff, Missouri (Populated place)
Centaur, Missouri (Populated place)
Centennial Malt House (Industrial building)
Century Electric Foundry Complex (Industrial building)
Chouteau Building (Commercial building)
Circle Theater (Theater)
City Club Building (Commercial building)
Coca-Cola Syrup Plant (Industrial building)
Colchester Apartments (Residential building)
Compton Theater (Theater)
Concord, Missouri (Populated place)
Cori House (House)
Cotton Belt Freight Depot (Railroad depot)
Council Plaza (Residential building)
Crescent, Missouri (Populated place)
Cross Keys, Missouri (Populated place)
Dakota Theater (Theater)
Defiance, Missouri (Populated place)
Delany Building (Commercial building)
Delmar Station (Railroad depot)
DePaul Hospital (Building)
Dickmann Building (Commercial building)
Dolman Row (Residential building)
Donaldson Court Apartments (Residential building)
Dorris Motor Car Company (Industrial building)
Duplex Motel (Hotel)
Dutzow, Missouri (Populated place)
Earth City, Missouri (Populated place)
Eat Rite Diner (Commercial building)
Eck Auto Service (Service station)
Edwin F. Guth Company Complex (Industrial building)
Elias Haas Building (Industrial building)
Eliot School (School)
Emerson Electric Company Building (Industrial building)
Engine House No. 32 (Fire station)
Fairy Theater (Theater)
Fashion Square Building (Commercial building)
Fern Glen, Missouri (Populated place)
Fernridge, Missouri (Populated place)
Ford Apartments (Residential building)
Fox Creek, Missouri (Populated place)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Frisco Building (Railroad facility)
Fulton Bag Company Building (Industrial building)
Gateway Station (Railroad depot)
Gerhart Block (Residential building)
Glasgow Village, Missouri (Populated place)
Glencoe, Missouri (Populated place)
GM&O Venice Yard Tower (Railroad facility)
Good Shepherd Convent (Miscellaneous)
Gorlock Building (Commercial building)
Grant School (School)
Green Parrott Inn (Commercial building)
Grover, Missouri (Populated place)
Gumbo, Missouri (Populated place)
Haas Building (Industrial building)
Hadley-Dean Glass Company (Commercial building)
Halsey--Packard Building (Commercial building)
Hampton Park (House)
Hanson House (House)
Hawken House (House)
Highview, Missouri (Placename)
Hine, Missouri (Populated place)
Hodgen School (School)
Holiday Inn (Hotel)
Hollow, Missouri (Populated place)
Howell, Missouri (Placename)
IBEW Building (Building)
Ivory Theater (Theater)
Ivory, Missouri (Populated place)
Ivy Motel (Hotel)
J. F. Schroer House--Store (Commercial building)
Jarville (House)
Jedburgh, Missouri (Populated place)
Jewel Box (Building)
John Weisert Tobacco Company (Industrial building)
Kern Service Station (Service station)
Keyes Summit, Missouri (Populated place)
Kiel Opera House (Building)
Kirkwood Cinema (Theater)
Kramer House (House)
Kreienkamp Store (Meeting hall)
Kuehn House (House)
Labadie, Missouri (Populated place)
Lake Junction, Missouri (Populated place)
Lake, Missouri (Populated place)
Lambert Building (Industrial building)
Lambskin Temple (Meeting hall)
Lance House (House)
Larimore, Missouri (Populated place)
LaSalle Building (Commercial building)
Lemay, Missouri (Populated place)
Lennox Hotel (Hotel)
Leonardo (Residential building)
Lesan--Gould Building (Commercial building)
Lincoln Beach, Missouri (Populated place)
Lincoln Trust Building (Commercial building)
Lister Building (Commercial building)
Loehr, Missouri (Populated place)
Louderman Building (Commercial building)
Louise Apartments (Residential building)
Lowell School (School)
Luna Cafe (Commercial building)
Lyceum, The (Commercial building)
Lyon School (School)
Machens, Missouri (Populated place)
Martin Shaughnessy Building (Industrial building)
Mary Ridge, Missouri (Populated place)
Meacham Park, Missouri (Populated place)
Measuregraph Company Building (Industrial building)
Mehlville, Missouri (Populated place)
Meier General Store (Commercial building)
Melrose Apartments (Residential building)
Melrose, Missouri (Populated place)
Melvin Theater (Theater)
Meyer House (House)
Mindrup House--Store (Commercial building)
Minke, Missouri (Populated place)
Missouri Pacifc Building (Commercial building)
Missouri Pacific 124 (Railroad vehicle)
MKT St. Charles Depot (Railroad depot)
Moller House (House)
Moloney Electric Company Building (Industrial building)
Monarch, Missouri (Populated place)
Monks Mound (Archaeological site)
More Automobile Company Building (Commercial building)
Morschels, Missouri (Populated place)
Mounds Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Mountain Ridge, Missouri (Populated place)
MP Barretts Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Kirkwood Depot (Railroad depot)
