York, Pennsylvania, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Airville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Allibone, Maryland (Placename)
Bethel, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Bon Air (House)
Boring, Maryland (Populated place)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Colora Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Conestoga, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Consumers Cigar Box Company (Industrial building)
Cookes House (House)
Craley, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cumberland Valley Car (Railroad vehicle)
Dallas Theater (Theater)
Dibb House (House)
Dritt Mansion (Mansion)
Electric Locomotive No. 4859 (Railroad vehicle)
Fallston, Maryland (Populated place)
Farmers Market (Commercial building)
Fernglen, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Flat Car No. 473567 (Railroad vehicle)
Forest Hill, Maryland (Populated place)
Forry House (House)
Freight Locomotive No. 5741 (Railroad vehicle)
Gap, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glatfelters, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glen Theater (Theater)
Glencoe (Building)
Gray Gables (House)
Half-Way House (Commercial building)
Hanover Theater (Theater)
Hays House (House)
Heighe House (House)
Hereford, Maryland (Populated place)
Highland, Maryland (Placename)
Hill House (House)
Jarrettsville, Maryland (Populated place)
Keener, Maryland (Placename)
Kinzers, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lehman, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Liberty Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Liriodendron (House)
Little Falls Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Locomotive No. 6755 (Railroad vehicle)
Lyndon Diner (Diner)
Monkton, Maryland (Populated place)
Mount Adams (Military cemetery)
My Lady's Manor (Mansion)
New Park, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Texas, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Theater (Theater)
Nook, The (House)
North Hills, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Nottingham, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Octararo, Maryland (Placename)
Parkton, Maryland (Populated place)
Passenger Coach No. 3556 (Railroad vehicle)
Passenger Day Coach No. 8177 (Railroad vehicle)
Passenger Locomotive No. 460 (Railroad vehicle)
Pequea, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Port Deposit (House)
Pylesville, Maryland (Populated place)
Ramsay Theater (Theater)
Rigbie House (House)
Rockdale (House)
Rodgers Tavern (Building)
S. B. Brodbeck Housing (Residential building)
Shamburg, Maryland (Placename)
Sion Hill (House)
Slab, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Stafford, Maryland (Placename)
Steel Hopper Car No. 33164 (Railroad vehicle)
Stone Hall (Meeting hall)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strasburg Rail Road (Railroad line)
Swansbury (House)
Switcher No. 1670 (Railroad facility)
Switcher No. 94 (Railroad facility)
Thomasville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Tudor Hall (Meeting hall)
West Nottingham Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
White Chimneys (Building)
Wildfell (House)
Willis House (House)
Willow Street, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Winsted (House)
Wooden Baggage Express No. 6 (Railroad facility)
Wooden Hopper Gondola No. 1818 (Railroad facility)
Woodlands (House)
Woodview (House)
York Armory (Armory)
York Central Market (Commercial building)
York Dispatch Newspaper Offices (Commercial building)
York Iron Company Mine (Natural feature)
York Meetinghouse (Place of worship)