Evansville, Indiana, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Admiral Claude C. Bloch (Historic marker)
Adsmore (House)
Albion Flats (Residential building)
Alice Theater (Theater)
Angel Mounds (Archaeological site)
Archaeological Site 15 McL 18 (Archaeological site)
Archeological Site 15 Da 39 (Archaeological site)
Archeological Site KHC-6 (15OH97) (Archaeological site)
Archeological Site No. 15McL16 (Archaeological site)
Archeological Site No. 15McL17 (Archaeological site)
Ashbyburg, Kentucky (Populated place)
August Kuehn House (Residential building)
Austin Site (15McL15) (Archaeological site)
Baker Site (15MU12) (Archaeological site)
Barret House (House)
Barrett's Britz Building (Commercial building)
Baskett, Kentucky (Populated place)
Battle of Burnt Mill (Battle site)
Beech Grove, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bethabara Baptist Church (Historic marker)
Beulah Lodge (Meeting hall)
Bill Smothers Park (Historic marker)
Bitterman Building (Commercial building)
Blackford, Kentucky (Populated place)
Bluff City Shell Mound (15HE160) (Archaeological site)
Bowles Site (15OH13) (Archaeological site)
Breidenbach Building (Commercial building)
Buckingham Apartments (Residential building)
Buffalo Road (Historic marker)
Building at 223 Main Street (Commercial building)
Busse House (House)
Butterfield Site (15McL7) (Archaeological site)
Cadick Apartments (Plaza Building) (Residential building)
Callas Sweet Shop (Commercial building)
Capitol Cinemas (Theater)
Cedars, The (House)
Central Library (Library)
Charles Leich and Company (Industrial building)
Chiggerville Site (15OH1) (Archaeological site)
Civic Theater (Theater)
Civil War Skirmish (Historic marker)
Colossal Cavern Entrance (Natural feature)
Congleton, Kentucky (Populated place)
Conner's Bookstore (Commercial building)
Converging of Indian Trails (Historic marker)
County Named, 1799 (Historic marker)
Courthouse Burned (Historic marker)
Cranor School (School)
Cromwell, Kentucky (Populated place)
Crowe Shell Midden (15McL109) (Archaeological site)
Deanwood Post Office (Historic marker)
Deanwood, Kentucky (Populated place)
Deer Lick, Kentucky (Populated place)
Depoy, Kentucky (Populated place)
DeWeese Shell Mound (15BT6) (Archaeological site)
Dismal Rock Shelter Petroglyphs (Archaeological site)
Dundee, Kentucky (Populated place)
Dunmor, Kentucky (Populated place)
Eagles Home (School)
Early Settlers of the Forks (Historic marker)
Early Shipping Point (Historic marker)
Evansville Municipal Market (Commercial building)
Fellwock Garage (Service station)
Finney Hotel (Hotel)
Firestone Tire and Rubber Store (Commercial building)
Fort Webb (Fort)
Frontier Justice (Historic marker)
Geibel House (Hotel)
George and Sons Mischel Building (Commercial building)
Gillim House (House)
Girkin, Kentucky (Populated place)
Haphazard (House)
Harding and Miller Music Company (Commercial building)
Hardingrove, Indiana (Populated place)
Hatfield, Indiana (Populated place)
Hercules and Coach No. 2 (Railroad vehicle)
Hillside, Kentucky (Populated place)
Historic Educational Site (Historic marker)
Holiday Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Horse Branch, Kentucky (Populated place)
Hose House No. 10 (Fire station)
Hose House No. 12 (Fire station)
Huber Motor Sales Building (Commercial building)
Hunter House (House)
Ingle Terrace (Residential building)
Ironwood (House)
J. B. Taylor and Son Feed Store (Commercial building)
J.T. Barnard Shell Midden (KHC-1) (Archaeological site)
Jason, Kentucky (Populated place)
Jimtown Site (15OH19) (Archaeological site)
Joe Pell Building (Commercial building)
Kinlock (House)
Klee Funeral Parlor (Commercial building)
Knott House (House)
Kuebler-Artes Building (Commercial building)
L&N Mt. Vernon Depot (Railroad depot)
Lauer, Indiana (Populated place)
Lincoln Family Trail (Historic marker)
M. G. Newman Building (Commercial building)
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (Populated place)
Martin House (House)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Mathias Willis Store House (Commercial building)
Medley House (House)
Midway, Indiana (Populated place)
Millwood, Kentucky (Populated place)
Montgomery Ward Building (Commercial building)
Munn's School (School)
Nester House (Commercial building)
Oakmoor (House)
Odd Fellows Building (Commercial building)
Olaton, Kentucky (Populated place)
Old Bittermann Building (Commercial building)
Old Fellwock Auto Company (Commercial building)
Old Hose House No. 4 (Fire station)
Old Muhlenberg County Jail (Correctional facility)
Old Trinity Centre (Historic marker)
Oriole, Kentucky (Populated place)
Orr Iron Company (Industrial building)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Parson and Scoville Building (Commercial building)
Payneville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Pearl Steam Laundry (Industrial building)
Pellville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (Populated place)
Poole, Kentucky (Populated place)
Preacher to Pioneers (Historic marker)
Pumpkin Center, Kentucky (Populated place)
Quality, Kentucky (Populated place)
R.D. Ford Shell Midden (15McL2) (Archaeological site)
Read Shell Mound (15BT10) (Archaeological site)
Reedyville Petroglyphs (15BT65) (Archaeological site)
Renfro Hotel (Hotel)
Ridgway Building (Commercial building)
Riverview (House)
Robert Smith Mortuary (Commercial building)
Rock Creek, Kentucky (Populated place)
Rose Terrace (Residential building)
Rosine, Kentucky (Populated place)
Russell Shell Mound (15BT11) (Archaeological site)
Ruth, Kentucky (Populated place)
Saint Paul, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sassafras Tree (Historic marker)
Shelter for Lincolns (Historic marker)
Siegel's Department Store (Commercial building)
Site of Dotson School (Historic marker)
Skora Building (Industrial building)
Smallhous Shell Mound (15OH10) (Archaeological site)
Smith Mills, Kentucky (Populated place)
Spottsville, Kentucky (Populated place)
Stephensport, Kentucky (Populated place)
Stirman's Folly (Historic marker)
Summit, Kentucky (Populated place)
Temple Adath Israel (Place of worship)
The Darby House (Commercial building)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Station (Historic marker)
Utica, Kentucky (Populated place)
Van Cleave Flats (Residential building)
Wabash Valley Motor Company (Industrial building)
Webster, Kentucky (Populated place)
White Mill (Mill)
White Mills, Kentucky (Populated place)
Willard Library (Library)
Willow Hill (House)
Woodbury Shell Midden (Archaeological site)
Yewell House (House)
YMCA (Building)
YWCA (Building)