Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Adams House (House)
Aillet House (House)
Akers, Louisiana (Populated place)
Alesia (House)
Amehe, Louisiana (Placename)
Angola, Louisiana (Populated place)
Antonia (House)
Ashland (House)
Austerlitz (House)
Azema, Louisiana (Placename)
Bacas House (House)
Barroza, Louisiana (Placename)
Basel, Louisiana (Placename)
Batchelor, Louisiana (Populated place)
Baton Rouge National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Bay Tree (House)
Belisle Building (Commercial building)
Belmont, Louisiana (Populated place)
Belmont, Louisiana (Populated place)
Ben Hut, Louisiana (Placename)
Bingen, Louisiana (Placename)
Blythewood (House)
Bocage (House)
Bonin House (Hotel)
Bonnie Glen (House)
Borden Dairy (Commercial building)
Bougere, Louisiana (Placename)
Brittany, Louisiana (Populated place)
Brown, Louisiana (Placename)
Burbank, Louisiana (Placename)
Burdin House (House)
Burton, Louisiana (Placename)
Cade, Louisiana (Populated place)
Camp Moore (Camp)
Camp Moore (Historic marker)
Capital City Press Building (Commercial building)
Carter House (House)
Carville, Louisiana (Populated place)
Castleberry Boarding House (Commercial building)
Catalpa (House)
Catalpa, Louisiana (Placename)
Cate House (House)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Cherie Quarters Cabins (Residential building)
Cinclare, Louisiana (Populated place)
Cinco, Louisiana (Placename)
Clinton Courthouse (Historic marker)
Colomb House (House)
Comeaux House (Building)
Cress, Louisiana (Placename)
Crusel, Louisiana (Placename)
Cumnock, Louisiana (Placename)
Delano, Louisiana (Placename)
Dixon House (House)
Dreyfus, Louisiana (Placename)
Ducrest Building (Building)
Dugas House (House)
Duke, Louisiana (Placename)
Dyson, Louisiana (Placename)
E.J. Caire & Co. Stores (Commercial building)
Eden, Louisiana (Placename)
Epney (House)
Epney, Louisiana (Placename)
Ethel, Louisiana (Populated place)
Flagstaff (House)
Fluker, Louisiana (Populated place)
Fonville Winans Studio (Meeting hall)
Frisbie, Louisiana (Placename)
Frisco, Louisiana (Placename)
Frogmore, Louisiana (Populated place)
Fulda, Louisiana (Placename)
Fuqua Hardware Store Building (Commercial building)
Geary, Louisiana (Placename)
Geismar, Louisiana (Populated place)
Glynnwood (House)
Gondron, Louisiana (Placename)
Greenlawn (House)
Griffin's Bakery (Commercial building)
Hammond Junior College (Historic marker)
Hammond Water Tower (Water tower)
Hart House (House)
Haydel, Louisiana (Placename)
Hazel, Louisiana (Placename)
Hebert House (House)
Hermitage (House)
Highland (House)
Holly Grove (House)
Hope Terrace (House)
Houmas, The (House)
Huggins, Louisiana (Placename)
Husser, Louisiana (Populated place)
Independence (Historic marker)
Jackson (Historic marker)
Janin Store (Commercial building)
Jay House (House)
John R. Taylor Drugstore (Commercial building)
John, Louisiana (Placename)
Julia, Louisiana (Placename)
June House (House)
Katie, Louisiana (Placename)
Kerne, Louisiana (Placename)
Knight Cabin (House)
Knox Building (Commercial building)
Kress Building (Building)
Labatut (House)
Lakeland, Louisiana (Populated place)
Lakeside (House)
Landry Tomb (Burial site)
Landry, Louisiana (Placename)
Laurel Hill (House)
Lemann Store (Commercial building)
Lewisburg, Louisiana (Populated place)
Linwood (House)
Little Texas (House)
Live Oak (House)
Longbranch Annex (Building)
Longview (House)
Longwood (House)
Magnolia Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Mark, Louisiana (Placename)
Mason, Louisiana (Placename)
McGehee, Louisiana (Placename)
Millet House (House)
Minnie, Louisiana (Placename)
Mitchell, Louisiana (Populated place)
Moore House (House)
Morley, Louisiana (Populated place)
Mount Hermon, Louisiana (Populated place)
Mt. Vernon Walnut (Historic marker)
Nesom, Louisiana (Placename)
North Bend (House)
Nott, Louisiana (Placename)
Oaks Hotel (Hotel)
Oaks, The (House)
Old Castillo Hotel (Meeting hall)
Old Hickory (House)
Old Louisiana State Capitol (Capitol building)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Old St. Helena Parish Jail (Correctional facility)
Orr, Louisiana (Placename)
Ory House (House)
Oscar, Louisiana (Populated place)
Ovide LaCour Store (Commercial building)
Paloma, Louisiana (Placename)
Pascal Building (Commercial building)
Pass Machac Light (Lighthouse)
Patin House (House)
Pecue House (House)
Pentagon Barracks (Military facility)
Peter Hammond (Historic marker)
Port Hudson (Battle site)
Port Hudson National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Potts House (House)
Powder Magazine (Military facility)
Propinquity (House)
Purvis, Louisiana (Placename)
Randal House (House)
Randall, Louisiana (Placename)
Rankin House (House)
Riverlake (House)
Robert, Louisiana (Populated place)
Rome House (House)
Roncal (Historic marker)
Roseland Water Tower (Water tower)
Roumain Building (Commercial building)
Saint Gabriel, Louisiana (Populated place)
Saizon House (House)
Samson House (Hotel)
Sandoz House (House)
Sardy House (House)
Sarpy, Louisiana (Placename)
Segura, Louisiana (Populated place)
Seibert, Louisiana (Placename)
Shades, The (House)
Shaw, Louisiana (Placename)
Somers, Louisiana (Placename)
Songy, Louisiana (Placename)
Spanish Town (House)
Springfield-Liberty Road (Historic marker)
St. Emma (House)
Summerfield, Louisiana (Populated place)
Sunbeam, Louisiana (Placename)
Sunnybrook (House)
Tangipahoa (Historic marker)
Tangipahoa, Louisiana (Populated place)
Taylor House (House)
Tezcuco (House)
Tiger Stadium (Stadium)
Trinity (House)
Troy, Louisiana (Placename)
Tunica, Louisiana (Populated place)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S.S. KIDD (Vessel)
Varnado, D.A. and Son Store (Commercial building)
Viola, Louisiana (Placename)
Wags, Louisiana (Placename)
Wakefield (House)
Wall House (House)
Warren House (House)
Wascom House (House)
Wayside, Louisiana (Placename)
Webb, Louisiana (Placename)
Weyanoke (House)
Whitehall, Louisiana (Populated place)
Wickliffe (House)
Wilbert, Louisiana (Placename)
Wilcox, Louisiana (Placename)
Woodside (House)
Wormser's Department Store (Commercial building)
Yawn, Louisiana (Placename)
Zachary Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Zugg, Louisiana (Placename)