Decatur, Illinois, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Ariston Cafe (Commercial building)
B&O/CCC&StL Pana Depot (Railroad depot)
Barnett, Illinois (Populated place)
Bell Miller Apartments (Residential building)
C&A Chatham Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Springfield Station (Railroad depot)
C&A Tallula Depot (Railroad depot)
C&A Williamsville Depot (Railroad depot)
Cadwell, Illinois (Populated place)
Camp Butler National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Canna Theater (Theater)
Chesterville, Illinois (Populated place)
Clayville Tavern (Building)
Cozy Dog (Sign)
Curve Inn (Commercial building)
Diane Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Doc's Soda Fountain (Commercial building)
Double H Bar (Commercial building)
Fawn's Service Station (Service station)
Fisher Building--Latham Block (Residential building)
Fred Gottschalk Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Henrys Rabbit Ranch (Roadside oddity)
Herman's Garage (Commercial building)
Hickox Apartments (Residential building)
Honey Bend, Illinois (Populated place)
Hornsby, Illinois (Populated place)
IC Divernon Depot (Railroad depot)
IC Macon Depot (Railroad depot)
IC Mattoon Depot (Building)
IC Pana Depot Baggage Building (Railroad facility)
IC Waggoner Depot (Railroad depot)
Illinois State Capitol (Capitol building)
ITC Girard Depot (Railroad depot)
Lauterbatch Muffler Man (Roadside oddity)
Lazy A Motel (Hotel)
Leland Hotel (Hotel)
Lemmon, Illinois (Placename)
Lincoln Tomb (Burial site)
Macoupin County Jail (Correctional facility)
Mahan's Filling Station (Service station)
Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop (Commercial building)
Maldaner's Restaurant (Commercial building)
Marvel Theater (Theater)
Maxwell, Illinois (Placename)
Milmine, Illinois (Populated place)
Oakley, Illinois (Populated place)
Old Main (School)
Old State Capitol (Capitol building)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Pana Interlocking Tower (Railroad facility)
Pemberton Hall and Gymnasium (Residential building)
Rosamond, Illinois (Populated place)
Ross Motel (Hotel)
Route 66 Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Shops Tower (Railroad facility)
Sky View Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Soulsby Service Station (Service station)
Starr Hotel (Hotel)
Sudduth, Illinois (Placename)
Taylor Apartments (Residential building)
The Annex Motel and Cafe (Commercial building)
The Lincoln Depot (Railroad depot)
The Old Station (Service station)
Time Theater (Theater)
Town House, The (Residential building)
Transfer House (Building)
Trilla, Illinois (Populated place)
U. S. Post Office (Post office)
Union Church (Church)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Unity Church (Church)
Westervelt, Illinois (Populated place)
Whirl-A-Whip Restaurant (Commercial building)