Wilmington, Delaware, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

1616 Building (Commercial building)
1900 Rittenhouse Square Apartments (Residential building)
A. J. Holman and Company (Industrial building)
Adelphi Theater (Theater)
Allgates (School)
Alliance, New Jersey (Populated place)
Alloway, New Jersey (Populated place)
Amalgamated Center (Meeting hall)
Amstel House (House)
Arcadia Theater (Theater)
Arch Street Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Archmere (House)
Baily Farm (Farm)
Baily House (House)
Bank, Maryland (Placename)
Bel Hill, Maryland (Placename)
Bell Telephone Company Building (Commercial building)
Bell Telephone Exchange Building (Industrial building)
Belmont Hall (Meeting hall)
Benn Theater (Theater)
Benson Theater (Theater)
Biddle House (House)
Blackwood, New Jersey (Populated place)
Bloomfield (House)
Boat House Row (Building)
Boekel Building (Industrial building)
Booth Farm (Farm)
Boyd Theater (Theater)
Boyd Theater (Theater)
Brandywine Park (Monument)
Braunstein's Building (Commercial building)
Breslyn Apartments (Residential building)
Broomall, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Buckwalter Building (Residential building)
Buena Vista (House)
Building at 525 Cooper Street (Commercial building)
Burk Brothers and Company (Industrial building)
Butler House (House)
Cambria Theater (Theater)
Camden Fire Insurance Association (Commercial building)
Camden Water Tower (Water tower)
Capital Theater (Theater)
Carneys Point, New Jersey (Populated place)
Carpenters' Hall (Meeting hall)
Carver Court (District)
Casino Theater (Theater)
Cedar Grove, New Jersey (Populated place)
Cedarcroft (House)
Cedarville, New Jersey (Populated place)
Centennial House (Residential building)
Chad House (House)
Charles Gray Printing Shop (Commercial building)
Charles Schagrin Building (Commercial building)
Chateau Crillon Apartment House (Residential building)
Chelsea (House)
Christ Church (Church)
City Park Brewery (Commercial building)
Class and Nachod Brewery (Industrial building)
Cliffs, The (House)
Cochranville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Collins Mansion (Mansion)
Como Farm (Farm)
Concord Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Cornucopia (House)
Correll's Farm and Lawn Supply (Railroad facility)
Crosby and Hill Building (Residential building)
Curtis Mansion (Mansion)
Darley House (House)
Delmarva Power and Light Building (Commercial building)
Drake Hotel (Hotel)
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Drovers Inn (Commercial building)
Eastern State Penitentiary (Correctional facility)
Edgemont, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Elk Landing (House)
Elkdale, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Elkton Armory (Armory)
Estey Hall (Meeting hall)
Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Fairmount Water Works (Power plant)
Fairview (House)
Fairview (House)
Finance Building (Commercial building)
Forge Hill (House)
Fort Christina (Battle site)
Fort Mifflin Hospital (Military facility)
Frank C. Scherer Wagon Works (Industrial building)
Franklin Square (Structure)
Free Quaker Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Frolic Theater (Theater)
G.G. Green's Block (Meeting hall)
Garden Theater (Theater)
General Electric Switchgear Plant (Industrial building)
Gibraltar (Work of art)
Gilbert Building (Industrial building)
Girard Group (Commercial building)
Glebe House (Building)
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Globe Ticket Company Building (Commercial building)
Glynrich (Building)
Govatos'/McVey Building (Industrial building)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Grange, The (House)
Granite Mansion (Mansion)
Granogue, Delaware (Populated place)
Green Mansion (Mansion)
Greenfield Hall (Meeting hall)
Hancocks Bridge, New Jersey (Populated place)
Handwrought (House)
Harlan House (Monument)
Harrington Machine Shop (Industrial building)
Harris Building (Industrial building)
Hazel Glen (House)
Henry Townsend Building (Residential building)
Hickman Row (House)
High Bridge (Bridge)
Hockessin, Delaware (Populated place)
Hockley Row (House)
Holly Hall (Meeting hall)
Holy Trinity (Building)
Hopewell (House)
Idalia Manor (Mansion)
James M. Downey Building (Commercial building)
Jayne Estate Building (Commercial building)
Jennersville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
John Evans House (Commercial building)
John Wanamaker Store (Commercial building)
Karlton Theater (Theater)
Karlton Theater (Theater)
Kemblesville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Killgore Hall (Meeting hall)
Kirkwood, Delaware (Populated place)
La Blanche Apartments (Residential building)
La Grange (House)
Ladd's Castle (Castle)
Larkin--Belber Building (Industrial building)
Laurel (House)
Lazaretto, The (Building)
Leader Theater (Theater)
Lehigh Theater (Theater)
Lenape Bridge (Bridge)
Linden Hill (House)
Lits Department Store (Commercial building)
Locust Theater (Theater)
Logan House (Commercial building)
Logan Square (Structure)
