Birmingham, Alabama, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A.D. King House (Building)
Abihka, Alabama (Placename)
Adger, Alabama (Populated place)
Agee House (House)
Alabama Theatre (Theater)
Arkadelphia, Alabama (Populated place)
Arlington (House)
Avalon (Residential building)
Avon Theater (Theater)
Baltimore, Alabama (Placename)
Bankston, Alabama (Populated place)
Black Creek, Alabama (Populated place)
Black Creek, Alabama (Populated place)
Blocton, Alabama (Placename)
Blue Eye, Alabama (Placename)
Boozer, Alabama (Placename)
Bottega Favorita (Residential building)
Boxwood (House)
Bruner, Alabama (Placename)
Bucktown, Alabama (Placename)
Burchfield, Alabama (Populated place)
Burmah, Alabama (Placename)
Burnwell, Alabama (Populated place)
Byler Road (Road)
Caldwell-Milner Building (Commercial building)
Camp Sibert (Historic marker)
Carson Place (House)
Carver Theater (Theater)
Center Point, Alabama (Populated place)
Chancellor House (Cemetery)
Cloverdale, Alabama (Populated place)
Cloverdale, Alabama (Populated place)
Cloverdale, Alabama (Populated place)
Cloverdale, Alabama (Populated place)
Cloverdale, Alabama (Populated place)
Corinne, Alabama (Placename)
Crittenden Building (Commercial building)
Dale, Alabama (Placename)
Danville, Alabama (Populated place)
Dr. Pepper Syrup Plant (Industrial building)
Duncanville, Alabama (Populated place)
Egypt, Alabama (Placename)
Elston House (House)
Empire Building (Commercial building)
Enslen House (House)
Etowahton, Alabama (Placename)
Exclusive Furniture Shop (Commercial building)
Fikestown, Alabama (Placename)
Fire Station No. 10 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 11 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 12 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 15 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 16 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 19 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 22 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 3 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 6 (Fire station)
Fitch House (House)
Flat Creek, Alabama (Populated place)
Flintridge Building (Commercial building)
Forest Park (House)
Fox Building (School)
Frolic Theater (Theater)
Gallant, Alabama (Populated place)
Goodsprings, Alabama (Populated place)
Green Pond, Alabama (Populated place)
Hanover Court Apartments (Residential building)
Highland Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Hightower Brothers Livery Stable (Commercial building)
History of Fayette (Historic marker)
Ideal Department Store Building (Commercial building)
Idlewild (House)
Inzer House (House)
Kellerman, Alabama (Populated place)
King House (House)
Labuco, Alabama (Populated place)
Looney House (House)
Lyric Theater (Theater)
Manchester Terrace (Residential building)
Maudlin, Alabama (Placename)
McAdory Building (Commercial building)
Minden, Alabama (Placename)
Montebrier (House)
Moundville (Site)
Mount Hope, Alabama (Populated place)
Mountain Brook Estates Building (Commercial building)
Mud Creek, Alabama (Populated place)
Nash Town, Alabama (Placename)
Nash, Alabama (Placename)
Nix, Alabama (Placename)
Old Jail (City hall)
Old Observatory (Building)
Old Tuscaloosa County Jail (Correctional facility)
Orlando Apartments (Residential building)
Otipalin, Alabama (Placename)
Palos, Alabama (Populated place)
Parham Apothecary Building (Commercial building)
Pinson, Alabama (Populated place)
Porter, Alabama (Populated place)
Powell School (School)
Powhatan, Alabama (Populated place)
Praco, Alabama (Populated place)
Pratt School (School)
Presley Store (Commercial building)
Quinlan Castle (Residential building)
Quinton, Alabama (Populated place)
Ralph, Alabama (Populated place)
Ramsay-McCormack Building (Commercial building)
Redmont Garden Apartments (Residential building)
Refuge, Alabama (Populated place)
Rhodes Park (District)
Rickwood Field (Structure)
Ridgely Apartments (Residential building)
Ruby, Alabama (Placename)
S. H. Kress and Company Building (Commercial building)
Sadler House (House)
Saginaw, Alabama (Populated place)
Salem, Alabama (Populated place)
Sayre, Alabama (Populated place)
Searcy House (House)
Searcy House (House)
Searles, Alabama (Populated place)
Shahan, Alabama (Placename)
Shelby, Alabama (Populated place)
Southern Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Spring Garden, Alabama (Populated place)
Stonecroft (House)
Swayne Hall (School)
Thermal, Alabama (Placename)
Thornhill (Cemetery)
Townley, Alabama (Populated place)
U.S. Post Office (Courthouse)
Vulcan (Work of art)
Waters Building (Residential building)
Watseka, Alabama (Placename)
Watts Building (Building)
Weogufka, Alabama (Populated place)
West Park (Park)
Whilldin Building (Commercial building)
Wimberly-Thomas Warehouse (Commercial building)
Winfield, Alabama (Historic marker)
Womack, Alabama (Placename)
Woodlawn City Hall (City hall)
Woodward Building (Commercial building)
Wylam Fire Station (Fire station)