Albany, New York, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abrams Building (Commercial building)
Acre (The) (House)
Adams Farm (Farm)
Adams, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Aiken House (Building)
Al's Diner (Diner)
Albany City Hall (City hall)
Albany Union Station (Railroad depot)
Alcove, New York (Populated place)
Alden--Delahanty Block (Commercial building)
Aldworth Manor (Mansion)
Algiers, Vermont (Placename)
Allen Hotel (Hotel)
Ames Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Amory House (Building)
Apple Tavern (Building)
Armory Block (Armory)
Arnold Print Works (Power plant)
Ashland Mill Tenement (Residential building)
Ashuelot, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Athol, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Austerlitz, New York (Populated place)
Babb's Beach (Building)
Baird House (House)
Ballston Lake, New York (Populated place)
Bangs Block (Commercial building)
Baystate Corset Block (Industrial building)
Becket, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Beckley Furnace (Furnace)
Beech Hill (House)
Beechwood (House)
Belchertown, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Benedict, Francis Jr., House (Residential building)
Bennington, Vermont (Populated place)
Berkshire Mill No. 1 (Industrial building)
Bernardston, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Beverwyck Manor (Mansion)
Blandford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Blink Bonnie (House)
Boardman, The (Residential building)
Bouwerie (House)
Boyden School (School)
Bradstreet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Brainard, New York (Populated place)
Brookfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Brooks House (Commercial building)
Brookview, New York (Populated place)
Bryan's Store (Commercial building)
Building at 25--27 River Street (Residential building)
Building at 29--31 River Street (Residential building)
Building at 52 Main Street (Residential building)
Burbach Block (Commercial building)
Burden Ironworks Office Building (Commercial building)
Burnt Hills, New York (Populated place)
Caledonia Building (Commercial building)
Canaan Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Cannon Building (Commercial building)
Carlton House Block (Industrial building)
Carreau Block (Residential building)
Cementon, New York (Populated place)
Center Cemetery (Cemetery)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Chapel House (Church)
Chapin Block (House)
Chapin School (School)
Chatham Street Row (Industrial building)
Cherry Hill (House)
Chesterwood (House)
Christ Church (Church)
Citizens Hall (School)
City Hall (City hall)
Clermont (House)
Climax, New York (Populated place)
Clovis Robert Block (Residential building)
Clymer House (House)
Colonial Block (Meeting hall)
Colony House (Hotel)
Colony's Block (Commercial building)
Colrain, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Columbiaville, New York (Populated place)
Coolidge, Calvin, House (Residential building)
Coons House (House)
Copake Falls, New York (Populated place)
Copake Grange Hall (Meeting hall)
Corey Farm (Farm)
Crane and Company (Industrial building)
Craryville, New York (Populated place)
Crow Hill (House)
Crows Nest (House)
Cutler and Porter Block (Industrial building)
Dan's Diner (Diner)
Davis-Ferris Organ (Miscellaneous)
Dover Town Hall (City hall)
Driscoll's Block (Commercial building)
Drury, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Dublin Town Hall (City hall)
Dublin, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Eagle Bridge, New York (Populated place)
Earlton, New York (Populated place)
East Canaan, Connecticut (Populated place)
East Greenbush, New York (Populated place)
Elliot Mansion (Mansion)
Elm Court (House)
Elmwood, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Esek Bussey Firehouse (Fire station)
Ethel Apartment House (Residential building)
Famous Prize Fight Marker (Historic marker)
Far Horizons (Building)
Fasnacloich (House)
Fisk Barn (Barn)
Fiskdale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Foley, Connecticut (Placename)
Fonda House (House)
Fort Crailo (House)
Fort Hunter, New York (Populated place)
Foster Building (Commercial building)
Friedrich Block (Residential building)
Frost Farm (Farm)
Frost Farm (Farm)
Fuller Block (Commercial building)
Fuller's Tavern (Building)
Gay Farm (Farm)
Ghent, New York (Populated place)
Gilchrest (House)
Glenchrest (House)
Glendale Power House (Power plant)
Glenwood (House)
Goodwood (House)
Gorham House (House)
Granby, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Granville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Grooms Tavern Complex (Commercial building)
Guenther & Handel's Block (Commercial building)
Guilford Center Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Gunn and Hubbard Blocks (Commercial building)
H. M. Van Deusen Whip Company (Industrial building)
H. S. Barney Building (Commercial building)
Hadley, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hall's Tavern (Meeting hall)
Hampden, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hancock Town Hall (City hall)
Harmony Mill No. 3 (Industrial building)
Harrisville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hatfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hathaway Tenement (Residential building)
Hedge Lawn (House)
Hiberian Block (Building)
Hickory Hill (House)
High Falls, New York (Populated place)
Hinsdale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hinsdale, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hodgson, William, Two-Family House (Residential building)
Holden--Leonard Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Holyoke Canal System (Power plant)
Holyoke City Hall (City hall)
Hook and Ladder No. 4 (Fire station)
Hoosac Tunnel (Tunnel)
Housatonic, Massachusetts (Populated place)
House at 70--72 Main Street (Residential building)
House at 91 Coombs Street (Residential building)
Houses at 37-47 North Fifth St. (Residential building)
Hughson Mansion (Mansion)
Hyde House (School)
Hyde School (School)
Ilium Building (Commercial building)
Izzy's Diner & Pizza (Commercial building)
J.C. Osgood Firehouse (Fire station)
Jaffrey, New Hampshire (Populated place)
James Hall Office (Commercial building)
Johnson Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Jones Block (Meeting hall)
