San Francisco, California, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alameda City Hall (City hall)
Alameda Theatre (Theater)
Alamo, California (Populated place)
Albany Cinema (Theater)
Alcatraz (Military facility)
Altenheim (Building)
American Bag Co.--Union Hide Co. (Commercial building)
APOLLO (Storeship) (Archaeological site)
Apollo Theater (Theater)
Audiffred Building (Commercial building)
Avenue Theater (Theater)
Baker and Hamilton (Commercial building)
Bal Theater (Theater)
Balboa Theater (Theater)
Bay Theater (Theater)
Beach Chalet (Building)
Belmont Theatre (Theater)
Berkeley Women's City Club (Residential building)
Bowles Hall (Meeting hall)
Boyd House (House)
Brava Theater (Theater)
Bridge Theater (Theater)
Building at 33-35 Beideman Place (Residential building)
Building at 735 Market Street (Commercial building)
Burr Mansion (House)
C.A. THAYER (Vessel)
Camera Obscura (Building)
Campus Theater (Theater)
Canyon, California (Populated place)
Capri Theater (Theater)
Casa Peralta (House)
Castro Theater (Theater)
Centre Theater (Theater)
Century Theater (Theater)
Chabot Cinema (Theater)
Chambord Apartments (Residential building)
City Hall (City hall)
City of Paris Building (Commercial building)
Clay Building (Industrial building)
Clay Theater (Theater)
Coffin-Redington Building (Industrial building)
Coit Memorial Tower (Work of art)
College Women's Club (Residential building)
Colombo Building (Commercial building)
Columbus Tower (Building)
Corder Building (Residential building)
Cowell Memorial Hospital (Residential building)
Crest Theater (Theater)
Crest Theater (Theater)
Croll Building (Commercial building)
Curran Theater (Theater)
Daniel Gibb & Co. Warehouse (Commercial building)
Delano House (House)
Dufwin Theater (Theater)
Dunns Block (Building)
Durant Hall (School)
Earthquake Refugee Shack (Residential building)
El Granada, California (Populated place)
El Rey Theater (Theater)
Elmwood Theatre (Theater)
Engine Company No. 2 (Fire station)
Engine Company No.22 (Fire station)
Engine Company No.31 (Fire station)
EUREKA (Vessel)
Faculty Club (Burial site)
Fairfax Theater (Theater)
Fairfax Theater (Theater)
Federal Realty Building (Commercial building)
Folger Coffee Company Building (Industrial building)
Fox Court (House)
Fuller Company Glass Warehouse (Industrial building)
Geary Theater (Theater)
Geary Theatre (Theater)
Geneva Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Giannini Hall (School)
Girls Club (Building)
Girton Hall (Meeting hall)
Glen Theater (Theater)
Glen Theater (Theater)
Golden Sheaf Bakery (Commercial building)
Granada Theater (Theater)
Granada Theater (Theater)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Hale Brothers Department Store (Commercial building)
Harding Theater (Theater)
Haslett Warehouse (Commercial building)
Haviland Hall (School)
Herald Hotel (Hotel)
Hilgard Hall (School)
Hotel Durant (Hotel)
House at 1239-1245 Scott Street (Residential building)
Hub Theater (Theater)
Kahn's Department Store (Commercial building)
Kohl Mansion (Mansion)
Lark Theater (Theater)
LeConte Hall (School)
Liberty Hall (Meeting hall)
Lightship WAL-605, RELIEF (Military facility)
Locke House (House)
Lorenzo Theater (Theater)
Lorin Theatre (Theater)
Loring House (House)
Lumiere Theater (Theater)
Madison Park Apartments (Residential building)
Manor Theater (Theater)
Marin Theater (Theater)
Marina Theater (Theater)
Masonic Temple (Commercial building)
Matson Building and Annex (Commercial building)
McCrea House (House)
Metro Theatre (Theater)
Mills Building and Tower (Commercial building)
Mills Hall (School)
Mish House (House)
Mission Dolores (Cemetery)
Montara, California (Populated place)
Montgomery Ward and Company (Commercial building)
Moraga Adobe (House)
Moss Flats Building (Residential building)
Myrtle Street Flats (Residential building)
New Hotel Carquinez (Meeting hall)
Oakland City Hall (City hall)
Oaks Theatre (Theater)
Old Clam House (Commercial building)
Old Ohio Street Houses (Residential building)
Old U.S. Mint (Building)
One Lombard Street (Commercial building)
Orinda Theater (Theater)
Orpheum Theater (Theater)
Otis Elevator Company Building (Industrial building)
Outdoor Art Club (Building)
Pacific Press Building (Commercial building)
Paige Motor Car Co. Building (Commercial building)
Palace Hotel (Hotel)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Pardee House (House)
Park Theater (Theater)
Park Theater (Theater)
Park Theater (Theater)
Parkway Theater (Theater)
Pier One (Commercial building)
Plaza Theater (Theater)
Presidio (Military cemetery)
Remar Bakery (Industrial building)
Rheem Theater (Theater)
Rialto Building (Commercial building)
Rialto Cinemas (Theater)
Richmond Shipyard Number Three (Military facility)
Rincon Annex (Post office)
Riviera Theater (Theater)
Rivoli Theatre (Theater)
Robert, California (Placename)
Roos House (House)
Roxie Theater (Theater)
San Francisco Cable Cars (Railroad vehicle)
San Lorenzo, California (Populated place)
Sather Tower (School)
Senior Hall (Meeting hall)
Sequoia Theater (Theater)
Sinton House (House)
Solano Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Southern Pacific Depot (Railroad depot)
Southern Pacific Depot (Railroad depot)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theater (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Sunset Theatre (Theater)
Tao House (House)
Temple Sherith Israel (Place of worship)
The Bellevue-Staten (Residential building)
The UC Theatre (Theater)
Tobin House (House)
Toverii Tuppa (Building)
Tower Theater (Theater)
Tupper and Reed Building (Commercial building)
U.S. Customhouse (Building)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Ferry Depot (Railroad depot)
US Mint (Industrial building)
Vogue Theater (Theater)
WAPAMA (Vessel)
Wellman Hall (School)
Wheeler Hall (School)
White Mansion (Mansion)
Winehaven (District)
X-100 (House)
YMCA Hotel (Hotel)