Lombardy Hall (Meeting hall)
Lorraine Apartments (Residential building)
Louviers (House)
Lukens Main Office Building (Commercial building)
Lunn's Tavern (Commercial building)
Marcouse Building (Commercial building)
Marine Barracks (Military facility)
Marine Corps Supply Activity (Military facility)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Max Keil Building (Commercial building)
Max Keil Building (Commercial building)
McCoy House (House)
Media Armory (Armory)
Media Theater (Theater)
Melrose (House)
Memorial Hall (School)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Mermaid Tavern (Commercial building)
Meteer Store House (Commercial building)
Monte Vista (Residential building)
Mortonville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Mount Cuba (House)
Mulford Building (Industrial building)
Mullica Hill, New Jersey (Populated place)
Musical Fund Hall (Meeting hall)
Neill-Mauran House (Residential building)
New Century Guild (Meeting hall)
New London, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Market (Fire station)
Newark Opera House (Commercial building)
Newark Passenger Station (Railroad depot)
Newark, Maryland (Populated place)
Newport Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Newton Friends' Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Nitre Hall (Meeting hall)
Oakdale (House)
Ogden House (House)
Old Customshouse (Building)
Old Kennett Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Old Main (School)
Old Post Ofice (Building)
Old Rose Tree Tavern (Commercial building)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home (Commercial building)
Orthodox Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Ott's Chapel (Church)
Oxford Hotel (Hotel)
Pedricktown, New Jersey (Populated place)
Pennsville, New Jersey (Populated place)
Philadelphia Contributionship (Commercial building)
Philip Dougherty Tavern (Commercial building)
Philips-Thompson Buildings (Commercial building)
Physicians and Dentists Building (Commercial building)
Pinehurst Apartments (Residential building)
Pitcairn Building (Commercial building)
Pitman Grove (House)
Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Point Farm (Farm)
Pomona Hall (Meeting hall)
Pont Reading (House)
Poplar Hall (Meeting hall)
Port Penn, Delaware (Populated place)
Portico Row (House)
Primitive Hall (Meeting hall)
Princeton Club (Building)
Quinton, New Jersey (Populated place)
Regent-Rennoc Court (Residential building)
Reynold's Candy Company Building (Industrial building)
Rhodes Pharmacy (Commercial building)
Ridge Avenue Farmers' Market (Commercial building)
Rittenhouse Square (Structure)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Ritz Theatre (Theater)
Rockford Park (Monument)
Rockwood (House)
Rodeph Shalom Synagogue (Place of worship)
Rodney Court (Residential building)
Royal Theater (Theater)
Saint Georges, Delaware (Populated place)
Sansom Row (House)
Schlichter Jute Cordage Company (Industrial building)
Sellers Hall (Meeting hall)
Sewell, New Jersey (Populated place)
Sharples Separator Works (Industrial building)
Smaltz Building (Industrial building)
Speakman No. 1 (Structure)
Square Tavern (Building)
St. Anthony Hall House (Residential building)
Starl House (House)
Starr House (House)
State Theater (Theater)
Stonehaven (House)
Stonum (House)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Suburban Station Building (Railroad depot)
Sun Oil Building (Commercial building)
Sutton House (House)
Swanwyck (House)
Taylor House (House)
Terminal Commerce Building (Industrial building)
Terracina (House)
The Elverson Building (Commercial building)
The Rock, Maryland (Placename)
The Touraine (Residential building)
The Warwick (Hotel)
Thornton, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Tower Theater (Theater)
Tuxedo Theater (Theater)
U.S. Naval Home (Military facility)
U.S.S. OLYMPIA (Military facility)
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
USS New Jersey (BB-62) (Military facility)
Volney G. Bennett Lumber Company (Commercial building)
Walnut Lane (House)
Warburton House (Commercial building)
Warner Theater (Theater)
Waverly Garage (Structure)
Waverly Theater (Theater)
Wawa, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
WCAU Studios (Commercial building)
Wesley Building (Building)
Westlawn (House)
Westmont, New Jersey (Populated place)
Westtown, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
WFIL Studio (Building)
White Hall (Meeting hall)
White Horse Tavern (Commercial building)
Whitney Mansion (Mansion)
William Everhart Buildings (Commercial building)
Wills Hospital (Building)
Wilmington Amtrak Station (Railroad depot)
Wilmington YMCA (Meeting hall)
Wilson Building (Commercial building)
Windsor (House)
Witherspoon Building (Commercial building)
Woodford (House)
Woodland Terrace (Residential building)
Woodruff, A. S. and Law Buildings (Commercial building)
Woodside (House)
Woodstock (House)
Woodville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wright House (House)
Wynne Theater (Theater)
Wynnestay (House)
Yorklyn, Delaware (Populated place)