Cleveland, Ohio, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Academy Hall (School)
Academy Theater (Theater)
Albion Carousel (Carousel)
Allegheny College (Historic marker)
Ames Theatre (Theater)
Anderson, Ohio (Placename)
Andover Theatre (Theater)
Antietam, Ohio (Placename)
Arcade Theatre (Theater)
ASM Headquarters (Commercial building)
Aurora Train Station (Railroad depot)
Austinburg, Ohio (Populated place)
Avalon Theatre (Theater)
Barker Village Site (Archaeological site)
Batavia House (Building)
Bath Township Hall (City hall)
Bath, Ohio (Populated place)
Beardsley, Ohio (Placename)
Belmont Theater (Theater)
Bentley, Ohio (Placename)
Bently Hall (School)
Berea Union Depot (Railroad depot)
Berlin Center, Ohio (Populated place)
Bethel, PA (Populated place)
Beudale, Ohio (Placename)
Bingham Company Warehouse (Commercial building)
Blue Sky Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Blue Streak (Structure)
Body Block (Residential building)
Bohemian National Hall (Meeting hall)
Boice Fort and Village Site (Archaeological site)
Boston, Ohio (Populated place)
Bosworth, Ohio (Placename)
Botzum, Ohio (Populated place)
Bristolville, Ohio (Populated place)
Brockway, Ohio (Placename)
Brookfield, Ohio (Populated place)
Brownwood (House)
Buehl House (House)
Burt Building (Commercial building)
Calm, Ohio (Placename)
Capitol Theatre (Theater)
Cascade, Ohio (Placename)
Castle Block (Commercial building)
Caxton Building (Commercial building)
Cedar Glen Apartments (Residential building)
Center Road, Ohio (Placename)
Central YMCA (Building)
Chaffee, Ohio (Placename)
Chamberlain, Ohio (Placename)
Charles Frank House And Store (Commercial building)
Charlie's Restaurant (Commercial building)
Cherry Valley, Ohio (Populated place)
Chesterland, Ohio (Populated place)
Chuckery Race (Power plant)
City Hall Annex (City hall)
Clague House (House)
Clarks, Ohio (Placename)
Cleveland Arcade (Commercial building)
Cleveland Club (Building)
Cleveland Discount Building (Commercial building)
Cleveland Packard Building (Commercial building)
Cleveland Worsted Mills Company (Industrial building)
Clinton Apartments (Residential building)
Clydes Diner (Commercial building)
Columbia Town Hall (City hall)
Commodore Apartment Building (Residential building)
Conneaut Works (Archaeological site)
Connecticut Land Company Office (Commercial building)
Cook Building (Commercial building)
Copley Depot (Railroad depot)
Copley Theater (Theater)
Corlett Building (Commercial building)
Corlett Theatre (Theater)
Courtland, The (Residential building)
Cowans, Ohio (Placename)
Crawford-Tilden Apartments (Residential building)
Dayton Theatre (Theater)
Deerfield, Ohio (Populated place)
Detroit Theatre (Theater)
Detroit--Warren Building (Commercial building)
Dewey, Ohio (Placename)
Diamond, Ohio (Populated place)
Diner on 55th (Commercial building)
Dix Stadium (Stadium)
Dixon Hall Apartments (Residential building)
Doan School (School)
Dorset, Ohio (Populated place)
Doughton, Ohio (Placename)
Dunham Tavern (Commercial building)
Eagles Temple (Building)
East Claridon, Ohio (Populated place)
East Davis, Ohio (Placename)
East Ohio Gas Company Building (Commercial building)
East Orwell, Ohio (Populated place)
Elijah Hale Residence (Residential building)
Ellsworth, Ohio (Populated place)
Enterprise, Ohio (Placename)
Etna House (Commercial building)
Euclid Homes, Ohio (Placename)
Everett Knoll Complex (Archaeological site)
Everett, Ohio (Populated place)
Ezella Theatre (Theater)
Farmington, Ohio (Populated place)
Federal Building (Commercial building)
Federal Knitting Mills Building (Industrial building)
Fenway Hall (School)
Forest City Brewery (Industrial building)
Forest Hill Realty Sales Office (Commercial building)
Fort Hill (Fort)
Fort Island Works (Archaeological site)
Foster Theatre (Theater)
Fowler, Ohio (Populated place)
Fredericksburg, PA (Populated place)
Garfield Memorial (Burial site)
Garfield Terrace Apartments (Residential building)
Geauga Cinema (Theater)
Gem Theater (Theater)
Gibson House (House)
Glendale Steps (Stairway)
Globe Iron Works Building (Industrial building)
Goodyear Airdock (Industrial building)
Greystone Hall (Commercial building)
Griggs Grange No. 1467 (Meeting hall)
Grossman Paper Box Company (Industrial building)
Guthrie Theatre (Theater)
Gwinn Estate (Estate)
H. Black and Company Building (Industrial building)
Halle Building (Commercial building)
Halle's Shaker Square (Commercial building)
Hangar, The (Building)
Harp Apartments (Residential building)
Harrisport, Ohio (Placename)
Harwood Block (Commercial building)
Heights Rockfeller Building (Residential building)
Heights Theatre (Theater)
Heisley, Ohio (Placename)
Helen Chapel (Church)
Hilliard Apartment Building (Residential building)
Hilltown, Ohio (Placename)
Hinckley, Ohio (Populated place)
Historic Volant (Populated place)
House of Wills (Meeting hall)
Hower Mansion (Mansion)
Hoyt Block (Commercial building)
Huntsburg, Ohio (Populated place)
Hutson, Ohio (Placename)
Idora Park (Park)
Indian Point Fort (Archaeological site)
Ira, Ohio (Populated place)
Iris Theater (Theater)
Iron Bridge, Ohio (Placename)
Jaite, Ohio (Populated place)
Jay's Lunch (Commercial building)
Jennings Apartments (Residential building)
Jim Brown House (Burial site)
Jim Brown Tavern (Commercial building)
