Canton, Ohio, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

109-115 Wood Street (Commercial building)
Allegheny Post Office (Post office)
Amity, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Atlas Theater (Theater)
Atlasburg, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Atwood, Ohio (Placename)
Augusta, Ohio (Populated place)
Avella station (Railroad depot)
Beagle Hotel (Hotel)
Beallmore (House)
Beechview, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Berwyn, Ohio (Placename)
Bethel, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Birmingham, Ohio (Populated place)
Bixler, Ohio (Placename)
Boswell, Ohio (Placename)
Boyce Station (Railroad depot)
Boyd School (School)
Branstetter, Ohio (Placename)
Brick Tavern House (Commercial building)
Brilliant, Ohio (Populated place)
Brokaw Site (Archaeological site)
Brooke Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Buhl Building (Commercial building)
Bulger, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Burke Building (Commercial building)
Byham Theater (Theater)
Cadiz Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Caldwell Tavern (Commercial building)
Campbell Building (Commercial building)
Capitol Theatre (Theater)
Center Wheeling Market (Commercial building)
Century Building (Commercial building)
Champion, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cherry Valley, Ohio (Populated place)
City Hall (City hall)
Clendening, Ohio (Placename)
Clio, Ohio (Placename)
Clowville, Ohio (Placename)
Colliers, West Virginia (Populated place)
Croco House (House)
Crystal Theater (Theater)
Culbertson's Mill (Historic marker)
Deadmans, Ohio (Placename)
Dependable Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Dewalt Building (Commercial building)
Diamond, Ohio (Placename)
Dogtown, Ohio (Placename)
Donley, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Douglas, Ohio (Placename)
Duncan Theater (Theater)
Dundee, Ohio (Populated place)
Duquesne Incline (Railroad facility)
Eagles' Temple (Commercial building)
East Liverpool Pottery (Industrial building)
Eckert Bridge (Bridge)
Edemar (House)
Egypt, Ohio (Placename)
Eldersville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Eldridge-Higgins Building (Commercial building)
Elisha McCurdy (Historic marker)
Elks Club (Building)
Elm Hill (House)
Elm, Ohio (Placename)
Elmhurst (House)
Elmridge (House)
Enfield, Ohio (Placename)
Family Theater (Theater)
Farmington, Ohio (Populated place)
Feay Inn (Building)
Fells, Ohio (Placename)
Ferncliff, Ohio (Placename)
Five Oaks (House)
Forest Grove, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fort McIntosh (Military facility)
Fort Pitt (Fort)
Frances Apartment Building (Residential building)
Fredericktown (District)
Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Garden Theater (Theater)
Garver Brothers Store (Commercial building)
Gateway Theater (Theater)
Ginther, Ohio (Placename)
Glamorgan (House)
Glasgow, Ohio (Populated place)
Glasgow, Ohio (Populated place)
Glenndale, Ohio (Placename)
Grade, Ohio (Placename)
Greenford, Ohio (Populated place)
Haines House (House)
Hammondsville, Ohio (Populated place)
Hardscrabble, Ohio (Placename)
Harlem Springs, Ohio (Populated place)
Hattonia, Ohio (Placename)
Haysville, Ohio (Placename)
Heinz Field (Stadium)
Heinz Hall (Theater)
Hill Church, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Hilltop Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Hodgen's Cemetery Mound (Archaeological site)
Hoene-Werle House (Residential building)
Holly, Ohio (Placename)
Homeworth, Ohio (Populated place)
Hostetter Inn (Commercial building)
Huston, Ohio (Placename)
Ikirt House (House)
Imperial Glass Company (Industrial building)
Inn at Fowlerstown (Commercial building)
Joffre, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Kennon, Ohio (Placename)
Kirker House (House)
Laceyville, Ohio (Placename)
Lafferty, Ohio (Populated place)
Landmark Tavern (Commercial building)
Lawrence, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Legion Ville (Military facility)
Levi Wilson Tavern (Commercial building)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Linden, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Lockbridge, Ohio (Placename)
Londonderry, Ohio (Populated place)
Louis Schmitt House and Store (Commercial building)
Lynn Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Maddens, Ohio (Placename)
