Denver, Colorado, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A. C. Foster Building (Commercial building)
Altamaha Apartments (Residential building)
Ammunition Igloo (Military facility)
Amos H. Root Building (Commercial building)
Arcanum Apartments (Residential building)
Arno Apartments (Residential building)
Arvada Downtown (Meeting hall)
Austin Building (Residential building)
Avoca Lodge (House)
Aztlan Theater (Theater)
Bailey House (House)
Bain Cabin (Log cabin)
Barney L. Ford Building (Commercial building)
Bats Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Baur Confectionery Company (Commercial building)
Belcaro (House)
Blue Jay Inn (Hotel)
Boston Building (Commercial building)
Bowles House (House)
Bradford House II (Natural feature)
Bryan Hose House (Fire station)
Cameron Theater (Theater)
Capitol Life Insurance Building (Commercial building)
Cardinal, Colorado (Placename)
Caribou, Colorado (Placename)
Carter-Rice Building (Commercial building)
Castle Rock Depot (Railroad depot)
Chamber of Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Chapel No. 1 (Church)
City Park (Park)
City Park Golf (District)
Como School (School)
Conifer, Colorado (Populated place)
Cornwall Apartments (Residential building)
Corona, Colorado (Placename)
Curtis School (School)
Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner (Commercial building)
Denver Dry Goods Company Building (Commercial building)
Denver Medical Depot (Military facility)
Denver Mint (Building)
Dumont School (School)
Eastlake, Colorado (Populated place)
Elitch Theatre (Theater)
EM Ranch (House)
Eppich Apartments (Residential building)
Esquire Theater (Theater)
Evans School (School)
Evergreen, Colorado (Populated place)
Federal Theater (Theater)
Fire Station No. 1 (Fire station)
Fort, The (House)
Fox Mine Office (Commercial building)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Franktown, Colorado (Populated place)
Gebhard Mansion (Mansion)
General Electric Building (Industrial building)
Geneva Home (Building)
George Hamburger Block (Residential building)
Ghost Building (Building)
Gilpin, Colorado (Populated place)
Glenisle (Hotel)
Gothic Theater (Theater)
Grafton, The (Residential building)
Green Mercantile Store (Commercial building)
Hamill House (House)
Hanigan--Canino Terrace (Residential building)
Helene Apartment Building (Residential building)
Henderson, Colorado (Populated place)
Hessie, Colorado (Placename)
Hose House No. 2 (Fire station)
Iliff Hall (School)
Irondale, Colorado (Populated place)
J. S. Brown Mercantile Building (Commercial building)
Jacoe Store (Commercial building)
Joslin Dry Goods Company Building (Commercial building)
Kerr House (House)
Kittredge Building (Commercial building)
Kohn House (House)
La Hacienda (House)
Lackner's Tavern (Building)
Larimer Square (District)
Lawson, Colorado (Populated place)
Leeman Auto Company Building (Commercial building)
Lewis House (House)
Little Estate (Estate)
Littleton Post Office (Post office)
Lorraine Lodge (Building)
Louviers Village Club (Commercial building)
Lowry Field Brick Barracks (Military facility)
Mayan Theater (Theater)
McClellan House (Building)
McClintock Building (Commercial building)
McPhee and McGinnity Building (Industrial building)
Melvin School (School)
Midway House (District)
Miller House (House)
Mint Saloon (Commercial building)
Moffat Station (Railroad depot)
Montgomery Court (Residential building)
National Fuel Company Store (Commercial building)
Neusteter Building (Commercial building)
New Terrace (Residential building)
Niblock--Yacovetta Terrace (Residential building)
Norman Apartments (Residential building)
Ogden Theater (Theater)
Ogden Theatre (Theater)
Ore Processing Mill and Dam (Industrial building)
Orlando Flats (Residential building)
Owen Estate (Estate)
Oxford Hotel (Hotel)
Pacific Express Stable (Commercial building)
Park Hill (House)
Park Theater (Theater)
Peck House (Hotel)
Perigo, Colorado (Placename)
Peters Paper Company Warehouse (Commercial building)
Peyton, Colorado (Populated place)
Phoenix, Colorado (Placename)
Pleasant View, Colorado (Populated place)
Public Service Building (Commercial building)
Quaintance Block (Commercial building)
Ray Apartments Buildings (Residential building)
Rexford, Colorado (Placename)
Rollinsville, Colorado (Populated place)
Romeo Block (Residential building)
Rooney Ranch (House)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
S. A. Grimm Block (Residential building)
Santa Fe Railway Water Tank (Railroad facility)
Sedalia, Colorado (Populated place)
Sheedy Mansion (Mansion)
Silver Plume Depot (Railroad depot)
Smith House (House)
Stanley Arms (Commercial building)
Stone House (House)
Sugar Building (Commercial building)
Tabernash, Colorado (Populated place)
Tallmadge and Boyer Block (Residential building)
Telephone Building (Commercial building)
Teller House (Hotel)
Temple Emanuel (Place of worship)
Temple Emanuel (Place of worship)
Temple Emanuel (Place of worship)
Terrace, The (Residential building)
Thiede Ranch (House)
Thomas House (House)
Tiger, Colorado (Placename)
Tivoli Brewery Company (Industrial building)
Toll House (House)
Tramway Building (Commercial building)
Treat Hall (School)
Tungsten, Colorado (Placename)
U.S. Customhouse (Building)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Warehouse (Commercial building)
W.A. Hover and Company Building (Commercial building)
Wahl Ranch (House)
Winks Panorama (Commercial building)
Yankee, Colorado (Placename)
Zall House (House)
Zeitz Buckhorn Exchange (Commercial building)