MP Tuxedo Park Station (Railroad depot)
MP Webster Groves Depot (Railroad depot)
Mudd's Grove (House)
Musicks Ferry, Missouri (Populated place)
Negro Masonic Hall (Meeting hall)
Neighborhood Gardens Apartments (Residential building)
Night Spot Cafe (Commercial building)
NKP Tower (Railroad facility)
Nooter Corporation Building (Commercial building)
Novelty Theater (Theater)
Oakview Place Apartments (Residential building)
Oetters, Missouri (Populated place)
Old City Hall (City hall)
Olympia, The (Residential building)
Orpheum Theater (Theater)
Orrville, Missouri (Populated place)
Osage Hills, Missouri (Populated place)
Owen, Missouri (Placename)
Ozark Trail Garage (Commercial building)
Ozark View, Missouri (Populated place)
Pattonville, Missouri (Populated place)
Paul Brown Building (Commercial building)
Peerless Park, Missouri (Populated place)
Pendennis Club Apartment Building (Residential building)
Pet Plaza (Commercial building)
Peters House (House)
Peters Shoe Company Building (Commercial building)
Petersville, Missouri (Populated place)
Pettys Hill, Missouri (Populated place)
Pevely Dairy Company Buildings (Commercial building)
Phillips 66 station (Service station)
Phillips 66 station (Service station)
Phipps--Wallace Store Building (Commercial building)
Plaza Theater (Theater)
Pond Hotel (Hotel)
Pond Inn (Commercial building)
Pond, Missouri (Populated place)
Post House (House)
Price School (School)
Prospect Hill, Missouri (Populated place)
Pruitt School (School)
Ranken, Missouri (Populated place)
Reeb House (House)
Roberts Chevrolet (Commercial building)
Robertson, Missouri (Populated place)
Rockwood Court Apartments (Residential building)
Rott School (School)
Royal Tire Service Inc. Building (Commercial building)
Ruebel Hotel (Hotel)
Saint Albans, Missouri (Populated place)
Saint Ann, Missouri (Populated place)
Saint Louis, Missouri (Populated place)
Sanitol Building (Industrial building)
Sappington, Missouri (Populated place)
Saratoga Lanes Building (Commercial building)
Schollmeyer Building (Residential building)
Scott Joplin House (Residential building)
Seven Gables Building (Residential building)
Seven-Up Company Headquarters (Commercial building)
Shanley Building (Commercial building)
Shaw, Missouri (Populated place)
Shelley House (Residential building)
Sherman, Missouri (Populated place)
Shoveltown, Missouri (Populated place)
Silk Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Smith House (House)
Spanish Lake, Missouri (Populated place)
Speck District (District)
Speedy's Service (Service station)
Spencer's Grill (Commercial building)
Spivey Building (Commercial building)
Spool Cotton Co. Building (Commercial building)
St. Albans General Store (Commercial building)
St. Albans, Missouri (Populated place)
St. Louis Air Force Station (Military facility)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Building (Commercial building)
St. Louis Union Station (Railroad depot)
St. Luke's Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Standard Adding Machine Building (Industrial building)
Staudinger--Grumke House--Store (Commercial building)
Stone Houses (House)
Stone Row (Commercial building)
Stork Inn (House)
Stroer House (House)
Sun Theater (Theater)
Taylor--Olive Building (Commercial building)
Tebeau House (House)
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (Commercial building)
Texaco Station (Service station)
Thornhill (House)
Tivoli Theater (Theater)
Tower Grove Park (Work of art)
Trainwreck saloon (Commercial building)
Trog's Service Station (Service station)
Tyson, Missouri (Populated place)
Union Depot Railroad Co. Building (Commercial building)
Union Market (Commercial building)
Union Pacific BigBoy #4006 (Railroad vehicle)
United Shoe Machinery Building (Commercial building)
USS Inaugural (Shipwreck)
Varsity Theater (Theater)
Vigus, Missouri (Populated place)
Village General Store (Commercial building)
Wabash Ferguson Depot (Railroad depot)
Wabash O'Fallon Depot (Railroad depot)
Wabash Robertson Depot (Railroad depot)
Wabash St. Peters Depot (Railroad depot)
Wabash Wentzville Depot (Railroad depot)
Wainwright Building (Commercial building)
Wainwright Tomb (Burial site)
Wellston J.C. Penney Building (Commercial building)
Wellston Station (Railroad depot)
West Barretts Tunnel (Railroad facility)
Westland Acres (District)
Willys--Overland Building (Commercial building)
Windsor Springs, Missouri (Populated place)
Winston Churchill Apartments (Residential building)
Woodhine Heights, Missouri (Populated place)
Woodstock, Missouri (Populated place)
Yale Theater (Theater)
Yeatman, Missouri (Populated place)
Zeiss Houses (House)