Kate Mullany House (Residential building)
Kenmore (School)
Kennedy-Worthington Blocks (Industrial building)
Kenwyn Apartments (Residential building)
Knollcroft (House)
Knollwood (Building)
Lace House (House)
Latham, New York (Populated place)
Laurel Hall (Meeting hall)
Lenox Academy (School)
Lenox Library (Meeting hall)
Lenox Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Lenox, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Leverett, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Lil's Diner (Building)
Loerzel Beer Hall (Meeting hall)
Lynch Hotel (Hotel)
Malden Bridge, New York (Populated place)
Manse, The (House)
Markham House (Building)
Marlboro, Vermont (Populated place)
Mashapaug, Connecticut (Populated place)
Mason House (Building)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Mausert Block (Building)
McCarthy Building (Commercial building)
McIntosh Building (Industrial building)
McKenna Cottage (Building)
McKinney Building (Meeting hall)
Mead Camp (Camp)
Mellenville, New York (Populated place)
Memorial Town Hall (City hall)
Menands Manor (Mansion)
Mills--Hale--Owen Blocks (Residential building)
Milton-Bradley Company (Industrial building)
Mohawk Trail (Trail)
Monson, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Morgan Block (Commercial building)
Mount Tom, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Mountain Rest (Building)
Music Hall (Meeting hall)
Naulakha (House)
Naumkeag (House)
New Lebanon, New York (Populated place)
New York State Capitol (Capitol building)
Newfane Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Newton Hook, New York (Populated place)
Norad Mill (Mill)
North Bennington Depot (Railroad depot)
North Cemetery (Cemetery)
North Orange, Massachusetts (Populated place)
North Pownal, Vermont (Populated place)
Northampton Gas Works (Industrial building)
Nut Grove (House)
Oak Hill (House)
Oak Hill, New York (Populated place)
Oakcliff (House)
Oakdale, New York (Populated place)
Oakwood Cemetery (Cemetery)
Odd Fellows' Hall (Meeting hall)
Olana (House)
Old Chatham, New York (Populated place)
Old Parsonage (Building)
Old Patch Place (Building)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Old Town Hall (City hall)
Olmsted-Hixon-Albion Block (Industrial building)
Orange, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Otis Company Mill No. 1 (Industrial building)
P. J. Barrett Block (Commercial building)
Palace Theatre (Theater)
Palmer Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Park Hill Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Park Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Patroon Agent's House and Office (Commercial building)
Patton and Loomis Block (Commercial building)
Patton Building (Commercial building)
Peck House (House)
Phelps, Arah, Inn (Commercial building)
Poestenkill, New York (Populated place)
Point Comfort (Building)
Polish National Home (Meeting hall)
Powers Home (House)
Providence Court (Building)
Pumpelly Studio (Commercial building)
Putney, Vermont (Populated place)
Quaker Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Radding Building (Meeting hall)
Republican Block (Commercial building)
Requa House (House)
Richmond Town Hall (City hall)
Rindge, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Ringville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Ritchie Block (Commercial building)
Rock Ridge (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Route 66 Diner (Commercial building)
Rowe, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Salisbury Manor (Mansion)
Sand Lake, New York (Populated place)
Sandisfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Santarella (Estate)
Sawyer Tavern (Building)
Scoville Powerhouse (Power plant)
Selkirk, New York (Populated place)
Simons General Store (Commercial building)
Smith's Building (Commercial building)
South Barre, Massachusetts (Populated place)
South School (School)
Southwick, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Spencertown, New York (Populated place)
Spur House (House)
Stacy Building (Industrial building)
State Armory (Armory)
Stationmaster's House (Railroad depot)
Stearns Building (Commercial building)
Steepletop (House)
Stockbridge Station (Railroad depot)
Stone Farm (Farm)
Stone Jug (House)
Stonehenge (Building)
Strong House (House)
Stuyvesant Falls, New York (Populated place)
Stuyvesant, New York (Populated place)
Surprise, New York (Populated place)
Sykes House (House)
Templeton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Teviotdale (House)
The Blue Benn Diner (Commercial building)
The Mount (House)
Thomas D. Page House (Meeting hall)
Tibbits House (Building)
Todd Block (Meeting hall)
Tontine Building (Residential building)
Town Farm, The (Building)
Treemont Manor (Mansion)
Trinity Block (Commercial building)
Tudor House (House)
Tully, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Turtle House (House)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
United Electric Co. Building (Commercial building)
United Traction Company Building (Commercial building)
US Post Office -Troy (Post office)
USS Slater (Destroyer Escort) (Military facility)
Ventfort Hall (Meeting hall)
Verdoy School (School)
Villa Virginia (Building)
W. & L. E. Gurley Building (Industrial building)
Wait Guidepost (Monument)
Walker Building (Commercial building)
Ware Town Hall (City hall)
Warwick, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Washington, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Watervliet Arsenal (Military facility)
Weldon Hotel (Hotel)
Weldwood (Building)
Wells Block (Hotel)
Wells House (House)
Wells, H. C., Double House (Residential building)
Wendell, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West School (School)
Wheatleigh (Hotel)
Wheeler Home (House)
White Valley, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Whiting River Arches (Railroad line)
Whitney Mansion (Mansion)
Williamsville, Vermont (Populated place)
Willy's Overland Block (Commercial building)
Winchendon, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Winchester, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Windsor Print Works (Industrial building)
Wollison-Shipton Building (Commercial building)
Wood House (Building)
Worthy Hotel (Hotel)
Wyman Tavern (Building)
Wyndhurst (Estate)
Yates House (House)