Fort Smith, Oklahoma, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A. J. Mason Building (Commercial building)
A. R. Carroll Building (Commercial building)
American Legion Hut (Meeting hall)
Anice, Arkansas (Placename)
Anna, Arkansas (Placename)
Arkoma School (School)
Armada, Arkansas (Placename)
Atkinson-Williams Warehouse (Commercial building)
Auburn, Arkansas (Placename)
Baker & Mabrey Building (Commercial building)
Bean Cemetery (Cemetery)
Beland, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Belmont, Arkansas (Placename)
Black Masonic Lodge (Commercial building)
Blocker, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Borden House (Battle site)
Bryan House (House)
Burnett & Moore Hardware Building (Commercial building)
C. L. Cooper Building (Commercial building)
Canadian Jail and Livery Stable (Correctional facility)
Cane Hill Battlefield (Battle site)
Carter, Arkansas (Placename)
Central Drug Store (Commercial building)
Checotah City Hall (City hall)
Checotah MKT Depot (Railroad depot)
Cherokee National Capitol (Capitol building)
Cherokee National Jail (Correctional facility)
Choate Cabin (House)
Choctaw Agency (City hall)
Cobb Building (Meeting hall)
Col. Jacob Yoes Building (Commercial building)
Commandant's Quarters (Military facility)
Commerce Building (Commercial building)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Commercial Building (Commercial building)
Creek National Capitol (Capitol building)
Dream Theater (Theater)
Earle House (House)
Eldon, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Elmwood Cemetery (Cemetery)
Eufaula City Hall (City hall)
Fidelity, Arkansas (Placename)
Foley Building (Commercial building)
Foley Building (Commercial building)
Fort Davis (Fort)
Fort Smith National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Frye Building (Commercial building)
Gilmore, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Gulf Oil Pumping Station (Industrial building)
Harrison Block (Commercial building)
Haskell Water Tower (Water tower)
Hines Round Barn (Round barn)
Hotel Sparks (Hotel)
J. Wayne Hensley Building (Commercial building)
Jenson Tunnel (Tunnel)
Joseph Knoble Brewery (Industrial building)
Kennedy Building (Commercial building)
Kennedy Mansion (Mansion)
Key Block (Commercial building)
Kniseley & Long Building (Commercial building)
Koweta Mission Site (Archaeological site)
Kress Building (Commercial building)
Leon, Arkansas (Placename)
Lewisville, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Manhattan Building (Commercial building)
Markert Block Building (Commercial building)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Massard Community (Placename)
McBrayer Building (Commercial building)
Mohart Building (Commercial building)
Moore House (House)
Morton Cook Building (Commercial building)
Murrell Home (House)
Muxen Building (Building)
Natural Dam, Arkansas (Populated place)
New Theatre (Theater)
No. 12 School (School)
Oak Cemetery (Cemetery)
Officer's Quarters (Military facility)
Oktaha School (School)
Opera Block (City hall)
Orpheum Theatre (Theater)
Park Hill, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Parkinson & Co. Building (Commercial building)
Posey, Oklahoma (Placename)
Post Adjutant's Office (Military facility)
Post Blacksmith Shop (Military facility)
Proctor, Oklahoma (Populated place)
R.L. Leach Grocery Store (Commercial building)
Railroad Exchange Building (Commercial building)
Red Bird City Hall (City hall)
Rock Front (Commercial building)
Rosamund (House)
Rosedale, Arkansas (Placename)
Ross Cemetery (Cemetery)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Sanders, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Schaberg, Arkansas (Populated place)
Scott Store (Commercial building)
Sebastian County Jail, Old (Correctional facility)
Severs Hotel (Hotel)
Sexton, Arkansas (Placename)
Skullyville County Jail (Correctional facility)
Sneed Building (Commercial building)
Southern Mercantile Building (Commercial building)
Stop, Arkansas (Placename)
Surety Building (Commercial building)
Tabor House (House)
Taft City Hall (City hall)
Tamaha Jail and Ferry Landing (Correctional facility)
Terry House (House)
The Castle (House)
Thessing, Arkansas (Placename)
Tiger Building (Commercial building)
Titanic, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Trahern's Station (Burial site)
Tucker School (School)
Twyman Park (House)
Union Agency (Building)
Van Buren Post Office (Post office)
Walt's DX Service Station (Service station)
Wauhillau, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Way House (House)
Welling, Oklahoma (Populated place)
White Building (Commercial building)
Wybark, Oklahoma (Populated place)
Zion, Oklahoma (Populated place)