Magic City Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Manos Theatre (Theater)
Maple-Dell (House)
Marchand, Ohio (Placename)
Marks, Ohio (Placename)
Mary A. Patterson Memorial (Residential building)
Maximo, Ohio (Populated place)
Maynard, Ohio (Populated place)
McGarry, Ohio (Placename)
McQuaid, Ohio (Placename)
Meadow Lands, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Meadowcroft Rockshelter (Historic marker)
Mechanicstown, Ohio (Populated place)
Merry's Dairy Barr (Commercial building)
Middlebranch, Ohio (Populated place)
Mile Marker (Historic marker)
Miller's Tavern (Building)
Monongahela Incline (Railroad facility)
Moraville, Ohio (Placename)
Moses Little Tavern (Commercial building)
Mount Hope, Ohio (Populated place)
Mount Union, Ohio (Placename)
Mt. Lebanon Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Munsville, Ohio (Placename)
Muse, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
New Baltimore Inn (Commercial building)
New England, Ohio (Placename)
New Guinea, Ohio (Placename)
New Springfield, Ohio (Populated place)
Newell, West Virginia (Populated place)
Newhouse, Ohio (Placename)
Newport, Ohio (Populated place)
Nobles Pond (Historic marker)
North Georgetown, Ohio (Populated place)
North Lawrence, Ohio (Populated place)
Nottingham, Ohio (Placename)
Odbert, Ohio (Placename)
Odd Fellows Temple (Commercial building)
Ohio Valley Clay Company (Industrial building)
Old Economy (District)
Old Wayne County Jail (Correctional facility)
Onesto Hotel (Hotel)
Opatrny Village Site (Archaeological site)
Oval City, Ohio (Populated place)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Paradise, Ohio (Placename)
Parkway Theater (Theater)
Parlatt, Ohio (Placename)
Pauls, Ohio (Placename)
Phipps-McElveen Building (Commercial building)
Pinn, Ohio (Placename)
Plainsburg, Ohio (Placename)
PNC Park (Stadium)
Potters Savings and Loan (Commercial building)
Presto, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Prosperity, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Quaker Theater (Theater)
Rech's Building (Commercial building)
Reed Hall (Meeting hall)
Rhodes, Ohio (Placename)
Roxian Theater (Theater)
Saint Clairsville, Ohio (Populated place)
Saratoga, Ohio (Placename)
Saxton House (House)
Schoenbrunn Site (Archaeological site)
Schuffenecker, August Building (Residential building)
Shaffers, Ohio (Placename)
Shepherd Hall (Meeting hall)
Short Creek, West Virginia (Populated place)
Smithdale, Ohio (Placename)
Snyder, Ohio (Placename)
Somerdale, Ohio (Populated place)
Sorrick--Oster Store (Commercial building)
Speedway Mound (Archaeological site)
Spring Hill (House)
Stacy, Ohio (Placename)
Startle, Ohio (Placename)
State Line, Ohio (Placename)
State Theater (Theater)
State Theater (Theater)
Sterling, Ohio (Populated place)
Stone Tavern at Roney's Point (Commercial building)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Stringtown, Ohio (Placename)
Subrosa, Ohio (Placename)
Summit, Ohio (Placename)
T. Lanning & Co. Department Store (Commercial building)
Tippecanoe, Ohio (Populated place)
Toledoville, Ohio (Placename)
Tower Site (Archaeological site)
Tremleys, Ohio (Placename)
Tri-State Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Trinity Hall (Meeting hall)
Twin Hi-Way Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Ulery Mill (Mill)
Unionville, Ohio (Populated place)
Unionville, Ohio (Populated place)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Van Horn Building (Commercial building)
Vancroft (House)
Venetia, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Vicary House (House)
Virginia Apartments (Residential building)
Walnut Creek, Ohio (Populated place)
Warwick Interlocking Tower (Railroad facility)
Warwood Fire Station (Fire station)
Washington County Jail (Correctional facility)
Waterford Park (Building)
Wayne Theater (Theater)
Weavers, Ohio (Placename)
Wellsburg Wharf (Structure)
Werner Inn (House)
West Canaan, Ohio (Populated place)
West Point, Ohio (Populated place)
Westland, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Wexford, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Willowbrook, Ohio (Placename)
Wills Town, Ohio (Placename)
Winesburg, Ohio (Populated place)
Woodridge (House)
Woodville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Yankeetown, Ohio (Placename)
YMCA (Building)
Zweig Building (Commercial building)