Joshua Reed Giddings Law Office (Commercial building)
Julia, Ohio (Placename)
Karamu House (Meeting hall)
Keans, Ohio (Placename)
Kenmore, Ohio (Populated place)
Kent Jail (Correctional facility)
Kilpi Hall (Meeting hall)
Kirtland Temple (Place of worship)
Kress Building (Commercial building)
L.N. Gross Company Building (Industrial building)
Lake Milton, Ohio (Populated place)
Lake Theatre (Theater)
Lake Theatre (Theater)
Lakeville, Ohio (Populated place)
LaSalle Theatre (Theater)
League Park (Building)
Leisy Brewing Company (Commercial building)
Lerner Building (Commercial building)
Liberty Theatre (Theater)
Lilly House (House)
Lincoln Theatre (Theater)
Linda Theatre (Theater)
Lindner Building (Commercial building)
Loew's Theatre (Theater)
Look About Lodge (Meeting hall)
Lorain Theater (Theater)
Lutz's Tavern (Building)
Madison Dock, Ohio (Placename)
Malio House (House)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
May Company (Commercial building)
Mayfield Road Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
McCrory Building (Commercial building)
McKelvey-Higbee Co. Buildings (Commercial building)
McKinley Terrace (Residential building)
Medical Centre Building (Commercial building)
Midway Twin Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Miller Block (Residential building)
Mock Theater (Theater)
Montana Apartments (Residential building)
Montville, Ohio (Populated place)
Mott Drug Store (Commercial building)
Neff Apartments (Residential building)
Nela Park (Park)
New Lyme Town Hall (City hall)
Newel K. Whitney Store (Commercial building)
Newport, Ohio (Placename)
Niles Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Noble, Ohio (Populated place)
North Jackson, Ohio (Populated place)
North Kingsville, Ohio (Populated place)
Novelty, Ohio (Populated place)
O'Neil's Department Store (Commercial building)
Ohio One--Ohio Edison (Commercial building)
Ohlton, Ohio (Placename)
Old Akron Post Office (Post office)
Old Stone House (Building)
Olmsted Falls Depot (Railroad depot)
Palmer House (House)
Panek Block (Residential building)
Park Building (Commercial building)
Park Theatre (Theater)
Parkman, Ohio (Populated place)
Pastime Theater (Theater)
Pease Mill, Ohio (Placename)
Peggy Ann Building (Commercial building)
Pennsylvania Railway Ore Dock (Railroad facility)
Perry-Payne Building (Commercial building)
Phillis Wheatley Association (Residential building)
Phoenix Block (Meeting hall)
Pierpont, Ohio (Populated place)
Pilsener Brewing Company (Commercial building)
Pioneer Lounge (Commercial building)
Plaza Apartments (Residential building)
Pliny, Ohio (Placename)
Portage Theater (Theater)
Quad Hall (Meeting hall)
Quaker Bridge (Bridge)
Randolph, Ohio (Populated place)
Rayen School (School)
Realty Building (Commercial building)
Reynolds Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Riddle Block (Commercial building)
Riddle Block #11 (Residential building)
Riddle Block #5 (Industrial building)
Riddle Block #9 (Residential building)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Rockefeller Building (Commercial building)
Root and McBride-Bradley Building (Industrial building)
Rubber Bowl (Stadium)
Rush Road, Ohio (Placename)
Ruter Hall (School)
Ruthie & Moe's Diner (Commercial building)
Selle Gear Company (Industrial building)
Sessions House (Building)
Seville Jail (Correctional facility)
Shaker Square (District)
Shandy Hall (Meeting hall)
Shea's Theater (Theater)
Sherman, Ohio (Placename)
Smead House (House)
South Leroy Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Spicer Theater (Theater)
Stambaugh Building (Commercial building)
State Theater (Theater)
Stockbridge Apartment Building (Residential building)
Stony Ridge, Ohio (Populated place)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Strouss--Hirschberg Company (Commercial building)
Superior, Ohio (Placename)
Swamproot, PA (Placename)
Tavern Club (Building)
Temple on the Heights (Place of worship)
The Commodore Hotel (Residential building)
The Temple (Place of worship)
Theodor Kundtz Company Building (Industrial building)
Thompson, Ohio (Populated place)
Tower East (Commercial building)
Union Club (Building)
Unionville, Ohio (Populated place)
United Motor Service Building (Commercial building)
Upson-Walton Company Building (Commercial building)
Uptown Theater (Theater)
Valley City, Ohio (Populated place)
Van Rooy Coffee Company Building (Industrial building)
Venice Building (Residential building)
Viall Lodge (House)
Vienna, Ohio (Populated place)
Villa Maria, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Vitrolite Building (Commercial building)
W. H. Kindra Apartments (Residential building)
Walker and Weeks Office Building (Commercial building)
Walnut Hill, Ohio (Placename)
Ward House (House)
Warner Theater (Theater)
Wassie, Ohio (Placename)
Weizer Building (Residential building)
Weizer Building (Residential building)
Wells Building (Commercial building)
Werner Company Building (Industrial building)
West Side Market (Commercial building)
West Theatre (Theater)
Western Reserve Building (Commercial building)
Westmont Building (Residential building)
Wheeler, Ohio (Placename)
Wheelock, Ohio (Placename)
White Bridge (Bridge)
Williamsfield, Ohio (Populated place)
Windsor, Ohio (Populated place)
York, Ohio (Placename)
YWCA Building (Building)