Des Moines, Iowa, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Agricola, Iowa (Placename)
Armah, Iowa (Populated place)
Ayrshire Apartments (Residential building)
B'nai Jacob Synagogue (Place of worship)
Baker-Devotie-Hollingsworth Block (Commercial building)
Benson Block (Commercial building)
Benson Building (Building)
Burlington Depot (Railroad depot)
C. H. Baker Double House (Residential building)
Chariton Herald--Patriot Building (Commercial building)
Clarkson, Iowa (Placename)
Coal Siding, Iowa (Placename)
Crane Building (Industrial building)
Dillon, Iowa (Placename)
Dobbin Round Barn (Round barn)
Eifield, Iowa (Placename)
Fire Station No. 4 (Fire station)
Fleming Building (Meeting hall)
Flynn Building (Building)
Goodnow Hall (School)
Grinnell Herald Building (Commercial building)
Herndon Hall (Meeting hall)
Hippee Building (Building)
Howell, Iowa (Placename)
Hubbell Building (Commercial building)
Ingersoll, Iowa (Placename)
Ioka, Iowa (Placename)
Iowa State Capitol (Capitol building)
Jacksonville, Iowa (Placename)
Jay Funeral Home (Building)
Jordan House (House)
Keb, Iowa (Placename)
Kromer Flats (House)
Lexington, The (Residential building)
Lynnville Mill and Dam (Industrial building)
Mahnke House (House)
Maine, The (Residential building)
Maish House (House)
Mears Hall (Meeting hall)
Miller Bridge (Bridge)
Morgan Bridge (Bridge)
Naylor House (House)
New Lawn, The (Building)
Oskaloosa Fire Station (Fire station)
Oskaloosa Water Tower (Water tower)
Percy, Iowa (Placename)
Pilot Grove (Cemetery)
Plagmann Round Barn (Round barn)
President's Cottage (Residential building)
Quilhart, Iowa (Placename)
Ranstead Cemetery (Miscellaneous)
Red Bridge (Bridge)
Redman, Iowa (Placename)
Rosetta, Iowa (Placename)
Saint Charles, Iowa (Populated place)
Sankot Motor Company (Commercial building)
Sargent's Garage (Commercial building)
Savery Hotel (Hotel)
Science Hall (School)
Seth Richards Commercial Block (Commercial building)
Spaulding Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Stewart Library (Library)
Susie P. Turner Double House (Residential building)
Syndicate Block (Residential building)
Taft--West Warehouse (Commercial building)
Tama County Jail (Correctional facility)
Ten Hagen Cottage-Stegman Store (Commercial building)
Terrace Hill (House)
Terrace Hill (House)
Toledo Bridge (Bridge)
Troy, Iowa (Placename)
Turner, Iowa (Placename)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
U.S. Post Office (Post office)
Vermeer Mill (Windmill)
Vulcan, Iowa (Placename)
Walter M. Bartlett Double House (Residential building)
West Chester (House)
Wherry Block (Residential building)
Wieting Theater (Theater)
Wilson, Iowa (Placename)