Austin, Texas, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allen Block (Commercial building)
Anderson House and Store (Commercial building)
Armstrong House-Allen Academy (Residential building)
Arnold Bakery (Commercial building)
Austin Daily Tribune Building (Commercial building)
Barbee-Berry Mercantile Building (Commercial building)
Barton House (House)
Battle Hall (School)
Ben Arnold, Texas (Populated place)
Blinn College (School)
Bowlen House (House)
Brown Building (Commercial building)
Bryan Compress and Warehouse (Industrial building)
Bryan Ice House (Industrial building)
Casey House (House)
Cavitt House (House)
Cedar Creek, Texas (Populated place)
Cedar Creek, Texas (Populated place)
Chappell Hill, Texas (Populated place)
City Cemetery (Cemetery)
Clay, Texas (Populated place)
Community Center (Building)
Davilla, Texas (Populated place)
Davis House (House)
Dawson House (House)
Del Valle, Texas (Populated place)
East Brenham (House)
Elisabet Ney Studio and Museum (Commercial building)
Eloia Theatre (Theater)
Elzner House (House)
Erhard House (House)
Fiesta Gardens (District)
Foster House (Building)
Fowler House (House)
Fowler House (House)
Gause, Texas (Populated place)
Georgetown Light and Water Works (Correctional facility)
Haw Creek, Texas (Placename)
Hodde Drugstore (Commercial building)
Hofheintz-Reissig Store (Commercial building)
Humpty Dumpty Store (Commercial building)
Imhoff House (House)
Independence, Texas (Populated place)
Iola, Texas (Populated place)
J. P. Schneider Store (Commercial building)
Kay Theater (Theater)
Keith House (House)
Kenney, Texas (Populated place)
Kurten, Texas (Populated place)
Kyle Field (Stadium)
Laguna Gloria (District)
Little Campus (School)
Lung House (House)
Maxdale, Texas (Populated place)
Maysfield, Texas (Populated place)
McKinney Homestead (Power plant)
Millett Opera House (Commercial building)
Moonlight Towers (Courthouse)
Moore House (House)
Moore, Texas (Populated place)
Nashville, Texas (Placename)
Newton House (House)
North Zulch, Texas (Populated place)
Northrup, Texas (Populated place)
Noto House (House)
Old Bakery (Commercial building)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Parker Lumber Company Complex (Commercial building)
Pegues House (House)
Preslar--Hewitt Building (Commercial building)
Queen Theater (Theater)
R. O. Allen House-Allen Academy (Residential building)
Rather House (House)
Red House (House)
Rouser House (House)
Salem, Texas (Populated place)
Saxon Motor Car Store (Commercial building)
Scholz Garten (Meeting hall)
Scottish Rite Dormitory (Residential building)
Sempronius, Texas (Placename)
Shiloh, Texas (Placename)
Simms House (House)
Simon Theatre (Theater)
Sinclair Station, (Old) (Commercial building)
Stagecoach Inn (Building)
Starlite Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
State Cemetery of Texas (Military cemetery)
State Theater (Theater)
Steele House (House)
Synagogue B'nai Abraham (Place of worship)
Temple Freda (Place of worship)
Texas State Capitol (Capitol building)
Tinnen House (House)
Town Lake Gazebo (Structure)
Twelve Oaks (House)
Tyler House (House)
Utley, Texas (Populated place)
Victory Grill (Theater)
Warda, Texas (Populated place)
Warrenton, Texas (Populated place)
Waugh House (House)
Waverly (School)
Wellborn, Texas (Populated place)
Westhill (House)
Wheelock, Texas (Populated place)
White House (House)
Wilke House (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Youngsport, Texas (Populated place)
Ziller House (House)