Aurora, Illinois, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

1918 Standard Oil Filling Station (Commercial building)
Adams, Illinois (Placename)
Allen School (School)
Apollo Theater (Theater)
Armour's Warehouse (Structure)
Ashton Water Tower (Water tower)
Bald Mound, Illinois (Populated place)
Bluesmobile (Work of art)
Braceville, Illinois (Populated place)
Braidwood, Illinois (Populated place)
Bristol, Illinois (Populated place)
Bull Rush Falls (Waterfall)
Campana Factory (Factory)
Campton Town Hall (City hall)
Cardiff, Illinois (Placename)
Chief Shabbona Grave (Burial site)
City and Town Hall (City hall)
City Building (City hall)
Coleman Hardware Company Building (Industrial building)
Culton, Illinois (Placename)
Elgin Motor Club Marker (Historic marker)
Ellwood Mansion (Mansion)
Fabyan Villa (Estate)
Graham Building (Commercial building)
Grand Theater (Theater)
Healy Chapel (Building)
Hotel Arthur (Hotel)
Hotel Aurora (Hotel)
Hotel Baker (Hotel)
Hotel Plaza (Miscellaneous)
Hunt House (House)
Joilet YMCA (Building)
Kedron, Illinois (Placename)
Keystone Building (Commercial building)
Knuessl Building (Meeting hall)
Launching Pad Drive-In (Commercial building)
Leland Tower (Building)
Lyndon Bridge (Bridge)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Mazon Creek Fossil Beds (Natural feature)
Mooseheart, Illinois (Populated place)
Munson, Illinois (Placename)
Nachusa, Illinois (Populated place)
Newton House (Building)
Odell Building (Building)
Otter, Illinois (Placename)
Peltier Glass Company (Industrial building)
Pine Craig (House)
Plano Hotel (Hotel)
Plato Corners, Illinois (Populated place)
Polk-a-Dot Drive-In (Commercial building)
Pratt, Illinois (Placename)
Putnam, Illinois (Populated place)
Randecker's Hardware Store (Commercial building)
Ransom Water Tower (Water tower)
Richardson, Illinois (Populated place)
Ryan Round Barn (Round barn)
Sandwich City Hall (City hall)
Saxon, Illinois (Placename)
Shabonna County Park (Battle site)
Shelburn, Illinois (Placename)
Stacy's Tavern (Building)
Standard Oil Gasoline Station (Commercial building)
Stolp Woolen Mill Store (Commercial building)
Sun Motel (Hotel)
Turn Hall (Building)
Turner Town Hall (City hall)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Van Orin, Illinois (Populated place)
Waldron, Illinois (Placename)
Wasco, Illinois (Populated place)
Wheaton Post Office (Post office)
White Fence Farm (Commercial building)
Youngsdale, Illinois (Populated place)