Cumberland, Maryland, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allison, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Annefield (House)
Artemas, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Arthur, West Virginia (Populated place)
Augusta, West Virginia (Populated place)
Aurora, West Virginia (Populated place)
B'er Chayim Temple (Place of worship)
Baker, West Virginia (Populated place)
Bell Tower Building (Correctional facility)
Berrett, Maryland (Placename)
Bloom, Virginia (Placename)
Borderside (House)
Bradshaw, Maryland (Placename)
Bretz, West Virginia (Populated place)
Bretz, West Virginia (Populated place)
Brier Hill (House)
Brown Building (Commercial building)
Brown--Moore Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Brownsville Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Burlington, West Virginia (Populated place)
Campbellton (House)
Capon Chapel (Church)
Cardale, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Carter Hall (Meeting hall)
Chapel Hill (House)
City Hall (City hall)
College Park, Virginia (Populated place)
Collinsville, Virginia (Populated place)
Comet Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Concord, West Virginia (Populated place)
Corinth, West Virginia (Populated place)
Corley, West Virginia (Populated place)
Cortland, West Virginia (Populated place)
Cottrill Opera House (Commercial building)
Creedmore (Building)
Crucible, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Cumberland YMCA (Building)
Davisville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Dellslow, West Virginia (Populated place)
Dering Building (Commercial building)
Downey, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Edgewood (House)
Erin (House)
Fair Mount (House)
Fairbank, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fairhope, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fairview (House)
Fallingwater (House)
Falls, West Virginia (Populated place)
Family Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Farnley (House)
Footer's Dye Works (Industrial building)
Ford House (House)
Fort Ashby (Fort)
Fort Bowman (House)
Fort Collier (House)
Fort Colvin (House)
Fort Hill (House)
Fort Hill, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Fort Loudoun Site (Archaeological site)
Frost, Maryland (Placename)
Gaymont (Hotel)
Geices, Maryland (Placename)
Gibbon Glade, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Glamorgan (House)
Glen Burnie (House)
Glencoe, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Grafton Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Green Spring, West Virginia (Populated place)
Greenland, West Virginia (Populated place)
Greenway Court (Commercial building)
Guilford (House)
Handley Library (Library)
Hayfield, Virginia (Populated place)
Hays, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Headsville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Hebron Church (Church)
Hedges Chapel (Church)
High Banks (House)
High View, West Virginia (Populated place)
Homespun (House)
Hook Tavern (Commercial building)
Hopwood, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Huntingdon (House)
Hutchinson, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Inkerman, West Virginia (Populated place)
Isabella, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Jones, West Virginia (Populated place)
Kaese Mill (Mill)
Kern's Fort (House)
King's Bridge (Bridge)
Klots Throwing Company Mill (Industrial building)
Light, Virginia (Placename)
Literary Hall (Meeting hall)
Long Branch (House)
Long Meadow (House)
Lucky Hit (House)
Manor, The (Mansion)
Marion Bridge (Bridge)
Maysville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Meadea (House)
Meadows, The (House)
Men's Hall (School)
Midlothian, Maryland (Populated place)
Mill Island (House)
Millbank (House)
Miller's Store (Commercial building)
Monte Vista (House)
Moore, West Virginia (Populated place)
Mount Nebo, West Virginia (Populated place)
Mount Storm, West Virginia (Populated place)
Needmore, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Needmore, West Virginia (Populated place)
New Colonial Hotel (Meeting hall)
Normalville, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Oakland Hall (Meeting hall)
Oglebay Hall (School)
Old Chapel (Church)
Old Hemlock (District)
Old Stone Tavern (Building)
Oliver, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Olson Tower (Fire tower)
Penrose Wolf Building (Commercial building)
Phoenix, Maryland (Placename)
Pleasant Grove, Maryland (Populated place)
Porters, Maryland (Placename)
Porterwood, West Virginia (Populated place)
Public Safety Building (Correctional facility)
Rawlings, Maryland (Populated place)
Red Horse Tavern (Commercial building)
Renix, Maryland (Placename)
Republic, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
River House (Hotel)
Rock Hill (House)
Rogers House (House)
Rosedale, West Virginia (Populated place)
Rush House (Commercial building)
Saint George, West Virginia (Populated place)
Saratoga (House)
Scaleby (House)
Scherr, West Virginia (Populated place)
Seneca Glass Company Building (Industrial building)
Shaw Mansion (Mansion)
Skipnish, Maryland (Placename)
Skyview Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Slanesville, West Virginia (Populated place)
Smock, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Snodgrass Tavern (Building)
Springdale (House)
Star Theatre (Theater)
State Theater (Theater)
Stewart Hall (School)
Summit Hotel (Hotel)
Sunrise (House)
The Golden Rule (Commercial building)
Thorndale Farm (District)
Tunnelton Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Uledi, Pennsylvania (Populated place)
Valley View (House)
Vandiver-Trout-Clause House (Commercial building)
Virginia Furnace (District)
Warner Theatre (Theater)
Western Maryland Depot (Railroad depot)
Westwood, Virginia (Populated place)
White Post, Virginia (Populated place)
Willow Shade (House)
Willow Wall (House)
Willows, The (House)
Winchester National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Zar, West Virginia (Placename)
Zepp, Virginia (Populated place)